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The Reluctant Heiress (A Christian Romance Novel) by Emirylove
The Reluctant Heiress (A Emirylove
(COMPLETED!!!) Telly, a single, free-spirited woman in her 30's, was destined for the grand life at the Big Apple. But when her daddy suddenly passed away, she was faced...
User Unknown by tishdonlon
User Unknownby tishdonlon
My perspective of how it feels to deal with trauma and battle bpd, bipolar, and ptsd.
Keeping Secrets by Jessiemane09
Keeping Secretsby Jessiemane09
Justine, better known as 'T', moves to Rochland to escape her old life and finish high school. T puts up a wall to prevent people from getting close to her and hides her...
An Ode of Forbidden Days by AndrewFurlan
An Ode of Forbidden Daysby Andrew Furlan
In a near future society where the produce and consumption of milk is outlawed, one man searches for his chance to find the forbidden liquid.
Mysterious Spirits by Shadowflowers
Mysterious Spiritsby Shadowflowers
Gabriella starts out as a young girl with a secret power. Her mother thinks she is psychotic when she tells her about the girl that runs after her. The teachers at schoo...
unlikly couple  by pirrceroberts
unlikly couple by pirrceroberts
a young lady who converted to Christianity feels alone and isolated. then a new pastor shows up. he seems to be strict but when they meet everything changes.
School Days  by destinetoy
School Days by Desmond123
Your a new girl and you meet a cool kid
The Lonely Lord by AmyRichards010
The Lonely Lordby sashacuteypie
A story about a young lady named Emily, who finds herself at the door of Lord Thomas's estate. She manages to get her dream job but she never stopped to wonder why.... w...
Songs and Poetry by NightingaleManor
Songs and Poetryby Aza Marotte
Just a bunch of poems and songs (mostly songs) that I have either written for school or myself...varying in newness.
My Elementary School Boyfriend by lynnaprill
My Elementary School Boyfriendby Lyn April
Quinn Warren had an amazing first boyfriend, Lukas Rankin. He gave her everything she could have asked for and more... but she was only six. Does her memory serve her we...
A little twist(a Harry potter fanfiction) by aresfan
A little twist(a Harry potter aresfan
After harry realizes he has a sister he's not as surprised to find out he has a brother that can do everything harry can do, but is that a good thing.
D-Day by Love_from_Mars
D-Dayby Love from Mars
Ning Yuuki Just wants to make it through his first year at uni alive, but will a chance encounter with Yahui Kichitou bring him a world of pain or one step closer to ful...
Ask or Dare Sheik {Newer} by loz_sheik
Ask or Dare Sheik {Newer}by Sheikah Warrior
{Since I haven't been on I decided to make a brand new ask book. Send your questions in here. I'll try my best to answer them! Time for a fresh start, sort of!}
the descent  by pirrceroberts
the descent by pirrceroberts
a pastor's wife struggles with depression.
The Deeds Of The Crow by JennyPerson9
The Deeds Of The Crowby azain
A law-abiding detective who lives on guilt. An unlawful assassin who despises his identity and himself. So different from each other, yet so similar to each other. Will...
To Follow You by ElodieWatts
To Follow Youby ElodieWatts
A new relationship is both frightening and enthralling. In fact, it's too many emotions to comprehend at once. How do they change us, if even at all? Are our worries jus...