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The Forgotten Princess by WinterSleep85
The Forgotten Princessby Stephanie Winter
Anne de Mortimer lost everything. Her parents, her brothers, and her future. Others have toyed with her family for their own power and it has left with her nothing. Anne...
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC 2022) by M_A_Hartman
The Vampire's Pastry Chef (ONC 202...by M. A. Hartman
|| WINNER AMBYS 2022 VAMPIRES CATEGORY || || FEATURED: FOODKART || When single mother and baker Autumn Milford is hired to cater a high-end party in the Berkshires, she...
The Disappearance of Valentina Moreno by Van_Carley
The Disappearance of Valentina Mor...by Van Carley
On a crisp, fall morning, Valerie Rossi is stopped by a stranger, asking if she's Valentina Moreno--a child who went missing in Yosemite National Park twenty years ago...
Vegas Knot (✔️) | Love Travels #1 by authorelizasolares
Vegas Knot (✔️) | Love Travels #1by Eliza Solares
Bianca Daleman only has two rules. First, never lose control. And second, never marry anyone until she is certain it won't end in divorce. While in Vegas for her best...
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022 by elveloy
The Mirror Mage | ONC2022by L.V. Lloyd
LONGLISTED! Lucian Wentworth disappeared in 1819. Was he escaping a loveless marriage or was it something more sinister? No one believes the valet's story that his maste...
Instinct  by Loveberry04
Instinct by Loveberry04
On a climbing trip on the mountain, Annabelle gets more than she ever bargained for when she stumbles upon an injured man. Blake Stone is a man that lives on the not so...
Deaf Match (BxB) (ONC 2022) by NiaDninja
Deaf Match (BxB) (ONC 2022)by Nia
Seventeen years ago Tyreek (T-Rex) Crews lost the love of his life during a pregnancy complication. Though his wife was pronounced deceased his son was given life. Seven...
Faceclaim (ONC 2022, Completed, Shortlisted) by lisa_london_
Faceclaim (ONC 2022, Completed, Sh...by Lisa London
After years of struggling to make it as an actor, Daniel Shephard is finally about to make it big. He's landed the lead in a superhero movie. He's about to be Captain Un...
Love, Catherine [ONC 2022] // Longlisted by Spruce_Goose
Love, Catherine [ONC 2022] // Long...by Amelia Harper
When spring cleaning season hits the Richardson household, sixteen-year-old maid Jane Wexler is less than impressed to find out she's been tasked with cleaning the attic...
Interview With The Homecoming King | ONC 2022 by DemigodLegends
Interview With The Homecoming King...by Parker
In which Adeana Coleman has to interview Oliver Tate for the school paper, except she's been madly in love with him since the fifth grade. Prompt 97: For a school magazi...
Bait & Hook by ZonderZorg
Bait & Hookby Michael Walsh
On his doctor's recommendation, Alex signs up to an online dating site, creating a profile as Xander. After a few false starts, he connects with Roxy. Rosario is an inve...
Scaling Moss and Stone ✔️ || #ONC2022 by AriaOfStorms
Scaling Moss and Stone ✔️ || #ONC2...by Aria Brynn
Sealed within Kealie Gothalis are the secrets of a magic destined to flood her kingdom. Trading her Mortality to disguise the heritage her mother fears most, Kealie is g...
Beauty Within the Beast by DianaTheThird
Beauty Within the Beastby Diana
Yueli is an Astral Guardian from Earth with the duty of protecting helpless beings from threats from other worlds. Ever since she was a child, she had always dreamed of...
ONC Prompts Through the Years by OpenNovellaContest
ONC Prompts Through the Yearsby Open Novella Contest | Ambass...
Are you wondering what prompts we've used in past ONCs? You can find them in this book as we gathered all the prompts used in the past installments. You may use these pr...
The Girl in the Elevator (ONC 2022) by KurokageJS
The Girl in the Elevator (ONC 2022)by Alex J Wynter
Sam runs into a classy lady in the elevator. He's immediately smitten, but before he can find the courage to talk to her, the elevator stops and all the lights go out. W...
The White Thorns of Fire | ONC 2022 Longlisted by Exequinne
The White Thorns of Fire | ONC 202...by •cae•
OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2022 LONGLISTER Mersem Wess, a town boy in the wintery kingdom of Solon, is content with his life collecting timber and admiring Leara Madris, the d...
Warped Attachments by Ecstasy_black
Warped Attachmentsby TS
"This is your reward for saving me." His silky voice boomed through the prison cell. "To live as long as I live without aging." She stood there baff...
Understairs (Harry Potter fanfic) by yemihikari
Understairs (Harry Potter fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Under the stairs is a locked cupboard in the house Alisha rents, that she passes every day on the way to what turned out to be a nine-to-five kind of job. One day, she f...
The Last Sídhe by dreams_of_silver
The Last Sídheby Dreams
The Sídhe: creatures of the earth that hold incredible powers, and a rare sight indeed in Rienne. Maeve, a girl who can draw fire from the sun, is one of the few Sídhe l...
The Thrill of the Hunt | ONC 2022 by elmaloney
The Thrill of the Hunt | ONC 2022by Loricia
OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST - LONG LISTED Safety was never an option. She has nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere safe to reside. No matter how far she runs or how quiet s...