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KINKY LUST ❤️‍🔥 by RavenGold636
KINKY LUST ❤️‍🔥by Raven Gold
This is a story full of filthy things but also good things and also the start of your new life. KINKS...DOMS...SUBS...BDSM... STRIPPERS...AND MORE. Underlined words are...
Sweet Revenge - bxb+mpreg by gems_one
Sweet Revenge - bxb+mpregby jemstone_00
Ako pala si Nathan De Guzman "Nate" for short may taglay na ganda na umibig sa isang playboy na mayaman na pinaglaruan ang aking pag-ibig ito ang aking Sweet R...
Green and Gold by milewalker
Green and Goldby Miles
Two childhood friends catch up with each other in a nostalgic place for the first time in five years after not being apart of each other's lives. Curiosities and true i...
Enough by sabrinawoods__2
Enoughby Sabrina Woods
'A facade, commonly defined as 'a superficial appearance or illusion of something.' They can be worn by anybody. Your best friend. A previous lover. Your family. Anyone...
My New Self❤ by klikikikiki
My New Self❤by klikikikiki
co se stane, když se patnáctiletá Emily přestěhuje do úplně jiné země? jak moc se zmení? kam zmizí její optimistická, inteligentní, bláznivá, veselá a šťastná část? a...
Old me by Niniqueenn
Old meby Angel
This poem is about my present self writing a letter to my past self and always the stuff I went through and what made me the person I am today! this is based on true eve...
A Heartbreaking Choice by YolaAnne56
A Heartbreaking Choiceby Beverly Speville
Meet Sara Morgan, a high paid fashion model who has everything everyone dream of :a luxurious penthouse in Los Angeles, sexy colleagues and fame. Things changed drastic...
Bestfriend by moonlightrei
Bestfriendby moonlightrei
Paano kung yung taong mahal mo ay may mahal palang iba? At minahal niya pa yung taong kahit kailan, hindi mo naisip na pagtataksilan ka?
Secret Self by CoolCandyKid
Secret Selfby CoolCandyKid
Samantha Hartwells is a strong girl trapped inside a trapped body. She has to deal with being bullied, strict parents, and her own sarcastic mental war. She is done with...
Band Mates -On Hold- by FirstladyYeap
Band Mates -On Hold-by Alicia A.M.
What was on the bench was heart wrenching. It jagged me. I just felt like someone took a knife and was slowly pulling in and out and in and out. With each kiss that my f...
My Life Has Changed Since I Met Him by keng_keng14
My Life Has Changed Since I Met Himby keng_keng14
Pain, Love: keng_keng14 { ·.· } ^--^ Peace ^--^
How she Change herself by Its_me_annethxl
How she Change herselfby Enna Franchezka Palero
this is story is about a girl who change herself bc she did not like the way she act at the past so she decided to change herself and having a good life for her Hope yo...
a new world by fixd15
a new worldby fixd15
you have lived your life with all the riches and popularity wrapped around you.. what if one day, you'll get your second life from the death and woke up completely oppos...
Produce by ThrinaJoy
Produceby Thrina Joy
Its start on high school when Stacey Lopez decided to produce her geek/nerd/weirdo of a childhood friend, Gemed Stanford. SO that He can become a good looking and popu...
The perfect family by SummerHembree
The perfect familyby SummerHembree
This story is about a creepypasta oc of mine that i created a while back he is a straight male that goes from a nothing to a killer to a lover he started in an orphanage...
Hating the Johnson Brothers by Strawberay
Hating the Johnson Brothersby Strawberries
"I want to forget you but I can't stop myself from forgetting what you've done to me. You must pay the price" Meet Elle Summers, the lovely girl that everyone...
Quest for New Self by debsneha
Quest for New Selfby Debsneha
Finding the meaning of life and not getting any proper meaning at all. Just live beautifully.
New year,New me by despaireee_01
New year,New meby despaireee_01
Marge Smith, a famous 12 year old YouTube dancer who lives in Toronto, Canada. But when 2015 is coming to an end, she needs to make a desicion with her family.....MOVING...