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Papa's Assistant x Reader by captainunicornpants
Papa's Assistant x Readerby captainunicornpants
Becoming Papa Emeritus II's assistant has brought a new meaning to your life
From Sister to Ghoulette by BassGirl95
From Sister to Ghouletteby BassGirl95
***Completed*** Mary Wight is like any other normal girl, but she's not. She is a curious person and one day at school, she met a metalhead and became friends. Her life...
It's Always Been You (Tobias Forge) by kissthego-goat
It's Always Been You (Tobias Forge)by Carnival
So basically this is what my other TF story "Why Me?" Should have been. Instead of the 80s this takes place in the late 90s. I took my time with this story and...
Ghost B.C Imagines ;) by crisp_chip
Ghost B.C Imagines ;)by tasty orphan
Oi!It's just fan fictions of one of my favorite bands 👌
GHOST BC HEADCANNONS  by queenismyreligion1
GHOST BC HEADCANNONS by PapaemeritusTaylor
Send any requests !! This is all just made up and my headcannons about the members of ghost please don't take it too seriously :))
Do i..?  by MaryGooresHusband
Do i..? by bitchonacross
[I wish to inform you that this fanfic contains a lot of typos. Ik. And this is gay. I also know that. ] And im trans so don't come at me please. Hope u enjoy this🖤🤌🏻...
Nocturnal Me (Nameless Ghoul Rain/Water x Reader) by DingDongMcghee
Nocturnal Me (Nameless Ghoul Ding Dong McGhee
(The actual story is better than the summary, promise) Love was not something you ever understood, whether it be between mother and father, between friends and peers, or...
Star Crossed Lovers by GhostlyScales_411
Star Crossed Loversby Madison S. Bailey
You are Alina and life as you know it will soon change. Tobias has just moved to America to make touring easier and he had no idea it would change his life, would it be...
Why Me? (Tobias Forge) by kissthego-goat
Why Me? (Tobias Forge)by Carnival
I feel like descriptions kinda give the story away because it sort of gives you a sense of what is going to happen. But you'll have to read to figure out what happens i...
I've Dreamed Of You, My Dear by kjujeee
I've Dreamed Of You, My Dearby Kurt
Allie James is a 23 year old girl who lives with her father and little brother Richie. Bizarre​ dreams have always been something of the normal for her, that was until...
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shots by kissthego-goat
Tobias Forge Imagines/One Shotsby Carnival
Decided to make cute short stories of Tobbe because I have a lot of ideas but a lot of them aren't long enough to be a full story. Started: December 12, 2019 Ended:?
A. Emeritus by MusicalOstrich
A. Emeritusby Musical Ostrich
Growing up in the church can be fun, especially when given the opportunity to travel the world and spread the satanic gospel. Aster has dreams to follow her family's leg...
Frases Satanicas. {Ghost} by OhHellSweetHell
Frases Satanicas. {Ghost}by ~
Están los dichos, estas son frases y más que nada nombradas por la banda.
~Papa 3rd X omega~ by Kazoo_Of_Destiny
~Papa 3rd X omega~by Kazoo_Of_Destiny
⚠️NSFW⚠️ I tried to make a series,im sorry if it sucks. -johnnie
Long Lost Ghoul by BassGirl95
Long Lost Ghoulby BassGirl95
A woman had no proper family and wants to known why. Her dream is to be part of Ghost as she is a big fan from the VERY start. She performed with many metal bands and a...
The Night of the Gift by chriscornellsnipple
The Night of the Giftby chriscornellsnipple
A story of Arieon and how Papa is her guardian...demon? Never written a story before, doubt I will update this a lot but if enough people enjoy it maybe!
Ghost One-Shots by NamelessAether
Ghost One-Shotsby NamelessAether
Yeah, I'm taking any kind of requests. Be as specific, as kinky, as edgy, as funny as you want. I apologise in advance if it takes too long for me to write it. I am an u...
The Path Not Taken (Ghost BC Reader Insert) by InkPrincess54
The Path Not Taken (Ghost BC Selena
You were always the good kid. A goody two shoes. Always listening to your mom and good old granny. You never promise to wander off the track you always followed. Well, t...
I Believe (Papa Emeritus III x Goth!Reader) by InkPrincess54
I Believe (Papa Emeritus III x Selena
The world saw you as a monster. As a person who didn't belong here. He changed your mind though. He reminded you of who you were. Of loving yourself as what you were. He...
His Life (On Hold) by ghostein_stereo
His Life (On Hold)by Junkhead
Whoever said loving someone was easy? Alpha thought it would be easy, but sadly he was mistaken. Demons can be stronger than love. On the other hand, Water and Papa stru...