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Only the Ring Finger Knows by BL_Sins
Only the Ring Finger Knowsby BL_Sins
In Bangkok High, couple rings are the newest craze. Every couple in the school exchanges and wears matching rings. Matching rings were supposed to signify eternal love...
6 Years After • Completed by raisinggays
6 Years After • Completedby singto's bitch
3 years in their relationship, Arthit left Kongpob with no apparent reason. 6 years after, with Kongpob ready to settle down with his girlfriend, he receives a future l...
 Memories Of Us by angeltheb
Memories Of Usby angeltheb
This is adapted from Sotus, Sotus S and Our Skyy when Kongpob and Arthit was starting their story upon Kong's return from his studies. This is also halfway through their...
Dark History With Awaiting Future-1 (Re-writting) by Luckyhari_9294
Dark History With Awaiting Luckyhari
Spanish translation: @paola Aguilera654 @Beluvaliente Kongpob fell in love with arthit , it is love at first sight they will come to know they are destined couple after...
'till you believe me by LittleRubyRidingHood
'till you believe meby LittleRedRidingHood
Simply Kongpob needing his ex-boyfriend.
A Second Chance..! by Kitsing0062x0206
A Second Chance..!by Jaan
A small misunderstanding led to their separation.. one blaming himself and his short-temper while the other the was breaking apart thinking that he hasn't shown enough l...
I was Once, Not anymore. by ForeverTornWithTears
I was Once, Not Abandoned Soul
A story that was once so enticing but turned into something so so scary. Everyone makes mistakes, no one person is perfect, and so is Arthit. He made a mistake once, and...
His Love For Him by arpana2
His Love For Himby Literature lover
It's a continuation story from the last episode of a thai bl web series called SOTUS (SOTUS S & Our skyy episode 5) that I've watched as I grew so fond of these characte...
ABANDONED [COMPLETED]by Obaa Hemaa Saviour
All he wanted was to make his poor parents proud. He wanted to finish high school, graduate university,get a better job and until he achieves that nothing is gonna stop...
My Idol or Soulmate? by Darth_vader000
My Idol or Soulmate?by Darth_vader000
Singto is Krist's fanboy, but is his Idol really only his idol? Or is there more to the story?
Marriage Contract  by kes20wala
Marriage Contract by Keshar Waria
Chinese Author - Gongzi Rulan Translator - Iana Kongpob never thought he would one day sell himself into a marriage with another man. He believed his life would be mund...
Mr. Detective by Kitsing0062x0206
Mr. Detectiveby Jaan
Kong and Arthit have known eachother since they were kids.. though they were 5 years apart.. they always used to play together like friends but when Kong was 7 years old...
Dream Love by Kitsing0062x0206
Dream Loveby Jaan
This is a compilation of one shots or short stories..!The characters and plot doesn't belong to me... only the plot belongs to me. Open for request of any bl pair 1. For...
Story of Us • Completed by raisinggays
Story of Us • Completedby singto's bitch
There are many things to hate when you're a student. 1. Teachers 2. Classmates 3. School 4. Studying itself The list goes on. But what Kongpob only hates is when he has...
Hey, Stranger. by HopelessWings
Hey, ceejay
Instagram AU | Who in the world would dare to send an email to a stranger, expressing their love sentiments? No other than Kongpob Suthiluck. He is the new student who d...
Miracle by Anonymystyq
Miracleby Anonymystyq
Sometimes miracles come disguised as disasters to prove how blessed and loved we are. :+:+ All the due credits to the author for the characters, and to the owners for th...
He is as beautiful as the morning sun,he is an ethereal beauty,hermosa... And Emperor Kongpop couldn't take his eyes off him. He is a beauty but as we all know every ros...
IDOL and his FANBOY (Completed) by EshyunSingto
IDOL and his FANBOY (Completed)by EshyunSingto
Story based on Artkong😍 You Idiot. Meet me at 4:30pm near my dorm cafeteria. Not university cafeteria but dorm cafeteria I have something to talk. . . . Am so sorry pi...
7 Days with a Certified Bastard by BL_Sins
7 Days with a Certified Bastardby BL_Sins
New exchange student Arthit Rojnapat agrees to help rebel Kongpob Suthiluck and nice guy Sam Sakdatorn to win over his cousin's heart. An unexpected twist occurs when bo...
oneshots - BL by suck-O
oneshots - BLby slurp
archives of short stories ***variety of couples***