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Wait what!? I got transmigrated into Tgcf !!! ( Fan Fiction ) by Jinx_gumiho
Wait what!? I got transmigrated XieLian's Trash❤
*Ahem ... Third wheeling Hualian😉 《 Protagonist POV 》 Being a big fan of MXTX and Tgcf, I always wondered what if I could just get inside the novel and experience every...
mxtx crack by joyjia1202
mxtx crackby miichan
mostly just the demonic trio being crackheads, but there is some non demonic trio chilling too, and some random oneshots
Rewritten Fate by yanstre_
Rewritten Fateby Yang
What if Lan Wangji suffered in Wei Wuxian's stead?
The Underworld God With His Beloved Mortal by Eunha_Jang
The Underworld God With His 🌊
what if lan wangji died instead of Wei wuxian would cause Wei wuxian bringing chaos to the cultivation world? what if Wei wuxian actually tried to wait for lan wangji f...
OOC! by -NieHuaisang
OOC!by yanxiao
Lan Wangji travels back in time 5 years after Wei Wuxian's death and decided that he would not lose the chance he has. "Here! I'll give you one and you'll pretend y...
|We are NOT the Same| Old Version by yami_6878
|We are NOT the Same| Old Versionby ¹³⁴³⁴⁰
|Discontinued - Old Version| 1st version | Grammar? What is that? Plot wasn't plotting imo Σ(TωT) | 2nd version on ao3 | If having a demonic cultivator who already cause...
The heavenly prince [Wangxian] by Hizuka_Not_Cipher
The heavenly prince [Wangxian]by A.L Reyes
Hua Ying, courtesy Hua Xianle. Born from a very wealthy family, sired and raised by Hua Cheng and Xie Lian. But they had unknowingly neglected him, leading him to flee.
Yiling laozu's time travelling plan (Hiatus) by rianne322008
Yiling laozu's time travelling Jan Rianne Uy
jiang fengmian : will you marry me again san-niang? wei wuxian thought 'i am dead?' ' where am i'
ROYALTY by urxiaotuzi
Was born by a ghost king and a god who become the three realms laughingstock wasn't make him shame at all but he's so grateful to be born even because of an careless acc...
A God Takes Over My Body! || MDZS x TGCF Crossover AU by emingbeloved
A God Takes Over My Body! || emingbeloved
[ discontinued ] An au fanfic of Xie Lian accidentally took over 9 years old Wei Wuxian's body before Jiang Fengmian took him to Lotus Pier. He happened to be in this ch...
MDZS: Scars Remain Unforgotten. by xXIsh_thestarfireXx
MDZS: Scars Remain Ish
'When the memories of your past linger about.' 'Thrown off a cliff, a desired end. He who met with resurrection. Shall never be remembered, a notorious person ever again...
Xie Lian was investigating a sound in the woods when a beam of light him and he blacked out. When he woke up, he was suddenly a kid again! How will he resolve this issue?
Blood on the Altar (HuaLian TGCF) by Fereael
Blood on the Altar (HuaLian TGCF)by El
Xie Lian is captured by some of Hua Cheng's worshippers who decide to honor the ghost king by sacrificing a cultivator on his alter. 100 Swords related content!! Differe...
the truth untold by periwinkle520
the truth untoldby Yehet Ohorat
"Don't touch anything!" Sizhui warned them but he was a little too late. Jingyi already pushed a random button which has the word Wangxian (2) beside it. "...
different reality by lvnwonyo
different realityby 𝐊𝐀𝐘
our beloved main character has his personality changed and unknowingly changes a series of events. apparently, wei wuxian is often silent here? -♡ disclaimer ... all rig...
Yunmeng Trio Role Swap AU [DISCONTINUED]  by CamsCgs
Yunmeng Trio Role Swap AU [ Cams
Mdzs Au, where in everything is still normal.. Wwx being keep by the Jiangs, Him being treated like a family to them, Madam Yu holding a grudge on him But what if the Yu...
Two sides of coin | Wangxian X Reader by MitsukiYakari
Two sides of coin | Wangxian X MitsukiYakari
Lan wangji and wei wuxian, both like diffrent sides of coin when it's comes to their personality but that's not it when it comes to the person they love. Y/n a normal gi...
Jiang Gunian Made A Change by AitchNKay
Jiang Gunian Made A Changeby AitchNKay
While her brothers are learning in Cloud Recesses, Jiang YanLi visits a fortune teller to learn about her future marriage. Instead she learns of an unsettling future. O...
MXTX one shots  by stellathehedgehog
MXTX one shots by stella star
self explanatory, also AU's will be involved so let me know what you want to read.
Shen Jiu is numb. ( PIDW x MDZS) by ShenJiuEnjoyer
Shen Jiu is numb. ( PIDW x MDZS)by ᴮʳᵉⁿᵗ
A simple and fluff filled crossover. Shen Jiu deserved better so why not do something about it? Another story I made to contribute to Svsss and PIDW small fandom :) Star...