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Heroic Spirits Of Olympus: The Lost Hero by MisakaLovesYou
Heroic Spirits Of Olympus: The Misaka Mikoto
"Umu!! It is time! My time to finally shine!!! That blue Saber with my face had a wonderful time being the main character of that last rehash of Riordan's work, but...
King Arthur and the Olympians: The Last Olympian by MisakaLovesYou
King Arthur and the Olympians: Misaka Mikoto
The final battle against Kronos begins. Saber class Servant Arturia Pendragon, aka, King Arthur, has begun preparing for her final fight.. and Percy's role in the proph...
Mystic Eyes (Rosario Vampire x Male Reader) by Mobius117
Mystic Eyes (Rosario Vampire x Mobius117
Yokai Academy, a school in an alternate dimension meant to educate monsters into living among humanity in the real world. Their species varied widely. From the most mund...
Hell on Remnant(Ghost Rider x RWBY)  by RedRider666
Hell on Remnant(Ghost Rider x Red666
Time for a new journey for The Ghost Rider. This time Remnant is the target, Duncan wishes to visit some old friends, only to find out that many things have changed, ol...
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night UBW x Shield Hero) by MikeisMike
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night Mage-O-Karp
A year into the aftermath of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka were now happily studying together in the Clocktower school for Maguses. This all changes a...
Sword and Bond Dreams (Fate Stay/Night) by Reushy
Sword and Bond Dreams (Fate Stay/ Reushy Koi
"Dream is a Reality and Reality is a Dream." The corrupted flames of Fuyuki had destroyed and killed anything and everything within it's reach, except for a si...
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, New Testament: Volume 2. by Misaka_Omnitrix
A Certain Scientific Omnitrix, Mikoto Misaka
Is Ben British? Maybe? It isn't as if Ben ever took an ancestry test in his life. It isn't as if it was ever something he really considered. However, he considers it no...
The Angel's Diary - A Fanfiction of Angel Notes by AdrienneMarsh
The Angel's Diary - A Fanfiction AdrienneMarsh Ni Omakase NANO...
A short story about a humanity gained. By a being from outside the Earth, no less.
Living On The Edge by RubyBlossom
Living On The Edgeby RubyBlossom
Drifters | Toyohisa Shimazu x Futuristic!Reader | : You had spent your entire life training to be a soldier. You earned the right to fight and grow next to some of the g...
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fairy tail and seven deadly sins crossover by mynameisgyuki
fairy tail and seven deadly sins mynameisgyuki
lucy is the daughter of the captin of the seven Deadly sins and of Elizabeth the third princess of liones follow lucy on her adventure with fairy tail. I DO NOT OWN FA...
Swap!Oyasuminasai by -Oyasuminasai-
Swap!Oyasuminasaiby Crimson & Bee!
~I plan to hopefully have this be a collaboration story between me and Nova. Meaning we'll both be working on chapters, and well...collaborating on them.~ This is the cu...
La blondinette et la touffe rose. by KenzalatitefolleRD
La blondinette et la touffe Kenzanounette
Lucy Heartfilia vit seule dans une immense Vila,son père lui envoie 30 000$ chaque mois.Elle entre dans un nouveau lycée en espérant fuir son passé.Mais une touffe rose...
[FATE] Chén Thánh?... Tôi Không Cần by ShikiKajii
[FATE] Chén Thánh?... Tôi Không Cầnby ShikiKanji
Lấy bối cảnh trận chiến chén thánh lần thứ V ở Fuyuki nhưng lần này có một sự thay đổi lớn.
Fate/Overarch by gamingTimewarp
Fate/Overarchby Andrew / Basil
Fate/0VER.ARCH A mysterious Servant has destroyed part of the Moon, causing a fragment of the Moon Cell to fall down to Earth. Due to the fragment of the Moon Cell colli...