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A Giantess Planet  by mrKDM123
A Giantess Planet by Mr KDMdude
Jack has shrunken down to the size of a LEGO figure, due to a blue shockwave. Jack struggles as he tries to adapt to the new living conditions.
the empresses tyranid(male tyranid reader x Warhammer 40k x crossover) by lonewander1
the empresses tyranid(male lordchungus
the tyranids a swarm alien race that could destroyed the whole milky way galaxy yet when all but one just suddenly turned and killed each other for unknown means(just ro...
A walk in the park by Coput001
A walk in the parkby Tom
A little public walk after watching a film...
Sakura Haruno Smut by sluttysakuraharuno
Sakura Haruno Smutby sluttysakuraharuno
Naughty stories about Sakura Haruno from the Naruto series. Includes public exhibitionism and nudity and whatnot. Hot sexy stories. Smut. Sexy. Naked. Lewd. Dirty. Naugh...
He's Not My Boyfriend by BetrayalAndVampires
He's Not My Boyfriendby betrayalandstupidity
Katherine Winters and Vincent Cross have known each other since they were in diapers. Only problem with that was that they've always hated each other. She's a good girl...
Henelope - How dare you march into my heart. by That_Flemis_22
Henelope - How dare you march That_Flemis_22
How Hope deals with falling in love with no other than Penelope Park. Would she let herself be happy? Well... Penelope doesn't really care. Part one Written together wit...
ကိုယ်ဝန်နဲ့ မိန်းမစိုးလေး { Unicode } [Myanmar Trans ] by NyeinHlaingZin123
ကိုယ်ဝန်နဲ့ မိန်းမစိုးလေး { Khat
Title The eunuch is pregnant Type Web Novel (CN) Genre Adult Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Historical Josei Mature Romance Author(s) Zui Meng Qing Kuang 醉梦轻狂 Status in C...
At My Age 9 by MrAnonymous1777
At My Age 9by Mr Anonymous
My Real life sex adventures of my mom
Pokemon Legends: World Legacy by LordShenra
Pokemon Legends: World Legacyby Lord Shenra, Space Emperor
To face it all, to take it all in, one must learn and battle with.....Pokemon. Shenra is as you say, a normal person just going to school and learning new things about p...
Dinomaster - The Dark World by MohammadSaad592
Dinomaster - The Dark Worldby Phoenix Rise
The story of Dinomaster is about a the protagonist of Tyron the leader of Primal League to defend world of city in Ireland from United Kingdom from darkmaster to change...
Just a little miraculous: The origin by KylleiSingler15
Just a little miraculous: The Kyllei Singler
Part two to the Just a little miraculous saga brings back so many old characters, plot, drama, and many new characters. Alaris powers are suddenly getting out of control...
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote!Bendy x Reader) [Under Revamp] by KunstlerinAlora
A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote! KunstlerinAlora
Joey Drew was a determined, yet curious man; was brilliant, yet manipulative; and an ex-biologist. He was fired from his position as a biologist - focused on the study o...
Horny Cousin by Den_CyberGal
Horny Cousinby Denasty_G
Max has a weird obsession over hot boys like her cousin, Bryan. While Max and Bryan's parents are gone, they have the house all to themselves.. READ to see what happens...
With This New Phone Of Mine by NoGame928
With This New Phone Of Mineby Call Me Whatever
Akira is not someone you'd want to be around with, unless you want your social life to be completely destroyed. Not because he's a bully, an otaku, or even a idol, but b...
If only I had the chance to fall in love anew once more in my life. by saki-san2
If only I had the chance to fall Saki san(lu chan)
I am saki the mc of this novel and I one day woken up finding out I died but I gotten a 2nd chance at life so I will not waste that last chance and fall in love with a...
It all started with a Dare, by Depressedwriter_04
It all started with a Dare,by Depression
this is a ddlb TomMatt story about a time when truth or dare goes wrong
Ace of Spades by IsisScott3
Ace of Spadesby trippiejaxx
"I'm not deranged, I just don't tolerate bullshit." In which, Bray is an ex-convict that may have gotten himself into trouble once more. Atticus is an artist...
A Night in Yiling  by MoxUwU_Fic
A Night in Yiling by Juno Flwr
TW: Nudity, Sexual interaction, very Lewd scenes, Dubcon, Drugging & Spoilers. Lan Wangji decides to head over to Yiling once more to visit his old friend Wei Wuxian, d...
Carson Lueders How It All Began by iluvjohnnyo
Carson Lueders How It All Beganby iluvjohnnyo
A detailed story about how the love between Carson and I began (continued from previous author).