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Shadow of the Half-Light || *Harry Styles Punk Fanfic. (INCOMPLETE) by piedImpala
Shadow of the Half-Light || * Winchester Bitch
*VERY SEXUAL SO I SUGGEST NO ONE UNDER 13 WHO AM I KIDDING UR GOING TO READ IT ANYWAYS. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?* She runs. She runs until she cant run anymore. He hurt...
Mage and Demon Queen  by girlbeatsrock
Mage and Demon Queen by gray f skittles
Ps: This will be my main story. For now my other storys will be on pause Also read the original damn story. Webtoon kuru This story shows how Velverosa and Malori deal...
Filthy|cashton| by cakeiel
Filthy|cashton|by claudia
When Ashton begins to unknowingly start talking to a tumblr pornstar he doesn't expect the immediate denial he receives nor the boy
erotic stories 🔞 by mesaslona23
erotic stories 🔞by BTS ff , nude stories🔞
🔞 don't see if you are not comfortable Highly mature content 🔞 Smut book🔞 Can easily make you wet Name used in it is just fictional Nothing related to reality Don'...
One Direction One Shots by desperately
One Direction One Shotsby jude begin
One Direction One Shots. *REQUESTS CLOSED*
(Texting) by Bilgisizkadin
(Texting)by Se.aiste
Klasik texring hikayesi iste
VAMPİRE OPERA by yelizcam1
VAMPİRE OPERAby kikyoblack
Mina is just a human girl! Let's see what will happen when she falls in to apartment full of sexy vampires... and dont't forget about also sexy and dangerous werewolfs w...
Un renoi Une rebeu  by Ecrivaineh_213
Un renoi Une rebeu by Ecrivaineh_213
Lui chrétien moi musulmane lui ivoirien moi algérienne, deux familles différente mais qui se ressemble.
Tommy Gets A Girlfriend by markalantrimeloni
Tommy Gets A Girlfriendby Mark Alan Trimeloni
Becky arrives to find Tommy bleeding. He is lost in a moment of madness, grieving the loss of his parents. Can she bring him back from the edge before he hurts himself...
Kidnapper.        JJ maybank by Izzabella007473
Kidnapper. JJ maybankby Izzabella007473
After school, you taking a scroll down to the Beach when you felt someone grab you. you didn't scream you just froze,you were in a Caper-van. "Stay down."the...
The Bouncing Buns Gentleman's Club by OVHoffman
The Bouncing Buns Gentleman's Clubby OVHoffman
After a psychiatric evaluation of Dana Martin, daughter of exotic dancer Barbie Martin and step-daughter to Barbie's mob-associated husband, Dr. Beverly Anderson's life...
Tommy's Finger Explains Nudity by markalantrimeloni
Tommy's Finger Explains Nudityby Mark Alan Trimeloni
FlemWad is broken, lonely, and confused. He can't figure out the whole nudity thing. Tommy explains what nudity is all about. Part 2 of a 5 part series. Part 1 is Why'...
U Remka na kanapie by erotyczny_youtube
U Remka na kanapieby erotyczny_youtube
Rezigiusz, znany youtuber, zapraszam do swojego nowego mieszkania, które zamieszkuje ze swoją dziewczyną Martyną, swojego przyjaciela, Darka Gutkowskiego. Oboje są miłoś...
N U D E - poetry of an unquiet mind ✓ by Riggles101
N U D E - poetry of an unquiet rigs 𑁍
I've undressed my mind; I'm in the nude. ✧ © 2018-20 rmm all rights reserved (under some construction, so some poems may appear missing for now -17/10/22)
Shattered Silence by KalilaMcDonald
Shattered Silenceby katpaul
Dina van Cleve commit suicide after being bullied , tortured and picked at because she did one stupid thing. She took nude pictures of herself and send it to her boyfrie...
Iconic Gentlemen's Club by crazyhorserevue
Iconic Gentlemen's Clubby Crazy Horse Revue
Come on down to Crazy Horse Revue, home of sizzling honeys! We are the best adult entertainment Iconic gentlemen's club in Adelaide, Australia. Whether you are intereste...
Lydia Deetz and Tomb Raider (completed 3/3) by Captainleon_English
Lydia Deetz and Tomb Raider ( CharmRing_English
What will happen when a friend of Lara Croft's resuscitates Indiana Jones thanks to Lydia's spell book?
Ordained by God by Aliena6194
Ordained by Godby Aliena
(DON'T BE PUT OFF BY THE TITLE IT'S NOT A RELIGIOUS BOOK) During the reign of William the Conqueror, women were subordinate to men in all social situations and love was...