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Mr. Bodyguard is mine (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Mr. Bodyguard is mine (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
One day, New most trusted personal bodyguard - Earth, tell him that starting next week he will get a new bodyguard. New is not happy with that. He doesn't like to have...
TayNew | Unexpected Wedding With My Crush by Newwiee_myworld
TayNew | Unexpected Wedding With NewwieeTaehyung
A TayNew story New the son of Thitipoom gets engaged to the elder son of Vihokratana's Off Jumpol but what happens when the latter comes from abroad after five years wit...
Friends Won't Love Me Like You by _lazywriter_
Friends Won't Love Me Like Youby lazywriter_
"Tay." With hesitation, New finally broke the silence between them. They just spent a long day of working together. But more than being physically tired, they...
Only Mine by BilalAgha3
Only Mineby Na
In love. Childhood friends. Bestfriends. Boyfriends. Protective. Possessive. He can only be mine. No ones else. Killing? Will kill for love? Is it possible? Can love lea...
confused love ✅ by NavyaKikiro
confused love ✅by Navya Kikiro
Tay a rich and a perfect boy, every mother wants to have a son like him and New a poor boy but lives his life in full who finds happiness in small little things. what h...
When hates become loves (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
When hates become loves ( ZomDyDy
Tay and Pete are twin and sons of Vihokratana, meanwhile New and Kao also are twin and sons of Techaapaikhun. These two families are like oil and water who is impossible...
TayNew | A Story Of Eternal Love by NelynNewlyn
TayNew | A Story Of Eternal Loveby TayNew | NelynNewlyn
This FF begins with forced marriage of #taynew with each other, since, they live in 🌞🗿Polcaland 🦈🐨, an imaginary city in Bangkok where gender doesn't matter. (This i...
Tales of the heart (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Tales of the heart (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
His soon-to-be wife ran away on their wedding day. Tay Tawan, who is a famous actor, never ever thought that he would spend his time alone at a remote village. That's wh...
When Hate Become Love (TayNew) by Taytawan92
When Hate Become Love (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
Tay is the playboy with rude character he is a senior 3rd year student in the university.... New is the freshman who joined to that university... They happened to beco...
Sweetest LOVE 4 U by TenXPink
Sweetest LOVE 4 Uby ten XP
Sweetest LOVE 4 U [COMPLETE] Newwiee, Max, Bright and Gigie have the same target in life, which is moving from Phuket to Bangkok. Day months and years has gone by, the...
Newwiee The Mannequin (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Newwiee The Mannequin (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
What if a mannequin suddenly turns to a human?
Complicated Love  (TayNew) by Taytawan92
Complicated Love (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
This time I want to write a fanfic about their real life details plus my delulu 😂 Okie ! So , Both TayNew are GMMTV Actor in this fanfic and some of their real activit...
Entangled String ✔️ by NavyaKikiro
Entangled String ✔️by Navya Kikiro
Have you ever met someone whom you thought dead but is alive without you knowing, that is what happened in Tay's life the person whom he loved the most whom he thought h...
Before It's Too Late (TayNew) by Taytawan92
Before It's Too Late (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
Based on some of TayNew true facts 😛💙 About two best friend who always taking care of each other but always bickering 🙊💙 Hope you guys enjoy my 3rd fanfic 💙 Please...
Give me back my body!  by Yayashcj98
Give me back my body! by ZomDyDy
New visited a fortune teller at a fair who told him that the next tall, dark, rich, and handsome person he met would be his soulmate. Later that day when he went to meet...
DOMINATION  by MingyuLilPotato
DOMINATION by Mishmi13
Tay is the leader of mafia gang"Super four"now living in South Korea..New is also the leader of a mafia gang named "Black jewel". currently living in...
Bf (Bestfriends?) by shrutiworld
Bf (Bestfriends?)by Shruti
It's the story of Tay, who shifted to new city to work in his dream company. And what happened with him when he meet his new friends. This is the story of journey of th...
the sun which smiles | taynew  by byeolid
the sun which smiles | taynew by ✨
the many times new meets tay who seems to be always smiling and the time he isn't byeolid also available on ao3! (user: byeoli)
My Master (TayNew) by Taytawan92
My Master (TayNew)by Polca_Tay
Newwiee's parents got car accident and die when he was 4 years old and his mother best friend, Ms.Yon adopted him and brought him with her. Tay Tawan is the only one ch...
Finding Home ✔️ by NavyaKikiro
Finding Home ✔️by Navya Kikiro
In past you have lost what you had and started to lead a new life but the fate have a different story for you what if the past comes back hunting you down Will you find...