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Headspace by harryurnogoodalone
Headspaceby B
Two schools. One town. One Football field. Louis is the infuriatingly gorgeous captain of Holmes Chapel high School's football team, The Rogue. He is also viewed as a no...
Hurt •Niam• by niamlovechildren
Hurt •Niam•by niamlovechildren
Niall was constantly made fun of by his family, friends and piers about his weight,appearance and personality. They always claimed it was teasing or playful critic. Didn...
Imaginary Lover ...  - Zarry Stylik ✔️ by LamPayning
Imaginary Lover ... - Zarry LamPayning
Zayn is bored with his life. He has friends, but he feels like he's the annoying one that no one likes, so he doesn't really open up to them. He loves singing, and music...
The Last Scar by imadoranthathoranfan
The Last Scarby Mikayla Johnson
After the many tragedies Niall faces, he starts a bad habit. But when Liam walks in what will he do?
Sad Imagines { 1D } by 1dheathens
Sad Imagines { 1D }by đj
just had some sad stories in my head. decided to type it. and yeah. most of these are going to be boyxboy and just some other types of stories. just let Me know comment...
Two British Lads Kissing [Larry Stylinson fanfic] by GiveMeLarryx
Two British Lads Kissing [Larry Austin Dilly
(Larry feat. Niam) In our neighborhood, we hold an annual event called Kissing Loves Company. It's like a kiss cam. You lock lips in public, whether you like it or not...
Academy For Devils by 1D_ninja_cake
Academy For Devilsby 1D_ninja_cake
Niall Horan a young evil studen hates everything thats good, peacefull and beautiful, in other words: Angels. He hate everything they stand for and everything they do. B...
the girl next door (one direction) by Shyblaze42
the girl next door (one direction)by Shyan Blaze Clark
One Direction gets a new house and they over hear some yelling and some screaming from the next door neighbor and the boys go to investigate but the man says it's just h...
For So Long (Niam One Shot) by mynameslaurie
For So Long (Niam One Shot)by Lauren
Niall horan is in love... with his best friend and band mate Liam Payne for quiet some time now but he doesn't think Liam feels the same way about him. Or does he?
When "I Don't" truned into "I Do" by asperigusgus
When "I Don't" truned into "I Do"by Gus
This book is about larry stylinson. What happens when singer Louis Tomlinson starts getting shipped with singer and model Harry Styles? This is an instagram format book...
Kidnapped To Be Loved by NoOneNeedsMyName45
Kidnapped To Be Lovedby James Thoms
(A Vampire 1D AU, Adoption Story.) "Don't hurt me. Please, no more..." I stuttered as I backed into the wall. "I'm not going to hurt you anymore. You're...
❆ Breathless ❆ by TrulyMadlyNiam_
❆ Breathless ❆by Vanessa
Frozen heart. Frozen soul. Frozen mind. Why not leave him with his people? Liam Payne, in summary, is a down right cocky bastard who only cares about himself...
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by Larrystylincruise
Slow Dancing In A Burning Roomby Larrystylincruise
Larry AU || Louis is king of hell, Harry might aswell be an angel. [AKA The one where Harry is dragged down to hell, and Louis is there waiting for him.]
for him • lwt + hes by taesgotado
for him • lwt + hesby babu
Louis sempre quis ser pai, e viu na adoção a oportunidade de realizar seu sonho. Mas tudo se transforma em caos quando para completar a adoção é necessário uma união est...