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မောင် by ThetHmue3
မောင်by Euphoria
ကျိန်စာတွေ လှလွန်းတဲ့အခါ အရှုံးပေးသူက ? Start ~24.6.2021💔 End~ 22.11.2021💔
What is love? [taegi] by jeansdild0
What is love? [taegi]by jeansdild0
Where Taehyung has a hard life and gets bullied and can't trust anyone. Yoongi one of the bullys who falls in love with the quiet boy. Will Taehyung trust him or not?
Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!) (!Completed!) by TaestheticGucci
Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!)...by Tannie
Yoongi loves and cares for all of the members...but there's just something about Taehyung. A light-hearted, short and cute (hopefully)Taegi FF cause IT DESERVES SOME LOV...
Our glistening marks ~ 0t7 soulmate au (jinkook x taegi x minjoonhope)  by jimininiiiii
Our glistening marks ~ 0t7 soulmat...by jimininiiiii
7 people with unique thoughts and different personalities, three different stories with ups and downs. Will they give into society or find real love and become one? A si...
Bad boy's Baby by Bts_stan98
Bad boy's Babyby Bts_stan98
Yoongi is normal student living in Seoul with his older brother and parents. He is your typical good and sweet boy. He doesn't have much friends just one best friend. ...
Alpha's Little Angel by Bts_stan98
Alpha's Little Angelby Bts_stan98
Jungkook is soon to be alpha. He is waiting for his mate to shower him with love and affection and claim him as his. He waited for his mate for many years. Will he found...
I Need U (Jikook) by blue-button
I Need U (Jikook)by mochiiluvs
Jimin and Taehyung are best friends. Taehyung has an adopted brother named Kim Jungkook. After high school, Jeon Jungkook completely changed. He became cold-hearted, rud...
Complete [Jikook ff] ✅ by mybiasisjimin
Complete [Jikook ff] ✅by mybiasisjimin
I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Jungkook must have left last night after he bathed me. Just like always. Every month Jungkook will come to my house when his r...
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.тaegι|| by cutetaeminkook
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.т...by •D•
Before, it was always Taehyung wanting Jungkook's attention, but when he found out about Jungkook having a relationship with his Jimin hyung everything has changed. Star...
You belong to me (Taegi) by _Julie_suga_
You belong to me (Taegi)by Julie
Where omega Taehyung is the mate of Jungkook. But Jungkook cheats on Taehyung with Jimin. Jungkook doesn't want Taehyung as his mate. Taehyung is heartbroken of what his...
Woven in secrets {Taekook} by Taekooks_lovechild
Woven in secrets {Taekook}by s̷a̷y̷o̷n̷a̷r̷a̷
Taehyung is a blessed omega, who ends up falling in love with his slave, a vampire. "Blood......B-Blood is what you carve, right? so rip me apart and drink as much...
Meow | Taegi Texting by PrankThat
Meow | Taegi Textingby Romeo🐶💜
Taehyung gets a wrong number, but for some reason the wrong number keeps texting back. Secrets unfold and love blooms! -Pranhyung🐶💜 Started: Aug. 7, 2019 Completed:...
Believe  (Taekook Vs Jikook)  by kim0986
Believe (Taekook Vs Jikook) by kimmie( ◜‿◝ )♡
It's a story about three lifes .. who connects with eachother but only one who was suffering Here is Kindness... Trust.... Loyalty... Also have sadness.. betrayal... Ha...
Fangs and Love by Proudy_ARMY
Fangs and Loveby Shine Kim
[TaeGi x JiKook] Vampires are greatly feared. Vampires suck humans' blood. Vampires are monsters. Vampires are powerful. Once a vampire bites you, you'll also turn as on...
fbi agent  by ur5tupidgf
fbi agent by silly
taehyung falls for the boy he's supposed to protect ✰ ✰ ✰ bottom!yoongi top!taehyung
BTS BDSM  by --kinkygirl--
BTS BDSM by jungM916
where the world give importance to bdsm ,sex,petplay,ageplay,ddlb,ddlg more Do wanna know the journey of BTS in this story,then let's goo Doms ??? subs ??? it's just a...
Taegi (little yoongi) by jiminstingray
Taegi (little yoongi)by jiminstingray
taegi fan fiction Yoongi was always in little space and in his own world so he never notice anyone besides his older brother Namjoon and his older brother's boyfriend Se...
I'm In Love With You, Sorry. by 2006sherlyn
I'm In Love With You, Sorry.by suga_minty_fresh
Hoseok cheated on Yoongi which, cause Yoongi to go into depression. He goes to therapy for help. His therapist recommended having a someone very positive to help him out...
Baby's care (vxbts) (EDITING) by _fluffytaetae
Baby's care (vxbts) (EDITING)by Flufftaetae
What happens when one day six rich heartless guys gets a 2 year old baby Taehyung at there doorstep? Are they able to take care of him and how will our baby Tae changes...
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ ဆန်မုန့်လုံးလေး💜(Completed) by jeon_minna97
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ ဆန်မုန့်လုံးလေး💜(Comple...by Jeon Minna
အသက်ထက်ချစ်ရသော ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ငယ်ရယ် မင်းထက်ပိုပြီး ချစ်ရမယ့်သူ ဒီလောကမှာမရှိေတာ့ပါဘူး ငယ်ရယ် ဘဝလုံးစာချစ်တာမို့လုိ့ နာကျင်မူေတွမလုိချင်ဘူး ကိုကိုရယ် ဒီေလာကကြီးမှာ ကိုကုိသာရှ...