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The Second Madam Lan by Jeon_SongHan
The Second Madam Lanby Tashi Jeon
Wei Ying was left alone to fend for herself once her parents died in a night hunt in Yiling. In another universe she grew up under a major sect, but this time she grew u...
Truly, Madly, Deeply by valastsacrifice
Truly, Madly, Deeplyby Valast Sacrifice
Mpreg Au: Eight months from the events of the Guanyin Temple, things have gone back to normal. Almost. Wei Wu Xian has returned to Yunmeng Jiang to mend his relationship...
Master of Dark, Master of Light by Bangtanarmy581
Master of Dark, Master of Lightby VaeRyn
Wei WuXian, or otherwise known as Wei Ying. His parents died on the way to visiting Gusu sect. Ten years later, word arises that ghosts keep appearing among a city belon...
Shades of Grey Spills From My Veins by Jeon_SongHan
Shades of Grey Spills From My Veinsby Tashi Jeon
Summary: This was why he didn't like to leave the Unclean Realm, Nie Mingjue thought with dismay. Guileless dark eyes blinked up at him, tiny hands clutching at his robe...
✅Melting Your Frozen Heart ( Yizhan ) ( Completed ) by yi_zhan_dream
✅Melting Your Frozen Heart ( lwj🦁 ❤️ wwx🐰
Xiao Zhan is a cheerful and a happy boy but is afraid to love due to his traumatic childhood.... Will yibo be able to break the walls around zhan's heart?..will he be ab...
Your dreams by MydlaMydla
Your dreamsby Mydla
Wei Wuxian arrived for guest lectures to the Cloud Recesses. However, Lan Wangji quickly notices, that there is something strange about the Yunmeng Jiang sect head disci...
Win you Again by Nymrhx11
Win you Againby Lavander Pink
*completed* What if after 10 years of their marriage Wei Ying died. Having no golden core he cannot live long with his husband Lan Zhan. Devastated, Lan Wang Ji killed h...
Keep Holding On by spicysweet_chocomint
Keep Holding Onby sweet mint
while on a nighthunt , near the lanling forest, Hanguang Jun with Jin Ling and lan juniors find a red ribbon in a bag of tokens believed to be taken from assualt victims...
Cultivator's Group Chat by _paoh_
Cultivator's Group Chatby ★𝒑𝒂𝒐𝒉 ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
What if the cultivators from "Mo Dao Zu Shi" and "The Untamed" created a group chat? ✰Ongoing ✰𝐂𝗼𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬: _swearing _BL ships (boyxboy) _stra...
Dance with you by Chilibunbun
Dance with youby Chilibunny
Liu Xin didn't know how or why she was reincarnated into the favorite Xianxia novel of her niece but here she was. With only a very vague understanding of characters an...
Am I In The Past!!?? by redfairy143
Am I In The Past!!??by Mikazuki III
Well....should i say anything? Imma just tell what i want to say. Lets just say that, i read some stories that are like this. And some stories are just left unfinished...
Times Have Changed [MDZS] by XiexieRourou
Times Have Changed [MDZS]by Xiao Jian
Also: 今非昔比 Jīn fēi xī bi Shoved back to his nearly dying 17-year-old past self just after the siege in Burial Mounds (for god's sake he just wanted to rest!), Wei Wuxian...
Troublesome Lotus by Jeon_SongHan
Troublesome Lotusby Tashi Jeon
Wei Wuxian is a very troublesome person. Especially since he revealed to the whole world before his death that he was in fact a woman and had a son. Now everyone is wond...
the truth untold by periwinkle520
the truth untoldby Yehet Ohorat
"Don't touch anything!" Sizhui warned them but he was a little too late. Jingyi already pushed a random button which has the word Wangxian (2) beside it. "...
Brother in Laws ||Mo Dao Zu Shi|| by Fan_Girl_101_
Brother in Laws ||Mo Dao Zu Shi||by LovablePsychopath
Jiang Cheng and Lan WangJi.... They do NOT get along. Even after Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi marry, even after Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian talk with one another about every...
3 Twin Demonic Brothers || MXTX Crossover AU by emingbeloved
3 Twin Demonic Brothers || MXTX emingbeloved
an crossover au of what if... Hua Cheng, also known as Crimson Rain Flower Sought, just happened to bump into someone in black and red, hair tied in ponytail as he took...
The Third Young Master of Qishan Wen by Jeon_SongHan
The Third Young Master of Qishan Tashi Jeon
Wei Wuxian isn't adopted by the Yunmeng Jiang Sect
Watching Modaozushi (female Wei ying) by PrettyKusa
Watching Modaozushi (female Wei Meow
What if Jiang fengmian come too late to pick up wei ying?? And our Wei ying is 10 years old who have live alone and have little to no love for the Jiang. And what if Wei...
Too Good For This World - Wangxian by someone_you_know_duh
Too Good For This World - Wangxianby Suibian
Wei WuXian transforms into a kid. What'll be everyones reaction? [Y'ALL FIRST TIME DOIN A FIC AND YES VERY NERVOUS! I'M TOTALLY DOIN THIS FOR FUN AND NOTHING SERIOUS! A...
Ah love, my love by Rubi_Rupa
Ah love, my loveby Rubi_writings
Lan WangJi's beautiful laugh echoed throughout the gusu forest, tinkling like bells. Wei WuXian watched, happy, but no...something was wrong. The sudden change in Lan W...