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I'm the best thing at this club. by SKayeG
I'm the best thing at this SKayeG
Riley's soulmate becomes her anchor, guiding her towards a path of redemption and self-discovery. Through their love, she begins to see the beauty in sobriety, the joy i...
The Stars Among Us by YesterdaySarah
The Stars Among Usby Sarah
At college, Elaine Ronan felt like a loser and struggled to make friends. However, she became interested in joining a club when suddenly got interrupted by two boys who ...
Lacrosse Captain by chicago121416
Lacrosse Captainby Nikki
Allison was a broken girl. A girl that was literally left to die . A girl that was told that no one will ever love her. A girl that was told that she just ruins peopl...
She's perfect || Iwaizumi X reader by Lin-melon
She's perfect || Iwaizumi X readerby Lin-melon
Haikyuu angst Writing out my feelings⊂((・x・))⊃ It was perfect, until she took you "I'm sorry" TERRIBLE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE STUTTERING DON'T READ Forgive me for...
Dear Diary||Namjoon ff|| by Aith888
Dear Diary||Namjoon ff||by ursula
Dear Diary Am I not good enough?
Alpha Asshole by jvaenuku
Alpha Assholeby jvaenuku
"Baby... what you heard between me and Derek was taken out of context." He pauses as if searching for words to better explain his actions but due to the hurt r...
Hanahaki Disease by itsyouitsalwaysyou17
Hanahaki Diseaseby It's You...
A one sided love story.
Fuck life by Katskyniallgirl
Fuck lifeby Katskyniallgirl
I'm Katrina. People call me Kat. My life is fucked up. My parents hate me and so does my sister. I'm just another piece of garbage. I can never do anything right. Always...
Op Natsu  by TracyPfeil
Op Natsu by natsu dragneel
Natsu was transported into the future magnolia. What would happen if he would just stop his playfulness and became more serious.
Sasunaru~||top sasuke||bottom naruto|| by Alajahvalaud1234
Sasunaru~||top sasuke||bottom Alajahvalaud1234
This is not really 18+ but it's enough to make you horny 😂😂😂😂😂
I am a child of anxiety by Lexieann06
I am a child of anxietyby Lexie Ann
I really hope you like this. This is something I feel like describes me and the way anxiety make me feel. If you have the chance in your day help someone out please do...
A Fool without a clue  by oddPasta
A Fool without a clue by oddPasta
This is the story of a boy who fell in love with someone who was already spoken for.
That's Life by HasashiKarami
That's Lifeby Hasashi Karami
This is my very first book. It's a mini biography that isn't done very well. I just randomly made it and did not really think about it. At first it was going to be my lo...
Young Girl Can See Ghost by TaniaSierra199
Young Girl Can See Ghostby Tania Sierra
One little young girl can see a ghost, but her family can't.. Felicia(HerMom) John(HerDad) Angelia(TheGirl) Andy(HerBrother)
Teenage Dreams by katherinewoollard_05
Teenage Dreamsby Katherine Ann Marie
Zoe Marshall has an overbearing mother, who has Zoe's life planned down to the t. When Zoe's sister talks her into going to one party, her life is changed forever. Now s...
The end of the street  by RagnhildSjlie
The end of the street by Ragnhild Sjølie
It is about feeling like you are not good enough.
Gus x Mattholomule by Gaylov3r
Gus x Mattholomuleby Gaylov3r
This is a gus x mattholomule book- and it's is going to be cool ALSO IM NEW AT THIS PLUS THIS IS KINDA A DRAGT OKAY BYEEE