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Thorn | Neville Longbottom by lizzature
Thorn | Neville Longbottomby Lizz
Briar watched him with curiosity as he shuffled closer. He stumbled when he neared her but managed to steady himself before he fell. He slightly blushed and stuck out hi...
Enchanted. HP Various - UNDER EXTREME EDITING by HermionesHoe
Enchanted. HP Various - UNDER moonysgf
❝Where are you going?❞ ❝Either to the library or to kill Malfoy, I'll decide on the way.❞
I Love Plants {a Neville Longbottom story} by Kyalongbottom
I Love Plants {a Neville 💕Kya Reddings💕
(Heavy editing)!A best friends to lovers story about an orphan taken in by the Malfoys and a nervous pure blood wizard that no one saw potential in. Happily ever after i...
Hate myself (Neville Longbottom x reader) by Spinnology
Hate myself (Neville Longbottom Spinnology
WHY DOES THIS HAVE SO MANY READS IM REALLY TEMPTED TO DELETE IT BC ITS SO BAD 💀 i swear the devil possessed when i was writing this 😭 please for your own sanity dont r...
To Be Little by nightwing2
To Be Littleby Alfred F. Jones
Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Liv...
Bitten by 0Aratay0
Bittenby Aratay
After the war, Harry goes camping on his own to get away from the media and the attention. But, something happens that he never expected. Harry is bitten by a werewolf...
After a War by BobDylan567
After a Warby Nuwanda
After the war Harry decided to take Headmaster Mcgonagall's offer on being a full time DADA teacher. There are some changes to Hogwarts for the new year. Who is still al...
harry potter one shots by hponeshot
harry potter one shotsby hponeshot
Harry potter one shots abt all the hp characters. (Includes fem x male , fem x fem) Containst smut , angst , fluff warnings are always mentioned REQUESTS ARE CLOSED...
What if James and Lily lived? by MrsAllAustralianxoxo
What if James and Lily lived?by MrsAllAustralianxoxo
What if they knew Voldemort was coming? What if they had time to get out of the house? What would it have been like for Harry growing up with love instead of hatred, how...
Through All the Pain  // N. Longbottom by MultifandomWriter440
Through All the Pain // N. Abby
Lorrinda Maye Weasley is the twin of Ronald Weasley and is far from a normal witch. Being in the same year as Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, is stressful and chaotic...
HALCYON ⟶ James Potter by kmbell92
HALCYON ⟶ James Potterby Kitty Bell
Book 1: Nepenthe Book 2: Halcyon For those that survived the war and carried on, happiness was waiting for them just around the corner, they simply had to find it. For J...
Hermione and Draco, a Forbidden Fantasy (Dramione) - Completed by BekkaChaos
Hermione and Draco, a Forbidden Rebekah
He was left broken, with no hope of ever putting himself together, until she entered his life. He never thought that life could be so rich and that she could make him fe...
 Harry potter Oneshots~ by rryukish
Harry potter Oneshots~by Priscila~
!REQUESTS CLOSED! Here's some Harry potter oneshots!~ You can request smuts or fluff ❤💕
| Professor Jackson | Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover | by RavenWriter01
| Professor Jackson | Percy RavenWriter01
[Completed] 🪶 Percy thought he would be bored the entire year while Annabeth interned on Olympus. Looking back, he wished he had been bored. But the fates continued to...
Viajando a la 1° generación // HP Yaoi by CamiiSalva
Viajando a la 1° generación // Camii_
-¡¿Harrison Salazar Riddle Potter qué mierda hiciste?! -¡Yo no fui amor! - A mi no me mientas Riddle, que te vi con el giratiempo de tu padre. -Ehhhh disculpen, us...
Nico at Hogwarts by JetHerondale
Nico at Hogwartsby Jet Herondale
This is just as any other story about Nico who goes to Hogwarts I just wanted to write something and this popped up in my mind. So yeah, Nico goes to Hogwarts and needs...
x reader Harry Potter Oneshots by wonkydonkey
x reader Harry Potter Oneshotsby wonkydonkey
*ON HOLD!! READ MOST RECENT CHAPTER FOR MORE INFORMATION!!* Xreader harry potter one shots! I apologise in advance for any spelling errors! My auto correct hates me! Xxx...
IMAGINE Hogwarts [ENDED] by Wolf1107
IMAGINE Hogwarts [ENDED]by Harriet
This is my own imagine series, within this imagine series you can take requests for the following HARRY POTTER DRACO MALFOY RON WEASLEY CEDRIC DIGGORY FRED AND GEOR...
HARRY POTTER | ONESHOTS | by petriichor-
[COMPLETED] A collection of Harry Potter Imagines, Oneshots and preferences. CHARACTERS: -Harry Potter. -Ron Weasley -He...
Always been dark- HP || tomarry by DirtyMindRemover
Always been dark- HP || tomarryby get_in_the_bleach
Harry has been betrayed by his friends and what he thought was a grandfatherly figure. After he announced that Voldemort was back his whole life turned upside down causi...