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Absolutely Yours by Yours_Truly_T
Absolutely Yoursby Twinkle
Kongpob chuckled. "Propose? " a playful smile was on his lips. "I mean, on Saturday, 4pm at the gym. We play. If I win, you join the team. If not, we wo...
Through time by mayL_23
Through timeby mayL_23
Singto and Krist has been schoolmates since high school. As their friendship grows, so do they. A/N. This story is a bit unconventional. We follow the story of 2 friend...
Arranged To Love You by AuthornimJRose
Arranged To Love Youby JRose
In a world where people are forced to marry by age 30. Kongpob is forced to go into the mating DNA system after he is left at the altar by his girlfriend. With no choice...
Festival of Love💖💕 [Completed] by Yours_Butterfly
Festival of Love💖💕 [Completed]by Priyanka
Kongpob is next in line to be the King of Venus. But before that he was asked to experience real love and go through few tests. If he failed to succeed, repercussions wi...
One Shot Collection by alson8492
One Shot Collectionby alson8492
Just one shot collection about Kongpop-Arthit/ Arthit-Kongpop/ Singto-Krist/ Krist-Singto
Your man by quinnH1001
Your manby quinnH1001
Singto is a man on a mission as an undercover detective. But falling in love was not on the agenda. Fanfiction from sotus the series. All characters belong to bitterswee...
Our Lives: A Kongpob and Arthit Story by kimaleah0113
Our Lives: A Kongpob and Arthit Kim Aleah
"Mom,Dad,how did grandma and grandpa accepted your marriage" Warning: Mpreg, Please if you guys don't like male pregnancy then click the back button right now...
Boy For Rent by AuthornimJRose
Boy For Rentby JRose
Welcome to Boy For Rent a business where you can find the type of guy that you are looking for all at a special price. Can you pay it? This is a fanfiction loosely based...
Are You Single? [Completed] by Yours_Butterfly
Are You Single? [Completed]by Priyanka
Short and Cute story!! Boy X Boy Romance. Please don't read if you're not comfortable Disclaimer: Pictures are taken from online 🖼 Characters belong to bittersweet But...
I Wanna Be Yours by Blue_Oon
I Wanna Be Yoursby Blue💙
Kongpop is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world. He is hardworking but is very strict and heartless regarding work and life and has almost no personal li...
My Suspect | KristSingto | by __nong_in28
My Suspect | KristSingto |by __nongprincessingto.28
Where Mission and (almost a love story) collide...... Krist Sangpotirat is known as Lieutenant Sun.He is the younger brother of General Korn Sangpotirat t,a highly recom...
Predestination by mayL_23
Predestinationby mayL_23
Someone turns up when you least expect it. Someone turns up when you need it. Someone turns up when you've waited too long. Someone turns up all the same. sometimes th...
Here and Now by mayL_23
Here and Nowby mayL_23
Singto has loved Krist but was scared to admit it.. Krist has loved Singto since the moment he laid eyes on him but he wasn't able to make Singto his. © pics and videos...
Rain in the Sun by animaclandestine
Rain in the Sunby Anima
Kongpob just graduated high school and though he wanted to be in the faculty of economics, he ended up in the faculty of engineering. And because the university is a lit...
Under The Umbrella (KRISTSINGTO) Eng.Ver by __nong_in28
Under The Umbrella (KRISTSINGTO) __nongprincessingto.28
It all started because of the punishment that Pang gave to his brother Singto. How can one person change the feelings of another person if he knows that everything will...
Please Help, Dont Hurt Me by SlyBlueLady
Please Help, Dont Hurt Meby Meowmeowgirl
Shits happened, Arthit getting pregnant. And life never really kind to him.
Signs of Falling In Love and How Arthit Rojnapat Missed Them By A Mile by sofa_patata_
Signs of Falling In Love and How Thiesbe
Through all of youth I was looking for you without knowing what I was looking for. - W.S. Merwin story inspired by Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Univer...
My Precious One by animaclandestine
My Precious Oneby Anima
The day he met him was unexpected. He never thought that he would meet him there at that place and time. There was a pull that drawn him to him. And starting that day...
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Without You ✓ by lavendermeadow__
Without You ✓by ժׁׅ݊ꫀׁׅܻϐׁׅ֒υׁׅ
After returning the gear badge back to P'Arthit.... What will Arthit do after that....will he try to make his relationship back or if he does try to make up will it be t...