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Battleship: Orochi by DragonLord39
Battleship: Orochiby DragonLord39
As you all know, ships are mainly referred to as girls. What would happen if one of those ships... was a male? Striker stars as the only male Battleship as he is sent in...
One Punch Man: Stronger Enemies by Rajatava77
One Punch Man: Stronger Enemiesby Rajatava77
This story of the Caped Baldy takes place after the events of The Dark Matter Band and their leader, Boros, who obliterated a city and spread havoc among humanity. After...
Beyblade Burst One-Shots by Jinxiety
Beyblade Burst One-Shotsby sanity quarrel
"If I could, to be by your side, a tree standing together with you I must be." [one-shots of the characters from the beyblade burst series!] Characters belong...
Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Venoct AU by omer438
Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Venoct AUby omer438
Ever since Rubeus J killed Venoct's family and old friends, Venoct was never the same again. He now gets nightmares every week of the event over and over again. After ma...
twitter • tio orochinho  by pistolw
twitter • tio orochinho by grydin
humor•fic | onde raquel da uma lacrada em uma das mitadas do orochi e viraliza na net --- ps: queria agradecer a diva que inspirou a fic mas n sei quem é
Return of The Evil God (High school DxD X Male Reader) DISCONTINUED by MrJustiFaiz
Return of The Evil God (High schoo...by CoffeeGuy
Ore wa namai wa Yamata No Orochi *Weeb Mode On!!! XD*
Man Of Iron {OPM x Male Reader Story } by Chris2kzombiekil
Man Of Iron {OPM x Male Reader Sto...by Superior_Cosmic_Fear
"You don't need a super power to be a hero... you just need a brain." I don't own Iron Man or One Punch Man.
onmyoji  reader oneshots ( Very very slow updates) by nightshadow13557
onmyoji reader oneshots ( Very ve...by Idk
shuten doji, ibaraki doji, seimei, kuro seimei, otengu, yoto hime and many more boyxboy, boyxgirl, girlxboy, girlxgirl none of the art is mine unless i say it is non...
𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬 ☼︎! Beyblade burst various x reader by Suzukxvx
𝐑𝐞𝐝 𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬 ☼︎! Beyblade b...by Kusumi<3
A story of a young blader who seek to be the best of the best on the whole world along with it she did not realize that she have stolen many hearts Seek to see if she'll...
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Goes to Azur Lane by AwesomeNinja1027
Two Philippine Navy Frigates Goes...by Wilfredo M. Fernandez
Partly Tagalog and English story. Especially dialogue between Jose and Antonio. Story inspired by the Philippine Navy Frigates. The Philippines recently acquired two bra...
The Last Warrior by davis8318
The Last Warriorby The evil Saiyan! Cumber!
A village in the southern atmosphere was under siege. It got its best warriors to defend it. Koga was one of the best swordsmen in the village. Born into a family of war...
"Death before Dishonor" (for honor harem) by Tainacav
"Death before Dishonor" (for honor...by Tainacav
A soldier known as Y/n has found himself in a battle that is practically suicide but he and his generals decide to try and hold off more than 1,000 Vikings but when Y/n...
A Frosty Romance❄ by DemonSpawn123
A Frosty Romance❄by Kaceykins
There is a festival going on in Springdale and Blizzaria, accompanied by her sister Demona, decide to go. When they get there they find that the other yo-kai have joined...
The empress of war (Lu Xun x Reader x Guo Jia) by XiaoQiaoShirosaki
The empress of war (Lu Xun x Reade...by Xiao Qiao Shirosaki
(y/n) cannot remember much from her past. She was living with Zuo Ci but one day Wu army takes her away from him thinking she was being held as a hostage and forced to s...
Demon Slayer: The Return Of Orochi (KNY x Orochi OC) by khaneoshikki
Demon Slayer: The Return Of Orochi...by Girateon
long ago, the queen of demons Muzan gave a small snake an overwhelming amount of her blood. eventually that snake grew into a terrifying demon with the power to defeat e...
The summoner of darkness by khaneoshikki
The summoner of darknessby Girateon
(disclaimer: I am a massive fan of Okami, and for reasons that I will explain in the book, I do not consider it's obscure sequel, Okamiden Canon to the original story.) ...
Shadow of the Orochi by JudeArmas
Shadow of the Orochiby Armas
The Orochi were fabled, terrifying forces of nature that wrought death and destruction in a civil war that demanded it. However, as the Emperor rose over his enemies, th...