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Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!) (!Completed!) by TaestheticGucci
Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!)...by Tannie
Yoongi loves and cares for all of the members...but there's just something about Taehyung. A light-hearted, short and cute (hopefully)Taegi FF cause IT DESERVES SOME LOV...
You belong to me (Taegi) by _Julie_suga_
You belong to me (Taegi)by Julie
Where omega Taehyung is the mate of Jungkook. But Jungkook cheats on Taehyung with Jimin. Jungkook doesn't want Taehyung as his mate. Taehyung is heartbroken of what his...
Fangs and Love by Proudy_ARMY
Fangs and Loveby Shine Kim
[TaeGi x JiKook] Vampires are greatly feared. Vampires suck humans' blood. Vampires are monsters. Vampires are powerful. Once a vampire bites you, you'll also turn as on...
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.тaegι|| by cutetaeminkook
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.т...by •D•
Before, it was always Taehyung wanting Jungkook's attention, but when he found out about Jungkook having a relationship with his Jimin hyung everything has changed. Star...
fanarts, bottom Yoongi. by Yoonseok_2013
fanarts, bottom Yoongi.by Yoonseok_2013
⚠️None of these are mine. I found everything on pinterest. ⚠️
Not a bad -Witch- Wizard | BTS by NurulisYoonie
Not a bad -Witch- Wizard | BTSby NurulisYoonie
Not a bad -Witch- Wizard | Taegikookminseok Someone from their pack is almost dead. They do everything they can to avoid losing their loved ones. But nothing succeeded i...
Love that we need || Taegi by Kee-Kee
Love that we need || Taegiby KT
Yoongi enters his younger brother's college because he died mysteriously. But will he find out the reason behind his brother's death?? Please note- All the uploaded pict...
Stepbrothers  : The Love  ( Book 1 ) by yuniikitten
Stepbrothers : The Love ( Book 1...by yuniikitten
Yoongi's mother is in love with a man who has 6 sons . Unknown to yoongi , that he and his mother is going to associate themselves with a dangerous family ,which is goin...
Contract boyfriend | Yoonmin by fanfic-originals
Contract boyfriend | Yoonminby LUXIEL
"Name any conditions and I'll fulfil them. However you have to be my boyfriend for a whole month." Yoongi said. "Fine." Jimin replied coldly. ~~~ Yoo...
A Little Problem: A BTS Fanfic by iYooniverse_
A Little Problem: A BTS Fanficby Yunki
"Daddy" "What the f'ck Yoongi?" BTS continue to pave their way Introducing kpop around the world But what if the badass rapper everyone knows tu...
The New Husband  | OT7 (b×b) by MalakMER3
The New Husband | OT7 (b×b)by Malak Môķä ER
when his husband decide to marry his ex as a punishment ... it's OT7 ff so if you don't like it then kindly leave 😊💜 ... English is not my first language so sorry for...
Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️ by Mai_Spring
Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️by Mai
Taehyung accidentally finds himself in his hyung's bedroom, snuggling into him, neither of them realizing it but neither of them parting. The lights in the dorm were out...
Mr. Min by SinfulHunny
Mr. Minby MilkBub
-yoongi or shall I say Mr min, is Taehyungs private teacher/tutor. Taehyung comes from a really rich family, so they'd prefer him not to go to a private school and turn...
Triple Threat (Taegi+Yoonkook+Yoonmin) by yoonminislife11
Triple Threat (Taegi+Yoonkook+Yoon...by ❤
3 very rich brothers fall for the commoner that's in their college on a scholarship. "Ones a pervert, the other one is a self-righteous asshole, and the last one is...
› Nge Chit Pone Pyin ‹  ငယ်ချစ်ပုံပြင် || KM || COMPLETED  by Ivy_Yeon
› Nge Chit Pone Pyin ‹ ငယ်ချစ်ပုံ...by .
Unicode : မင်းလက်ဆောင် အနမ်းလေး ငါလွမ်းသည်။ Zawgyi : မင္းလက္ေဆာင္ အနမ္းေလး ငါလြမ္းသည္။
there for me (␌)  by softnpowderedsuga
there for me (␌) by powderedsugaℝ
where jeongguk and jimin cheat on their boyfriends, taehyung and yoongi.
Confessions by Minyoons9309
Confessionsby Min Suga
Im in love with you before but now? im sorry
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts} by xIMCOTAKUIx
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts}by MC
Taehyung accidentally witnesses a murder and now he is in BTS's Most Wanted List. -------------------------------- [Bottom:Tae] [Top: BTS] ...
Feral Pack by JinHitEntt
Feral Packby JinHitEntt
In order to provide for his family, Yoongi signs up to help integrate a pack of feral wolves into society. Highest ranking: #2 taegi 4/5/19 #1 yoongixbts 8/27/19 #1 namg...
Destined  ( yoongi centric ) by Gloss933
Destined ( yoongi centric )by Yoonie_93
Yoongi has 6 destined mates but none of them loves him rather hates him . Can yoongi make them to fall in love with him ?