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Wisdom of the Ancients by dvdvnr
Wisdom of the Ancientsby David Viner
A possible future in less than 500 words, if plastic wins. This was my entry for the WattPad/National Geographic #PlanetOrPlastic competition back in late 2018. It re...
The Pod by greenwriter
The Podby J.D. Ruiz
The Pod centers around a young man's adventure in a place he never knew existed with the help of a beautiful woman who lived there. I am among the lucky ones to write an...
A Bag's Purpose by Peachlette
A Bag's Purposeby Peaches 🍑
#PlanetOrPlastic Short Story for National Geographic
Another Day? #PlanetOrPlastic by docritu99
Another Day? #PlanetOrPlasticby docritu99
Here's my little contribution towards An Ocean of Change.! A different spice of human-ified approach through a Sea-Creature's POV. This is my entry to @NationalGeographi...
Walk Me Out On The Moonlit Beach Today by rhysmakainer
Walk Me Out On The Moonlit Beach Rhys Makainer
What if the story of a diver rescuing a manta ray was the only good story about the oceans that a person from the near future could tell? In a time of plastic-clogged oc...
The Dead Zone #PlanetOrPlastic by Ruechari
The Dead Zone #PlanetOrPlasticby Ruechari
A sea animal's perspective of the problems of plastic in the oceans today and a plea for you to take notice. ranked #1 November 30, 2018 #National Geographic ranked #6...
A Fish For A Wish #planetorplastic by blue0704
A Fish For A Wish #planetorplasticby blue0704
This short story is my entry for the national geographic contest: #planetorplastic.
alive. ✓ by EYDEL_
alive. ✓by EYDEL
a personal entry for #planetorplastic ! + the water is alive. it seeps through the slivers of my fingers, through my every pore, and outlines the magestic beast i see...
Murderer (#PlanetOrPlastic contest) by AlessRocca
Murderer (#PlanetOrPlastic contest)by AlessRocca
Sometimes people describes pollution as an environment issues but they don't say that pollution is only made by humans on earth.
PLANET OR  PLASTIC-   A journey towards the end. by soniyaahirwar
PLANET OR PLASTIC- A journey soniya ahirwar
Hi! I am here to tell the story of my journey to the truth and my world on the verge of the end, invaded by thousands of... Hey! Did I forget to mention my name? Well...
The Last of Its Kind (#PlanetOrPlastic) by nicholinecj
The Last of Its Kind ( flying meteorites and shootin...
Year 2050. The young seahorse wandering around the dark, polluted ocean. It knows that its days are numbered too. The last of its kind, finding no familiar faces in the...
The Ocean Voice #PlanetOrPlastic by ShinyIlha
The Ocean Voice #PlanetOrPlasticby ShinyIlha
This story is dedicated to all the human beings living on this planet. Wither you are young or old, man or a woman, saving our planet from us is our duty as one. It's tr...
Legacy - #PlanetorPlastic entry by Wordworm13
Legacy - #PlanetorPlastic entryby Cerys Jackson
Legacy - something that is a result of events in the past. We've reached the tipping point where plastic pollution is concerned. If we don't act soon, the legacy we leav...
Salacia's Survival #PlanetorPlastic by StaciaDrageaux
Salacia's Survival #PlanetorPlasticby Stacia Drageaux
This is my short entry into the #PlanetorPlastic contest. Millions of our ocean water friends are affected every day because of human recklessness. It's time for change...
A Blue Walk - #PlanetOrPlastic by agataadew
A Blue Walk - #PlanetOrPlasticby Agata A. Dew
A little girl and a mother take a long walk through the blue hallway of Sea World. An entry for #PlanetorPlastic contest by National Geographic in 2018, raising the issu...
The Eve of the Fall by NotSuperEpicMoshi
The Eve of the Fallby NotSuperEpicMoshi
This is my entry for the #PlanetOrPlastic competition
The Ocean Hates Me (#PlanetOrPlastic) by greenaffections
The Ocean Hates Me ( greenaffections
Hello! 🌱☘️🌵 This is my first entry for the #planetorplastic contest by #natgeo. #nomoreplastic :)
A Problem in Scuba Diving by djlevelman by DJLevelman
A Problem in Scuba Diving by DJLevelman
This is my entry for the #NationalGeographic #PlanetOrPlastic #Contest and also my first Wattpad story. ________________ T'Kaza and his friends are scuba diving to celeb...