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'i'll always care for you' || harry styles sickfics by hellohhannah
'i'll always care for you' || - h.
sickfics all surrounding harry being taken care of by the boys.
Sex Therapy (Narry Storan) by smiley_miley_
Sex Therapy (Narry Storan)by Vessel
In which, Niall and Harry are addicted to sex. ©Copyright 2015 Smiley_Miley_
(S)he by abby_harry
(S)heby Abby
Harry is a full time performer, always on tour and doesn't have time to settle down. Niall is a doctor that is too smart and has too much going on to settle down. A ba...
Robber (Narry) **EDITING** by treatpeoplewithnarry
Robber (Narry) **EDITING**by KK
"Are you flirting with me? IN THE MIDDLE OF ME ROBBING YOU?" *My idea, not my characters* #1 in the Narry category (7/20/2020)
1D • Random Sickfics by BeautifulRain2020
1D • Random Sickficsby BeautifulRain2020
Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall getting hurt, sick and caring for each other. Set around the release of 'Made in the AM'.
My big alphas by bananas4apound
My big alphasby Stina Eriksson
Louis centric. Louis is an omega who is starting a new college and it's not just any college but it's a college for only werewolves. Louis hopes to find his mate there b...
✿ social media- narry au ✿ by -bbyhoney
✿ social media- narry au ✿by ☁️✨🕊🏹👼🏻🧸
Harry is a famous singer and Niall is a fanboy •twitter & instagram•
Proclivity ❀ narry by humbleharold
Proclivity ❀ narryby (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
proclivity pro•cliv•i•ty prō'klivǝtē noun; a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing. Niall has OCD. Wh...
One Direction Mpreg One Shots by The_sequin_carrot
One Direction Mpreg One Shotsby Bree Frost
I fell in love with Mpregs after reading Uncommon Sanction (everyone go read it!) This will consist of all the 1D bromances :) I hope you enjoy reading this as much as...
Babying Niall Horan  by DerpHoovesBackUp3
Babying Niall Horan by Elley
Niall Horan is going through some tough times in his life, and as such he hasn't been coping with those issues too well, he's been drinking, clubbing, all of the worst t...
Crazy For You (Narry) by ohcrapnarry
Crazy For You (Narry)by ohcrapnarry
One Direction; the most famous boyband in the world. As Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam take over the world, two of the boys start to have strong feelings for one ano...
The Personal Assistant (Narry) by WritingZmyPassion
The Personal Assistant (Narry)by Jay
Harry is the CEO of Styles' Inc but for the life of him, he can't keep an assistant for longer than a month, they either quit or he fires them. Things however, change wh...
One Direction: Sick-Fics by wistfully_me
One Direction: Sick-Ficsby Obnoxious Addict
* SLOW UPDATES * ** REQUESTS ENCOURAGED ** Included in this book: • Sick!Fics • Hurt!Fics • 1D sick as children • Ships (Platonic, Romantic) • AU's, Reader insert ___...
Taken and Loved (A Narry/Ziall) AU by LillyGornick
Taken and Loved (A Narry/Ziall) AUby Lilly
Niall Horan is an 18 year old bartender with his best friend Louis just wants to be loved,but to his surprise two men who take him to be their's end up showing Niall wha...
Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written) by issaomfg
Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)by ¿
"I hate you" "Kinda hard to believe when you fuck me like that" ------- Harry and Niall have been on each others throats since day one. If the best w...
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!! by needtoexpressit
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!!by Hazel Coffee
Summary- Louis Tomlinson is a 19 year old and Harry Styles is 18 years old. They probably would have never met and would have never ended up being step brothers, if it w...
One Direction Age Play and Fluff (Harry Centrics) by theway2go
One Direction Age Play and Fluff ( theway2go
A collection of Harry centric one shots, prompts, age play, fluff, and maybe a couple other things I came up with.
Strictly Professional [Narry] by karmasucks
Strictly Professional [Narry]by lιѕα
Harry Styles is a man who strives for perfection, who craves for success. Niall Horan is a competitive person who enjoys challenges. The pair collide and meet half way b...
DADDY'S LITLLE ANGEL // NARRY AU by onceuponnarry
When Harry and Niall become roomies, Harry finds out that Niall is the little angel he's been waiting for all his life. NEW UPDATE EVERY WEEKEND WARNING: Smut. Lots of...
Narry Instagram  by Niallgirl009
Narry Instagram by Directioner
One direction was the best boyband in the world. Despite being the best singers they were practically brothers. But 3 years ago they went on a hiatus to find out themsel...