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✅Home (NamKook of BTS) by the_healing_wizard
✅Home (NamKook of BTS)by Devin
On the way back to his apartment, Namjoon finds someone. Top - Namjoon Bottom - Jungkook Jul 11, 2022
BOUND TO EACH OTHER K.N.J ×J.J.K by Taniya22arora
BOUND TO EACH OTHER K.N.J ×J.J.Kby Taniya22arora
A rich ceo and a middle-class boy, who are totally opposite to each other. Namjoon a very respected and wealthy ceo. Jungkook a middle-class and a common guy. What woul...
Oh My Demon by leadersDimple_Squad
Oh My Demonby
Namkook au where a college freshmen Mr.KooK accidentally summons a thousand year old demon and the rest is history...
bloom | BTS by HUHsurprising
bloom | BTSby Author-nim
"I'm not a submissive. Look at me!" "Baby, I am looking at you." (Subdomiverse Original) ---------------------------- #1 in jkxbts 1/20/21 #1 in jun...
Nanny Needed  by purplejinkook
Nanny Needed by purplejinkook
Mister Kim is in desperate need for a nanny. He can't seem to find anyone suited for the job. It seems like they all don't want or need the job as desperately as he need...
《 shell 》 namkook ddlb by HardlyCarriedWings
《 shell 》 namkook ddlbby α∂єℓℓє
《 I'll take you out of your shell. 》 ~ LittleBoy!Jungkook DaddyDom!Namjoon ~ Ships: NamKook TaeGi JinSeokMin ~ Littles: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung Caregivers: Namjoon, Yo...
Finding the missing you | BTS by NurulisYoonie
Finding the missing you | BTSby NurulisYoonie
Finding the missing you | BTS OT7 At the end of every decade, all living things will grieve. Sad indeed when nature loses its beauty. To maintain joy in every living thi...
Save me • ɴᴀᴍᴊɪɴᴋᴏᴏᴋ by JoonsSexyThighs
Save me • ɴᴀᴍᴊɪɴᴋᴏᴏᴋby Alec
"I am set to kill you! Don't you understand?" Jungkook is a professional assassin, send to kill Namjoon. 53 in #Namjin🏅
Nudes Please | NAMKOOK by readingtillifall
Started: March 19, 2020 Ended: July 21, 2020 In which Namjoon just wants Jungkook's nudes and Jungkook is just a whole crackhead.
Serial killer ↬ K.nj & J.jk ✓ by Masterkook_
Serial killer ↬ K.nj & J.jk ✓by ِ
After 3 years of murders he has perfected his ritual. The city knows him as a serial killer but his name was Jeon Jungkook. He doesn't fit in society, but it's best for...
Uncle Namjoon by Webbybebb
Uncle Namjoonby Webbybebb
"Jungkook needs a guardian." "Sorry, but I'm not interested." Jungkook loves his uncle more than anything. Namjoon is a selfish, careless and greed...
My Hyung | Namkook by bruhh_gurl_
My Hyung | Namkookby bruhh_gurl_
Namjoon saw a homeless boy on the streets. Feeling pity for the boy he took him to his home . Only to become the boy's obsession. ----
Not A Normal Omega - jjkxbts (COMPLETED) ✔️ by iamembi
Not A Normal Omega - jjkxbts ( Embi ♥
" we don't want you.... " " neither do I... shithead.. " they reject him, but he ain't no bitch to cry over a few true blood mates.... ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥...
Love Bomb [Namkook] by boopable_army
Love Bomb [Namkook]by boopable_army
Jeon Jungkook, the broken son of a mafia boss, wants someone to love him for who he is. He meets Kim Namjoon, a rival mafia boss. But rival gangs always seem to find a...
kim brats. by joonshiro
- where a kind gesture leads jungkook to meet three millionaire brothers who just so happens to be his mates. // 04 . 03 . 2018 //
YOU (Namkook ft.Jimin) by btxt06
YOU (Namkook ft.Jimin)by Ami
[Completed] (14+ ) (Includes sexual scenes) I am Jeon Jungkook. One of the most popular and handsome guy in my school, or as they say. I have a crush. Jimin. Yes, he's...
bellflower estate | namjoon x bts by kylaer
bellflower estate | namjoon x btsby rubber ducky
Namjoon is sent to the Bellflower Estate, where he begins his new life with six of the deadliest people in all of korea, their motherly maid, and his three(ish) bodyguar...
BTS SMUTS [BXB]🔥🔞 by inwakook
BTS SMUTS [BXB]🔥🔞by inwakook
A COMPILATION OF BTS ONE SHOTS •EXPLICIT SEX!!! •100% GAY ___________________________________________ When we are fucking, I'm your daddy, babyboy - He muttered into the...
YOUR'S By Body, NOT By Heart { Knj + Jjk } by joonie_is_everything
YOUR'S By Body, NOT By Heart { JOoNieBabY
where namjoon loves, and jungkook hates. How will namjoon be able to live this hell . . . . ,or will he?? or where namjoon's finally had enough of loving and he's broke...