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REBIRTH ☽ by craicdaddyeybae
REBIRTH ☽by moose
Gwen really hopes she's just having a bizarre dream, she doesn't think she can handle the fact that she can never go back home or that she's apparently the not-real twin...
My Short Writings by Basaltsquirrel
My Short Writingsby Basaltsquirrel
Just short writings i've done, some good some bad, hopefully no terrible ones. Please give feedback if you read these, although don't feel like you have to.
Baby it's Cold Outside by falloutgal78
Baby it's Cold Outsideby falloutgal78
Death comes in many forms and has many allies. Sometimes we spot them before they can get to us. Other times we don't.
Trial In Reykjavik by MaximumPandemonium
Trial In Reykjavikby MaximumPandemonium
A project I did in my Creative Writing class.
Practice for Comp by onebigcatfamily
Practice for Compby Lillian
There's going to be a writing competition for a fiction story and this is just for me to practice. So if you stumble across this then congrats! (Not really cause I'm act...
talk to you with my hands tied - walk towards you on a fine line by mania_sama
talk to you with my hands tied - MANIA
It was a mindless game at this point, set up by some god who wanted a new vessel to play with. -•-•- -LOWERCASE INTENDED FOR TITLE- -•-•- Posted to Archive of Our Own as...
Closed Eyes by mangachk88
Closed Eyesby mangachick88
Something I wrote years ago while doing a writing exercise. I don't think this'll go anywhere, but am open for any comments or criticism. I don't own any images.
so, uh... by KittyWolfCakez
so, KittyWolfCakez
I've been gone for so long. I don't even...gah, I don't have words. I mean, I kinda do, but don't. so, uh... is there anything you wanna see me write?
In Love With A Psycho by Hammy2005
In Love With A Psychoby Hammy2005
Your in love with a psycho (hence the tittle) He's also a serial killer
Kageyama x Volleyball  by ObamaCared
Kageyama x Volleyball by Just Destiny
Dear god exactly how far have I fallen from the Lord's grace?
Everyone Makes Mistakes by Burrblurr
Everyone Makes Mistakesby Travis Biggs
This will (eventually) be a collection of hopefully creepy short stories. Sit back, turn the lights off, and enjoy.
Beneath The Singing Moon - Victuuri Fanfiction by Cameronisanidi0t
Beneath The Singing Moon - ren ❤️
"If I can't compete against you, let me compete with you." <<<<<<<<<3 Victor Nikiforov finally returns to the ice after several mont...
The Chain Cronicles by YoruOrochimaru
The Chain Croniclesby Yoru Orochimaru
Astred, a young man who's life is dedicated to finding the man who raided his village, meets a young girl named Bramble while working at a bar. The two find out that the...
Asylum by PenelopeTale
Asylumby Penelope Tale
Kim stared at the abandoned building rigidly. Her phone had lit up with a number she did not recognize, promising answers to questions no one should know. All she had to...
neverlove by SketchQueen37
neverloveby Kayla M.
This is loosely based on Peter Pan and is my take on what could've happened after the events that we know with some characters of my own thrown into the mix along with a...
Aight so this'll be my journal fo wattpad by TwilightThiefArsene
Aight so this'll be my journal Matt
So you know what I'm up to and I don't have to use my books to tell ya, so follow Ya Boi so you know what's going on with your fave story most likely made by me.
To the moon and back by CrystalDoobie
To the moon and backby CrystalDoobie
This is a book about a girl, who's a werewolf and shtufff. The girls name is Nicole, she kind of likes girls and is into girls. She goes by 'Cole, she's perty coolll, ju...
long road to happiness by Brynhilda
long road to happinessby LochNess
i need to get my shit together