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forced slave by naah1284
forced slaveby naah1284
blackmail by step sisters and their girlfriends parents didn't believe you. loves elder daughters more so if they even know they didn't care. 18+
(18+🔞) My Sexy Stepsis by sexwritorr
(18+🔞) My Sexy Stepsisby sexx
I walk in to see my stepsis mastu-🔞
sudden feelings by ColinCastillo3
sudden feelingsby Colin Castillo
a story of asexual shelby suddenly getting the feeling of horniness
blackpink wedgie  by nicholasworkout
blackpink wedgie by nicholasworkout
blackpink getting wedgies
(18+) Kinky Erotic (TW:CW) by TaylorBeeBabe
(18+) Kinky Erotic (TW:CW)by TaylorBeeBabe
Writing about my kinky fantasies and whatnot.
A Night in Yiling  by MoxUwU_Fic
A Night in Yiling by Juno Flwr
TW: Nudity, Sexual interaction, very Lewd scenes, Dubcon, Drugging & Spoilers. Lan Wangji decides to head over to Yiling once more to visit his old friend Wei Wuxian, d...
A Giantess Planet  by mrKDM123
A Giantess Planet by Mr KDMdude
Jack has shrunken down to the size of a LEGO figure, due to a blue shockwave. Jack struggles as he tries to adapt to the new living conditions.
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote!Bendy x Reader) [Under Revamp] by KunstlerinAlora
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote! KunstlerinAlora
Joey Drew was a determined, yet curious man; was brilliant, yet manipulative; and an ex-biologist. He was fired from his position as a biologist - focused on the study o...
Wounded Shifter by RaveKiller16
Wounded Shifterby Rave Killer
Anya was happily mated and was with twins. But hearing her mate on the phone with another woman broke her heart in seemingly irreparable ways as the stress made one of h...
Spider-Man: Web of Fate by Spider-Knight
Spider-Man: Web of Fateby Spider-Knight
Peter Parker, being bonded with the Venom symbiote, finds himself encountering Black Cat, but it's not the Black Cat of his universe but rather the one from a different...
Zeus's Titan by X_Duchess_X
Zeus's Titanby Duchess
© All Rights Reserved © ~ Shineez.Annalisa.Brumell/ParisMax/X_Duchess_X The name is Karma Knight Aka Zeus's Titan.I'm the person they call if there's a threat to Zeus an...
Son of the Devil(Lucifer SeriesXMale OC) by Phoenix_Lad
Son of the Devil(Lucifer Delton York
In the beginning... The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation... With his son... !!WARNIN...
Young Lather by edgynoir
Young Latherby edgynoir
1) NAKED - "'Free' is the word. It's like, imagine you're born in jail, so you're used to it - you've never known anything else. You feel sort of not perfect, but i...
bob velseb x Reader (Smut) (Pregnant) I'm in love with a devil  by MikuChan3918
bob velseb x Reader (Smut) ( MikuChan3918
Y/N was walking around in the dark alone, she felt like someone is behind her. All see she is a big fat man with a devil mask.
Love, Death + Robots Obsession (various Yandere LDR X female reader) by UmbraWitch2000
Love, Death + Robots Obsession ( UmbraWitch2000
During some episodes, (Y/N) is not only forced to fight for her life, but also force to deal with death and obsessive love to her! Will she survive, or die?
The Cursed Ruins of Pōmaikaʻi by DChan87
The Cursed Ruins of Pōmaikaʻiby DChan87
When he was younger, Kaitan the Jungle Dude came across some ruins that turned out to be cursed. Five years later, those same ruins come back to haunt him and his mate J...
Descendants 1 and 2 Huma Love Story by JustYourNormalBard
Descendants 1 and 2 Huma Love Storyby 🏳️‍🌈
I most definitely watched the movie multiple times, and actually liked it at first when I seen the trailer I was like isn't that China from Antfarm? I got interested c...
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Ao Bing, My Love by CaitlineMuller
Ao Bing, My Loveby Caitline Muller
On the day of her mother's funeral, (Y/n) met a boy named Ao Bing. (Y/n) saves him from a fever and they become friends, well that's what they say.
Soul Freed by Lovely_juggernaut
Soul Freedby Love is Julie
Proud with the progress Selati has made in the past three years, the Unified Council sends its members on individual missions to aid the world. From battling demons to f...
Hilda and the Magic Feather by Mystic_Mind89
Hilda and the Magic Featherby MysticMind89
As the responsibilities in Hilda's life grow, so too does the stresses that come with them. Yet on the one day she was supposed to relax, she finds herself sucked in to...