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My Big Brother Hates Me (SLOW UPDATES) by XOXOMELODY
My Big Brother Hates Me (SLOW XOXOMELODY
"I hate you I wish you were never born! You ruined my life" Harry yelled out, venom coming out every single word he said towards me, I started to cry, tears ru...
scary stories by JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
scary storiesby JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
A collection of scary stories. Dont worry they aren't real, as far as you know.... new stories Daily-weekly
Stay Golden, Lennon (1D/ Harry Styles) by fictionalchase
Stay Golden, Lennon (1D/ Harry fictionalchase
Harry Styles is in my dorm room, hiding. He just heard me singing in the shower, loudly. Awkward. Lennon Mason has always been the goodie two shoes. She's always been th...
past  (დასრულებული) by GilrOnline
past (დასრულებული)by IBELIVEDREAMS
რა მოხდება მაშინ როდესაც , შეხვდები იმ ადამიანს რომელიც წლების წინ გიყვარდა, შემდეგ კი მას დაშორდი?.
Adopted By Zayn Malik (done) by jonghosapplewatch
Adopted By Zayn Malik (done)by ⋆✴𝒜.𝐸.✴⋆
I got adopted by Zayn Malik? (finished: 7/17/14) #VERY CRINGE #I WROTE IT WHEN I WAS 13
Lux  -  One direction - book 1 by TillTheFookingEnd
Lux - One direction - book 1by The ol razzle dazzle
"Kelsie come say hi to your aunt!" And that's the words that started this whole thing Funny innit? Considering all that happened... Π•^ descriptions are over...
Unexpected Love (a Louis Tomlinson love story) by AuSydney
Unexpected Love (a Louis AuSydney
Louis Tomlinson is a jerk at highschool who doesn't care about anybody. But will he fall for Alissa who has problems with Louis? What will he have to do to earn Alissa's...
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The Notebook by SecretWonderland13
The Notebookby Zoella
It's everything and nothing. Its love, truer than ever. Its about him and its about her. Here's a little tale of love, hate, and loss called The Notebook. By: Perksofbei...
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When Two Worlds Collide (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by SammieCakes
When Two Worlds Collide (A One SammieCakes
Selena is you normal 18 year old teenager. That's until her dad gets remarried and she gets a new step sister Demi. Demi is the most perfect girl you could possibly me...
Adopted by the one and only one direction by pkfashion
Adopted by the one and only one Piper reedus horan
Hi my mane is Dylan I'm 11 this is my story my parents were killed in a car-crash coming to pick me up from school one day which lead to me living in a adoption centre u...
The Targets by SarahGone
The Targetsby Sarah
Julia is regular 14 year old girl... was, rather. For six months she was held hostage by the Taliban. She was rescued by the PJs at Camp Phenix. Shortly after rescue the...
Everything Is Different Now (1D FanFic) by Zayn_Has_My_Heart
Everything Is Different Now (1D Zayn_Has_My_Heart
Janae is a 18 year old high school graduate. Her and her two best friends love One Direction. Will they ever meet them and what will happen if they do? Read and find out.
A Deals A Deal by toriag216
A Deals A Dealby Harryswatermelonfarm
To launch her career she has to do the unthinkable: Stir up drama, fake date, and leave her friends behind. Will Luna have what it take to become a famous musician or wi...
Adopted by 1d and a mermaid!!!!! by kateeluv101
Adopted by 1d and a mermaid!!!!!by kitty cat
Michel was a 17 year old girl who got adopted by 1d but she has a secret she is a mermaid
A Ziall fanfic: "I'll never give up at you...". by martechii
A Ziall fanfic: "I'll never give Marte
Zayn are a rich, actually a billionare, kind, sexy and like an angel in all ways - and all the girls in the city wants him. And Niall wants him too. Niall has wanted him...