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i like you but i cant say it by toast123Ein
i like you but i cant say itby toast123_
A very cliché story of how the new student, Kenji, and the school delinquent, Caleb, fell in love with each other. Of how the jock ultimately fell for the nerd's empath...
Sleepwalker(BoyxBoy) by inkonmyfeet
Sleepwalker(BoyxBoy)by finn 💟
When two boys who've hated each other since youth share a dorm room, things are bond to happen, mistakes are bond to be made and sparks are bond to fly. [Will be editing...
Truth Be Told (Kevin X Edd) by galcreepy95
Truth Be Told (Kevin X Edd)by galcreepy95
A secret romance begins As always I own nothing but the plot.
the nerdy sweetheart and the jerky jock (bxb) by Harmonysweet13
the nerdy sweetheart and the Harmony sweet pastel
his hot breath hit my lips as he moved me more onto his lap. i bit my lip as my blurry thoughts rushed through my head. i took the bottle of booze and took a big gulp of...
The Jock's Bet (BxB) by Ashketchum6842
The Jock's Bet (BxB)by Ashley Cole
Justin Williams is your all perfect popular jock. He has everything one could ask wether it's money, fame or face. What he doesn't have is the person he called love. He...
Beauty and the Bastard by LydBeast410
Beauty and the Bastardby L.G. Ausmus
Leia Roschèr has been waiting for this field trip ever since she had heard about it at the beginning of sophomore year at CSU college. The sophomore-senior Washington D...
Opposite Force by llscribe
Opposite Forceby Lyra Lawson
"He's a breath of fresh air. The happiness to my sadness. The calm to my anxiety. He's an equal and opposite force, blocking me from the course of self-hatred I've...
The Brightest Star in a Constellation by ganbaruby
The Brightest Star in a Kae
Seeking an escape from his overbearing mother, Evan McKenna fills his free time with hockey practice and extracurricular activities, counting down the days until he grad...
Truth Or Dare  by orlet13
Truth Or Dare by OrLet
Why universe why?? Or Nikki here. "You don't, again, mean him right?" "Yes, I do." She smirks. Fine. What? She is not gonna back away anyways. Tru...
* insert good title here* by drinkwaterplease
* insert good title here*by iwilleatyoursocks
This is a book of memes...that's all I got to say
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Kaebedo Modern AU Genshin Fanfic by KysToes
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Ky's Toes
Albedo's school is implimenting a dorming system now... and Albedo just wants a good roomie. Who he gets may not have been his first choice... but it might have been the...
Love?... No, that's not it. 🥞☕️ by CinnaRatzzz
Love?... No, that's not it. 🥞☕️by @aktymeow
A jock and a nerd. It's not entirely unexpected, you know what they say, opposites attract. But... suddenly... everything changes the second it's a male jock, and a male...
Frenemies Forever by OGMaskedSquadette
Frenemies Foreverby OGMaskedSquadette
Sidney Johnson and Drake Reynolds have been friends since they were in diapers. Literally. Ever since their moms introduced the both of them to each other as infants, th...
Unlikely love (Book 1)  by Wishfulwriting03
Unlikely love (Book 1) by Elegantè synopsis
Everyone knows and loves the cliche about a nerd and a jock, this story is one such cliche. Carter and Mason have never gotten along very well as that was the case wit...
What are the Odds | ✓ by notafemaledog
What are the Odds | ✓by Hiya Jain
[Completed] A girl like her, a guy like him, what are the odds? ~♡~ Meet Ethan Dave. Star quarterback, straight-A student, adored by everyone, and not to forget, looks r...
This Side of Paradise | RIREN/RIVAERE by TaeyeonRiren
This Side of Paradise | RIREN/ 진격의 거인 사진
Levi is a bully. Eren is the bullied. But what Levi doesn't know is that Eren has cancer and had recently broken up with his boyfriend because of it. So, Levi decides...
His Nerd. by ACloverForMay
His Clover
Jonathan lived a quiet life. Because of a silly comment made by his best friend in kindergarten, Jonathan refuses to talk. Until one day, he meets a boy named Axel. &quo...
As Long as You're with Me by JohnerZulueta
As Long as You're with Meby Currently rewriting ALAYWM ✍️
My enemy next door(Incomplete) by ssbooks12
My enemy next door(Incomplete)by Ssbooks12
16 year old, Alaina Shream was sitting in her kitchen studying, when her older brother Marcus, came running in and announced his best friend Blake Silman, was coming ove...