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Sick Todoroki (Sick MHA 3) by SaharaFortner9
Sick Todoroki (Sick MHA 3)by Sahara Howell
Todoroki gets sick. This is the third book in the Sick MHA Characters series. Bakugou's is first, Deku's is second.
Five Times Foggy Took Care Of A Sick Matt... by CottonCandyKey
Five Times Foggy Took Care Of A Key
...and one time Matt returned the favour. I've never actually wrote one of these five times dadada and one time dadada things. They probably have names but I'm not sure...
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A WIMPY KID fanfiction) by erziegler00
A Painful Secret (a DIARY OF A Emily Ziegler
Rodrick is sick, but he doesn't show it. Can Greg help him before it's too late? *This story takes place during the time gap between the 2nd and 3rd Wimpy Kid movies. Ho...
Lirry's suprise bundle of joy by ilangel1
Lirry's suprise bundle of joyby ilangel1
Harry and Liam as parents to Niall and Louis and it is just about family life. Harrys parents and sister and her family are heavily involved in this story. There is a lo...
Totally fine by NoeyHy6
Totally fineby Noa
Izuku woke up by a loud sneeze. He opened his eyes after another, little one. His head was pounding when he coughed for a moment. He still had an hour before his alarm c...
Vulnerabilities  by myheromon14
Vulnerabilities by myheromon14
Bakugou comes down with a nasty stomach virus. He hasn't been this sick since he was a young child, he's living on his own in the dorms along side his classmates.
This is a bunch of Enhypen sickfics because there isnt enough of them! ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ I do not wish any of these to happen to any of the members, this is only based on...
Fever  •  TodoDeku by BlackberrySage_16
Fever • TodoDekuby Cat and Banana
For @Musicbear151806, thank you. Shouto Todoroki had never been "good" about being sick. To his knowledge, the only solution, from a sniffle to a fever, was to...
J-Hope Oneshots and Sickfics by DeniskaTen
J-Hope Oneshots and Sickficsby j-hope>>
"This one line, this one fucking line, was causing him to get yelled at. He couldn't get it right. His voice was off. He couldn't sing either. Hoseok glared at hims...
Young Niall Horan by Diamond_233_1D
Young Niall Horanby Diamond_233_1D
Niall Horan the youngest member of One Direction, all so the smallest of the group. Find out in this story about Niall's journey with the other boys, who are like his ol...
Fluffy SKZ oneshots🧸 by cuddlepilefics
Fluffy SKZ oneshots🧸by cuddlepilefics
Cute Stray Kids sickfics and littlespace oneshots Requests closed Completed, please check out EP. 2 #1 - agere (07.10.21) #1 - sickfic (04.10.22) #10 - comfort (13.05.21...
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic} by Zayniac420
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic}by Zayniac420
Just a little sickfic where the boys think Zayn is faking being sick
Fever! Deku Catches a Cold REWRITE by SakuPanda20
Fever! Deku Catches a Cold REWRITEby SakuPanda
•|| It's like I'm burning, and my body is freezing, but my heart is so this because of you Kacchan? But how...||• Rewrite of Fever!|Deku Catches a Cold|Bkdk! E...
Kpop Sickfic/Angst by iTookJiminsJams23
Kpop Sickfic/Angstby iTookJiminsJams
This is basically a compilation of sickfic and angst stories about kpop idols. There are stories about NCT, ATEEZ, The Boyz, Stray Kids, etc, etc. The stories will be u...
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Rub His Back | A JJK Sickfic by joonie_b
Rub His Back | A JJK Sickficby joonie b. jones
Jungkook gets sick while on vacation in Hawaii. But Jungkook has his hyungs, and to them, he's first priority. Highest ranking #3 in "#OT7" 3/3/19
Midoriyas Allergies by Browne3
Midoriyas Allergiesby Ray
5 times Midoriyas allergies are the usual shit and the one time it almost got him suspended. 5 times people are with Izuku during a fit of allergies and the one time ev...
One direction Sick&Hurt fics {On Going}  by LisanneOorthuis
One direction Sick&Hurt fics {On Lies
Sorry for any grammer mistakes, english is not my main language. ;) -- The chapters are getting better along the way. --- Also idk how many chapters I write or anything...
bts jimin sickfics  by CaseyCat169
bts jimin sickfics by Casey Cat
Some fics where mochi is sick and injured 🥺
I Believe In You by NealsNeen
I Believe In Youby NealsNeen
Neal almost drowns during a heist. Peter saves him and is too angry to see or believe that his consultant really isn't feeling too well a day later. "Neal always di...
Luke Hemmings sick fics by live_laugh_luke
Luke Hemmings sick ficsby live_laugh_luke
*I do not own the picture or the characters* collection of Luke sick fics - requests are welcome and encouraged