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«amnesia»「nejire x reader」 by _Wildfire_Puppeteer_
«amnesia»「nejire x reader」by _macarbe_mxniac_
【Nejire x Fem. Reader】 Y/N had one friend, one and only friend in the whole school of UA. Everyone avoided her, she was not popular, she was not special in anyone's eyes...
What if our resident green haired boy was smarter,worked harder,more passionate,more dense and had different perspective's from his canon counter part while still saving...
One Arrow, One Trip (Nejire Hado x Demi God reader) by jezza1234567
One Arrow, One Trip (Nejire Hado Jez the Nejire simp
Even gods get lonely. You are an ultra powerful Demi god, known for even saving the lives of full gods. You take down time as a normal human and take part in normal acti...
Nejire x cold male reader by ThicThighsWiggas
Nejire x cold male readerby LazyKiller
Having a great childhood must be nice right? Well I guess it isn't for everyone. Welcome to Y/N's life it wasn't so easy growing up having your parents get taken away by...
U.A's Guardian angel (Male reader x Nejire hado) by Sora_Kin
U.A's Guardian angel (Male Sora
(Y/n) (L/n) is the son of hawks ( Keigo Takami ) and is a first year student at UA.Follow (Y/n)'s journey at UA as he meets new friends and rivals and a potential lover...
A Restart In My Heart - (Completed) by KnightRider_35
A Restart In My Heart - (Completed)by Knight Rider
Izuku was about to confess to the girls of his class, 1B, Mei, and Nejire but he saw them Confessing to his friends. He was saddened by this but he was happy for them. H...
Izuku:Project SHADOW by Crazy_Max1
Izuku:Project SHADOWby Jeff Maxilom
Izuku is kidnapped at a young age and becomes the Ultimate Lifeform Project name SHADOW. Watch Izuku become a vigilante and then a learn how to become a hero at U.A. And...
senpai | bakugo katsuki ✓ by catconnoisseur
senpai | bakugo katsuki ✓by catconnoisseur
── b.katsuki ff marry me, senpai!!!! wherein a feral blond simps for his senpai. . . . . boku no hero academia status: complete ©catconnoisseur 2021
Midoriya's luck by godsflames56
Midoriya's luckby Rockstar deku
Just a shit ton of sex and lemon scenes.
A Powerful Silence by NonEuclideanHuman
A Powerful Silenceby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku Midoriya; the ninth wielder of One For All. Rather was the ninth wielder, before Nezu makes an 'educated guess' of the U.A traitor. The unfortunate result; Midoriy...
Music Of Cinnamon Roll (Discontinued) by Hagox104
Music Of Cinnamon Roll ( Hagox104
OK this is my first time I write this story so.... This story where they found out that our Cinnamon Roll who always nervous, Hero fan boy, innocent boy, strong heart...
Captured By Love - BNHA Villain Redemption AU by Generic_Fanboy
Captured By Love - BNHA Villain Generic_Fanboy
Izuku Midoriya has never felt more confused. Being a villain has taught him to never get attached to anyone, because they'll either end up betraying you, or you'll be...
Life of the party (Curvy female POV) by RedPanda1496
Life of the party (Curvy female Shanda
A Tamaki Amajiki x curvy female reader fanfic (These characters are aged up and are pro heroes) It's Halloween! Mirio is throwing a costume party at his penthous...
~ Unknown love > Tamaki Amajiki X Reader  by Jo_Jo7873
~ Unknown love > Tamaki Amajiki Lyn 😋👍🏻
• Tamaki Amajiki x Female reader • { complete!! } "Are you sure, do you really know your own true feelings y/n?" "Yes, I do, but do you?" A girl wi...
A Hero's Story: Unbreakable Willpower! (BNHA OC) by xshadowmonx
A Hero's Story: Unbreakable RedLightZ
(Continuation of A Hero's Story) [Red Zone Universe] It's your 3rd year of UA High! From all the past incidents and events that brought your here today. You and your fri...
Nejire Hado X Male Reader (DISCONTINUED) by l0cal_dhampir
Nejire Hado X Male Reader ( Arthur Brooks 
🍋 Lemon🍋 All chapter will be lemon
Eri x Father Figure Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Eri x Father Figure Male Readerby Senpai Noodle
Y/n is your average rising hero in Japan. He fights crime, teach students in UA, and lives alone. That is until when he saves a girl, he has another thing to do on his...
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The Split (Male reader x Mha) by Nimh0o0o0o0o0
The Split (Male reader x Mha)by Nimh0o0o0o0o0
Male reader x MHA During liberation war arc
MHA/BNHA React to the Multiverse by Loo_Moon
MHA/BNHA React to the Multiverseby Fran / Ven
Class 1A, the big three, and some U.A. staff members react to different AUs, ships, and more! (Also, the cover isn't mine)