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Encanto x Reader Oneshots & Scenarios by Mother-sorry-Mother
Encanto x Reader Oneshots & Ace??
If you read this, you're a simp. (It's okay I am, too)
Encanto Prefrences :)) by Luna_TvT
Encanto Prefrences :))by LUNAAA
Im not good at oneshots but im practicing to write them tho :))
Encanto one shots  by DucksinaTrenchcoat
Encanto one shots by Alexei/Ricky
REQUESTS: OPEN Encanto one shots bc there aren't enough also everyone writes about Camilo and Bruno but not much for other characters I'm not writing anything for Abuela...
Loved by the sky (Reader x Madrigal triplets) by moon-calvary
Loved by the sky (Reader x Zafiro
A story in 4 voices with our favorite triplets.
beautiful sky's // Encanto x reader onshots by Nonashi_
beautiful sky's // Encanto x _Nonashi_
Encanto x reader oneshots Also I can do male reader, female reader and gn reader Characters I'll write oneshots for: Pepa x reader Camilo x reader Dolores x reader Is...
Pepa's dark Shadow(Pepa x Oc) by TylerTysonBlackout
Pepa's dark Shadow(Pepa x Oc)by Ray Afton & Emma emily
this is a after fixing casita(Felix and 0pepa are broken up) pepa was walking around her room then all of a sudden,She finds a old picture,Of her,juitata,Bruno,Abuela,An...
¿Viaje en el tiempo? { A Encanto Fem insert } - Maybe a pepa x reader :) by GabiIsTheBestReader
¿Viaje en el tiempo? { A Encanto { Gab }
( WARNING!: This book is about the Best Friends maybe More kinda thing between Pepa and Y/n, YOU WILL HAVE TO READ TO FIND OUT IF IT WORKS! Y/N Delgado lived around a sm...
Encanto pick and choose fanfic by s151871
Encanto pick and choose fanficby V
So it's Encanto but set in the Owl House universe and you get to pick who you kinda end up with
Unpredictable skies pepaxreader by strawberrypi_writes
Unpredictable skies pepaxreaderby strawberrypi_writes
I made this for my simping sister this is also my first story I don't own the characters all character belong to the makers of encanto and you belong to you the only cha...
Encanto x Reader Oneshots. by froyoluvr
Encanto x Reader froyoluvr
[ ❛ the miracle is you. ❜ ] ᓚᘏᗢ = encanto x reader oneshots. ──── ❛ ❜✦˚ೖ⸙ started : 01 / 05 / 22 finished : 02 / 09 / 22 「 after watching encanto, i decided to begin thi...
Encanto x Reader by Infinxty-Wonders
Encanto x Readerby No one important
You were a 13 year old Madrigal, Daughter of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. Your life was pretty normal, well except for the gift part. Read the story to find about your adve...