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The Stone Eyed Sister by lot-0f-trouble
The Stone Eyed Sisterby Pyper
Alice Cross-Goames, a devoted Sister, a wife to a man she hates, a mother to his son. After tragedy strikes, Alice sets on a journey to her Brother, Hamish, in New Fran...
Our Blue Mother #PlanetOrPlastic by AugustReverie
Our Blue Mother #PlanetOrPlasticby August Raine Reverie
Snorkel through reefs, stroke manatees, and travel through time in "Our Blue Mother." In this collection of short stories, quotes, and facts, (including a fina...
Just A Bunch Of Animal Species by Ilooklik3asqu1d
Just A Bunch Of Animal Speciesby Ya Bitch
This book is just a list of animal species, and some facts about them! I've never really written a book like this, so excuse me if it's not that good, haha.
Short Stories by left_andwrite
Short Storiesby Lena Zielinska
A collection of sci-fi short stories for different contests.
C14 by Ay_Violet
C14by Ayushi
The sun is transitioning. The Earth is dying. The planet is abandoned. Forgotten. Until it's rediscovered. Its problems are a beacon, a warning, for all civilizations ou...
Plastic of Greed #PlanetorPlastic by AcapriccioRhythm
Plastic of Greed #PlanetorPlasticby M. J. Lee
Maria Espinoza lives in a small island south of the Pacific. Growing up, the ocean has been a great big part of her life. And now, progress has invaded her small island...
Year 2081: What May Be Your Future✓ by ClicheLove29
Year 2081: What May Be Your Future✓by Alice Abel
This is an entry for the National Geographic movement- Planet Or Plastic. Hope you like it! This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincid...
DEAD SEA-#PlanetOrPlastic by knockitout
DEAD SEA-#PlanetOrPlasticby 𝓚𝓪𝓽𝔂
PLASTICS HERE,THERE, AND EVERYWHERE! They rule our kingdom.They were found by Alexander Parker. Plastic was born in the eighteenth century and became immortal.We ruin th...
WHO IS THE SAVIOUR?(#PlanetOrPlastic?) ✔️ by NoorJ_2948
WHO IS THE SAVIOUR?( Sadia Noor Joya
#PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest Submission This story had been written to raise awareness regarding the Plastic Pollution HUMANS have been causing.(A thousand thanks to...
#PlanetOrPlastic | Adventures of an unfortunate hero: Special chapter by Lord-Galahad
#PlanetOrPlastic | Adventures of Lord Galahad
Our heroes discuss the disaster caused by humans in the oceans and seek that all the people of the world share the same goal: a solution to prevent the effects caused by...
Scraps Around Us #PlanetOrPlastic by Alien_Minded
Scraps Around Us #PlanetOrPlasticby PGP
PlanetOrPlastic A story that starts at the end..... One day you'll wake up dead
Sam [COMPLETE] by Laerya
Sam [COMPLETE]by Laerya
~ COMPLETE ~ The #PlanetOrPlastic writing contest (by @NationalGeographic) inspired me because the topic is so important to me, to all of us I hope. I know the deadline'...
A Different History... by Faacus
A Different El Dinosaurio que camina
This is a different history... This is a history for be told, one history of those, parents tell their children before bedtime. And this begin in the shallow wat...
The Stonefish by citrine_noun
The Stonefishby citrine_noun
There are many poisonous marine creatures throughout the world, but no matter their size, strength, or potency of venom, plastic is the deadly blight that will end them...
Dinner's Ready #PlanetorPlastic by syootingstar
Dinner's Ready #PlanetorPlasticby syootingstar 🌠
How would you feel knowing that it was plastic entering your digestive system? This is my second entry for the National Geographic #PlanetorPlastic short story competiti...
Listen #PlanetOrPlastic by StrawberryTaurus
Listen #PlanetOrPlasticby StrawberryTaurus
Sometimes we have to listen. Literally or figuratively.
Polluted Hope #PlanetOrPlastic by SALockett
Polluted Hope #PlanetOrPlasticby SALockett
A brother who never lost hope in a polluted world.
Four Big Questions (#PlanetOrPlastic) by Christina_livinhart
Four Big Questions ( Aanchal
The first question came tumbling out of her mouth. The second question was filled with wonder. The third question she whispered in horror And the last question? Well, it...
This Is It #planetorplastic by CEThome
This Is It #planetorplasticby C. E. Thome
Is this really the way it has to go? Or is it time for us to do something about it? The future of this Earth is in our hands, in your hands. Don't drop it. This is my e...