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Knight in A Dark Red Suit || Ziam [EDITING IN PROGRESS] by Nexus_Universe
Knight in A Dark Red Suit || Ziam...by Mikaela Evans
Zayn had been dating Josh for over 3 years now and Zayn has been hiding something from him. It wasn't until Zayn's Master, Liam Payne, announces his arrival back in Lond...
Coalesce by art-hoe-beau
Coalesceby B E A U
| coalesce | /ˌkəʊəˈlɛs/ verb; come together to form one mass or whole ALTERNATIVELY: in which louis and his son niall move in with zayn and his two boys after a series...
Texting Zouis by AlysiaOlivas
Texting Zouisby Alysia Olivas
Sassy Louis Tomlinson accidentally texted mysterious Zayn Malik
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic} by Zayniac420
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic}by Zayniac420
Just a little sickfic where the boys think Zayn is faking being sick
Coma White by LS_Stories
Coma Whiteby Ash
Sequel to White Rose (Completed) MUST READ FIRST BOOK OR THIS WON'T MAKE SENSE Harry's collapsed from an overdose and Louis' in the hospital for unknown reasons to Harr...
I will miss you by Cookieswomen
I will miss youby Miel❤️
Harry and louis are boyfriends. But harry is famous and louis is not! Now harry is on tour and it drives louis crazy all those womens who want his men.
Daisies [louis-centric] by swaggmasterlouis
Daisies [louis-centric]by imissonedirection
Louis thought he was safe from his past. He was wrong. - Zianourry/louiscentric [READ THE TAGS]
Baby "Jayn" by zirectionyou
Baby "Jayn"by -Sི-
"Am Jayn" "Zayn, huh?" "How old are you?" "Twee" © zirectionyou Cover: @zuhayn
This? ~Zouis Family~ by zouis_is_life_4_ever
This? ~Zouis Family~by Zorever
Zayn and Louis have two kids. What if another one came along? What troubles do baby Liam and his brothers get up to along the way?
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg auby bestwriterever8
[FINISHED 2017] Who would want to be in the spotlight? Certainly, Louis wouldn't. He cherished his private life, and didn't want anyone to know about it, not even his fa...
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU) by art-hoe-beau
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU)by B E A U
two new additions to a family of three won't change anything at all. zayn and louis are sure of it. one hundred percent certain. or maybe, like, eighty-four percent. y...
head over heels  by ilove1dbro
head over heels by ilove1dbro
~You know how to ball, I know Aristotle~ "I guess when I'm with you for some time you tend to make me forget how fucked up the world is." In which Louis has a...
let's run. - l.s. by hlfics
let's run. - l.s.by ⟡
"Lou?" Harry whispered. "Hm" "I want us to run away tonight." or Harry Styles, a feminine 17 year old, goes to Louis Tomlinson's house ever...
Heads or Tails ? by burrowedandblue
Heads or Tails ?by insideawritersmind
*Story contains mature and explicit content* "Something wrong sweetheart ?" Harry's cocky tone only makes my blood boil more, and I don't even think before I t...
Summer camp *ON HOLD* by Zoe210895
Summer camp *ON HOLD*by Zoe
"Hey baby, you ready for high ropes?" Harry cooed. Louis squealed and nodded excitedly, removing his dummy and placing it on top of his pillow, raising his arm...
✓  | FEARLESS! larry stylinson x instagram by louiswenttoamsterdam
✓ | FEARLESS! larry stylinson x i...by tara not yummy
"tell me the truth, tell me, do you still remember feelin' young?" ... in which louis is a soccer superstar in the making with an adorable three year old son a...
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!! by needtoexpressit
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!!by Hazel Coffee
Summary- Louis Tomlinson is a 19 year old and Harry Styles is 18 years old. They probably would have never met and would have never ended up being step brothers, if it w...
A Whole New World by art-hoe-beau
A Whole New Worldby B E A U
In which Zayn is a spy, Louis is his husband, Liam is a moody pre-teen and Harry is the most adorable toddler. And Niall? He's a little boy whose entire life has been sp...
With Open Arms by art-hoe-beau
With Open Armsby B E A U
in which a runaway boy finds himself hurtling head first into something he's never had before - a family OR thirteen year old niall has spent the past three years on the...
The Pirate Prince *Larry Stylinson* by maedeh1
The Pirate Prince *Larry Stylinson*by ✥° Mια °♬
Summary: Louis Tomlinson the crown prince of the United Kingdom was on a ride to France, when his ship was suddenly taken over by Harry Styles, the infamous pirate capta...