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The Shadow and The Slime (Extremely OP OC/Male Reader x Reincarnated as a Slime) by zer0420
The Shadow and The Slime (Extremel...by Zer0420
(Currently on hiatus until further notice) At the age of 24 Nhazul's lonely life took a turn for the worse when he unexpectedly died. Upon his death, he's reincarnated i...
The Rider's Legacy by SaoiMarie
The Rider's Legacyby SMarie
The Fourth Installment of the Rider's Series Following the battle for Ithrall, the Ashbourne Riders find themselves leading a country that is on the brink...
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The Secrets of The Forbidden Cities, a KOTLC Story by Keeper_Dalek
The Secrets of The Forbidden Citie...by Keeper_Dalek
There is currently a Kotlc Fanfic Contest going on! Check it out on my profile if you want to join! __________________________________________ When the Black Swan gets a...
Nova siblings [That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime] by yue_yue1102
Nova siblings [That Time I Got Rei...by linou
[ female rimuru ] [ veldenava and lucia alive AU ] [ milim and rimuru siblings AU ] [ masayuki x velgrynd ] [ rimuru x guy ] ────────────────── "Otousan, whats with...
The Rogue of Bhurun by ozcantsleep
The Rogue of Bhurunby ozcantsleep
14 year old human rogue is rotting away in prison after a failed attempt to avenge their family. In order to redeem themselves they are forced to partake in a quest that...
The Elf and Her Dragon Mate  by 9Tailed-Kitsune
The Elf and Her Dragon Mate by Asia
*CURRENTLY ON HOLD! HEAVY EDITING IN PROGRESS!* Cover made by @deandra_15! Lady Lillyanna- nearly 1300 years old and a skilled magical elf, she is a powerful force to be...
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Kijin by GodlySaiyanWarrior
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a...by The Alpha Saiyan
When a young teenager dies in a house fire attempting to save his sister, they are reincarnated as a Kijin. Will this new monster adjust and thrive in the strange fantas...
10 Mates?! by SeriouslyMessedUp23
10 Mates?!by SeriouslyMessedUp23
Fourteen year-old Ruby White has lived with her father all her life, so when he passes away Ruby is sent to live at Werewolf Academy. What happens when she learns that s...
Cache by keeperofdarkness42
Cacheby Keeper42
When Councillor Bronte's Cache goes missing, the Keeper crew heads off to Ravagog, the ogre capital, to search for it. But a shocking new twist from the Neverseen adds...
Land Of Giants by Marco_bott12
Land Of Giantsby Marco_bott12
The roof crashed down at the speed of lightning, crushing me under the table as I gasped for air. My mind scrambling to process what had happened as I felt rubble fallin...
Fitz Vacker X Reader (Keeper of the Lost Cities) Project Moonlark by milevenfan1965
Fitz Vacker X Reader (Keeper of th...by marisha😙✌️
(Go read the first part after reading this explanation edit; also I just changed the cover {15/09/2019} ) You're Y/n! You live as the forgotten twin sister of Keefe Senc...
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that time I got reincarnated as a slime x Male OC by JamesHall137
that time I got reincarnated as a...by James Hall
this is a story of how a 15 year old boy was reincarnated as a slime some thing we'll be different but you will enjoy this read to find out.
What If Mephisto adopted Rin? by LordSpiny
What If Mephisto adopted Rin?by Darkz
This will happen when Rin is kindergarten. After the Shiro goes to the Hospital, he thought that it was going to be a hard time with Rin's pure strength. Shiro thinks th...
Breaking Him Apart(BoyxBoy)On Hold by LastLivingRose
Breaking Him Apart(BoyxBoy)On Holdby RosieBear
Lakota is a 17-year-old boy. Born to the Strongest warriors of Blood Crescent pack, one of the strongest packs in America. He was shunned and turned into an omega afte...
See All, Unseen By All by ElleSmurfette
See All, Unseen By Allby Isabel
It's the uniform, I guess. The baggy overalls, creaky handle of the mop and bland bucket of soapy suds. Not many spare a janitor a second glance, much less the prissy po...
Sailing With The Captain by Hoist_The_Colors
Sailing With The Captainby Pearl
Evalynn has dreamed of adventure. A way for her to escape from the constant fighting of her parents. And one day, while sitting by the seashore, she encounters the infam...
The Mysterious Eighth (Leo Valdez X Reader) by Alysswit1325
The Mysterious Eighth (Leo Valdez...by Alyss
You were doing fine with your dad in New York, but then everything changed. You find out that you're the newest part of a Great Prophecy. The Mysterious Eighth. (P.S. Th...
That time I fell for a Lizardfolk.(Souka X Oc Male Reader) by Flyg0ner
That time I fell for a Lizardfolk...by Flyg0ner
A young man is killed on earth and reincarnated in a new world. Little does he know that his new found power will draw him towards his soul mate.
The Goblin-Mage & The Shadfly (Book II of The Lacewing Trilogy) by JessePegel94
The Goblin-Mage & The Shadfly (Boo...by Jesse Pegel
A year has passed since Cadence Wethersson first learned of his potential to be the Lacewing, an ancient warrior with the blood of both men and elves running through the...
Shrek's Little Sister by SciFiGirl253
Shrek's Little Sisterby SciFiGirl253
This is the story of Maia, Shrek's adopted human sister. He found her one night while he was foraging for supplies, and decided then and there he'd take care of her. Joi...