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My Pregnant Teme  by bl_obsesser_maiden1
My Pregnant Teme by Bl_obesser_💕
Just want to let you guys know am not good at English because where I live we don't fully use English we change some of the words and spelling so it sounds kind of 𝚍𝚒�...
colours - a sasunaru story by ellkarakaya
colours - a sasunaru storyby ellkarakaya
As Sasuke returns home after an intense battle with Itachi and finding out the truth about his brothers actions, Naruto and Sakura couldn't be happier. Finally Sasuke is...
Rejected Love (SasuxNaru) by kutorii
Rejected Love (SasuxNaru)by sora
Trigger Warnings: Descriptions of suicide, depression, cutting, blood, homosexuality, self hate, and several slurs used against homosexuals. "Shut up! I don't even...
Love Triangle - Naruto x Sasuke x Kakashi by noonaa_
Love Triangle - Naruto x Sasuke Ali - San
What are you supposed to do when your best friend falls in love with you? Or how about when your sensei falls in love with you? Or yet when they both fall in love with y...
Heat!! (SasuNaru) by junhuuii
Heat!! (SasuNaru)by Manda
A short story about Naruto and Sasuke getting it on because Naruto is in need of mating 😂
Love is just a game (SasuNaru) by RoseriaValeria
Love is just a game (SasuNaru)by Valeria Roseria
In Konoha High, there were two infamous heartbreakers - Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. They would have new lovers every week. Despite such a reputation, girls can't h...
His Blue Eyes CURRENTLY UNDER Killua_is_gay
I wrote this story almost a year ago and I'm in a way rewriting the entire thing. I'm slightly changing the plot and changing many things about the characters. I really...
Naruto Mask Of Secrets by TetsuyaShadowPrince
Naruto Mask Of Secretsby Tetsuya Kuroko
Everybody that thought they knew Naruto is a lie. What would happen if he shows them his true colors.
My little plaything by NohtingLikeYou4
My little playthingby A_simple_bitch
This is Narusasu fanfic and there is also smut so you are warned.
Our secret | Naruto x Sasuke by depressedhoe24
Our secret | Naruto x Sasukeby depressedhoe24
Naruto hated Sasuke ever since they were grouped together into the same team, but things suddenly take a turn after Sasuke almost dies protecting Naruto in battle. Base...
Boruto: Ultimate Prank gone wrong by Farah7574
Boruto: Ultimate Prank gone wrongby Farah7574
Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura are tried of Boruto and Sarada pranking them. So they decided to pull a prank on them. One thing lead to another and now everyone is c...
I'm not really a princess (a naruto yaoi story) by tavi8crimsonrose
I'm not really a princess (a Tavi crimsonrose
So I was thinking this thought before I thought about thinking about the other options, though I thought it wouldn't really be dangerous so I didn't think about it, thou...
My drunk love (Sasunaru) by RoseriaValeria
My drunk love (Sasunaru)by Valeria Roseria
What happens when you're drunk? You say the truth. And sometimes, it's better show your feelings when you're drunk. A short drunk Sasunaru story
Narusasu love story by Nscakes
Narusasu love storyby Minty
I actually don't know what to say but. sasuke has feelings for Naruto. and he finally feels the need to confess but when he does.. what is Naruto reaction? I'M SORRY I'...
what the heart needs by Aylla_Uzumaki
what the heart needsby Aylla_Uzumaki
Narusasu It's a different reality where naruto has children with sasuke thanks to kyuubi. But naruto is an anbu and sasuke is the seventh hokage Naruto is given a missio...
NaruSasu - Just Us, Just Us Alone by KiwiThePanda
NaruSasu - Just Us, Just Us Aloneby KiwiThePanda
Someone gave me an idea for Sasuke and Naruto, so, here you go, and like always, I don't really know how this'll turn out, I usually just go with the flow, sooo.... Yeah...
The Uchiha's Regret (on hold)  by naruto_fan23
The Uchiha's Regret (on hold) by naruto_fan23
What if Sasuke came out gay to his family who wanted to marry him off to another rich family. What if Sasuke got disowned and got everything taken away from him. Can the...
narusasu smutshots by MegumiFushiguro44317
narusasu smutshotsby I'm not a simp 😡
lol just pure smut that's it bottom Sasuke btw, cuz I feel like it
Obsidian Love by dawnEclipse_
Obsidian Loveby Sky
Uchiha Sasuke's attitude scares anyone who tries to approach him but a certain blonde with aquamarine eyes seems to tame the dangerous beast. (I do not own Naruto. All c...
finally one (naruto x sasuke) by yaoisauce100
finally one (naruto x sasuke)by sy smart
**ONESHOT REQUEST CLOSED!** naruto is finally able to confess to his childhood crush sauske when sauske finally comes back to the leaf. >smut! >the story is finis...