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Three's a Crowd by simply-caitlyn
Three's a Crowdby - ̗̀ caitlyn ̖́-
Issac Collins and Skylar Hughes aren't friends, nor enemies. Just strangers with some memories. <~~~~~~~~~~> ~Published on November 13, 2020~ ~Completed on Decembe...
Im Not Okay by cringey_and_sad
Im Not Okayby :)))
No one understands her mental disorders.she is completely alone.
Apocalypse of the Pretty - a Marcus and Martinus fanfiction by artvomitpng
Apocalypse of the Pretty - a hannie !!
What if you were sentenced to die? What would you do? If you where material to be exterminated and removed? Would you face your death, or fight? Would you run, and hide...
Male reader x rwby harem by TheReaper_ofDeath
Male reader x rwby haremby Reaper
I suck at this so lets get this over with.... You're sent to the rwby universe (the characters are probably ooc don't blame me) by GOD. Why? You may ask. Cuz of truck-ku...
She's perfect || Iwaizumi X reader by Lin-melon
She's perfect || Iwaizumi X readerby Lin-melon
Haikyuu angst Writing out my feelings⊂((・x・))⊃ It was perfect, until she took you "I'm sorry" TERRIBLE, IF YOU DON'T LIKE STUTTERING DON'T READ Forgive me for...
What The First Rose Revealed by K-M-A41001
What The First Rose Revealedby K.M.A
The flat line sound came after death,for she died way before her heart caved in.Her story will soon be fully spoken,and when the time stops...She will be understood for...
Not Good Enough {A Yoongi angst - BTS Fanfiction} by nnunchii
Not Good Enough {A Yoongi ❀⛧
Once Taehyung finds out about Yoongi's 'addiction', he is sworn to secrecy. What could blossom from this? And what happens when Taehyung can't keep the truth from the ot...
Hanahaki Disease by itsyouitsalwaysyou17
Hanahaki Diseaseby It's You...
A one sided love story.
Op Natsu  by TracyPfeil
Op Natsu by natsu dragneel
Natsu was transported into the future magnolia. What would happen if he would just stop his playfulness and became more serious.
Yandere Duolingo kun - my special username chan~ by Cocolalato
Yandere Duolingo kun - my Chuyuu
This story is for fun and not really good writing so pls this just for funnn And its meme too pls any pic is not mine duolingo is not mine the story ish mine But.. What...
random oneshots I wrote by dArlingZbutbetter
random oneshots I wroteby Dreamsanses Wife
might not be good but I don't wanna let it go to waste ~!
Maria x Y/N (18+) by Ke2610
Maria x Y/N (18+)by luvvvangelkitten
You have a friend named Maria, y'all started getting closer and closer and fell in love. And stuff started to get dirty..
Scarred from love .. 💔 by Kahleblivesthrume
Scarred from love .. 💔by Anonymous 🤟🏽
You can find out so much if you read it . 🌚
everything what was happening to me by LanaElixir
everything what was happening to meby Normal girl
okay I know was gonna make the "Kat x Matthew" in my Oneshot book...But I might wanna explain on happened to me....
The day I met you I fell in love <3 by Jacky6332
The day I met you I fell in love <3by Jacky6332
This is really hard to think of 🧍‍♀️ I hope you like it <3
Out of my limit  by Lovelykawaii154
Out of my limit by Rosa
Mostly poems because why not .
It's Complicated by MalinKay
It's Complicatedby Malin O'Kay ❤️
She is a struggling girl with a complicated life, he is a coldhearted badboy with a troubled past. What will happen when their paths cross?
Not good enough  by poetic_heart_
Not good enough by poetic_heart_
That feeling, that feeling of not ever being good enough.