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During the School Years ON HOLD by RambunctiousCat
During the School Years ON HOLDby RambunctiousCat
Do you know what's great about CHB and Hogwarts? Ones a school, and the other's a summer camp, so you can go to both. What would happen if a certain demigod found himsel...
Life changing adventure by Percabeth771981
Life changing adventureby Percabeth
It has been a week after her death . He doesn't feel anything . He doesn't know whether he could move on or not . She had died even before he could express his feelings...
A Granger Reunion by TheOneWhereSheReads
A Granger Reunionby AnonymousPanda
I know, very original. It is like a sequel to my previous book, Long time no see, in which Hermione and Percy get married. Now go on, Read till ur bored Percy Jackson x...
ϟ ψ ΡΣΓCY JΔCΚSΘΝ GΘΣS ΤΘ ΗΘGΨΛΓΤS ψ ϟ by FangirlAvenger
What if when our beloved hero Percy Jackson flees camp after being betrayed by the love of his life, he discovers that even his mother's family hides unknown secrets. Wi...
A Magical Demigod Reality by Realcat27
A Magical Demigod Realityby Realcat27
Percy has been betrayed by the one he loves most. Leo is heartbroken when he finds the one he loves in love with another. Piper has been forsaken and forgotten. The wa...
The Guardians of Hogwarts (*Under Major Editing by wooyoluvbot
The Guardians of Hogwarts (* Estelle
He was broken. A shell of a man. After the giant war, every demigod perished, all except four. Blessed by primdormals and made inmortal, Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, L...
in love with a girl named Hermione❤ by Iamevelyn452
in love with a girl named Hermione❤by Evelyn
Percy is sent on a quest to go to Hogwarts
Guardian of Hogwarts v2 by dominickmerida12345
Guardian of Hogwarts v2by somebody
I'm pretty sure you know what happens. This is the rewrite I was telling you about.
Life Changing Adventure 2 by Percabeth771981
Life Changing Adventure 2by Percabeth
Sequel to life changing adventure . After the triwizard tournament Percy has somewhat recovered from the loss of Annabeth with his new girlfriend and new friends . He is...
Descendent Of the Dark Lord by Venturian42
Descendent Of the Dark Lordby Venturian42
Percy Jackson had a rough life. Now he's being roped into yet another war, after finding out he was the grandson of a man named Voldemort. (permione: Percy x Hermione) (...
The Champion of the universe (UP FOR ADOPTION) by Isabella82958
The Champion of the universe (UP Percyjacksonsonofchaoshimself
(UP FOR ADOPTION-PLEASE PM ME) Takes place after tBM, SotD and Crown of Ptolemy. Previously named Percy Jackson Champion of the good, son of chaos. All Happens when Perc...
Wizards and Demigods 2 by Yeetdude2009
Wizards and Demigods 2by Zhu Yuchen
A second year as a student at Hogwarts Percy realized that there is more to Voldemort than he could ever have imagined I can't do descriptions sue me (actually don't)
Shrouded Secrets by Ergo999
Shrouded Secretsby TheLegendThatNeverDies
Hermione: Percy Jackson is a whirlwind, one that blew through the thick mists that shrouded this world for millennia, a hurricane that shattered the carefully constructe...
Harry Potter Truth Or Dare! by user46111172
Harry Potter Truth Or Dare!by CarlyPanda
The seventh years are doing there own thing when suddenly they get teleported into a circle with the dark lord, they are forced to play Truth Or Dare for 5 weeks until t...
Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Halfblood Heroes (Book 6) by Rockingamer21
Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Rockingamer21
Dumbledore and Harry Potter learn more about Voldemort's past and his rise to power. Meanwhile, Harry stumbles upon an old potions textbook belonging to a person calling...
Uneasy Year by felixgaming24
Uneasy Yearby felixgaming24
It is 8th year at Hogwarts. The Malfoy name was trashed, Lucius got three life sentences in Azkaban for dealing with the dark lord, Narcissa on parole. Oh this year is g...
Destined To Be Together "Destiné à être ensemble" by Dishasharma123
Destined To Be Together "Destiné à Moonlight11
When percy is betrayed by everyone he knew . He is recruited by chaos and order adopted by Void and Nature the father and mother of universe . He becomes the leader of t...
The Tide of Magic by Abiraman18
The Tide of Magicby Eco Warrior
Read as the great Percy Jackson is more than just a demigod but the Saviour of the Worlds. His actions have impacted more than just the world of Greek and Roman and help...
Undercover (Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Crossover) by maepdf
Undercover (Harry Potter and may
Percy and Hermione are on a quest to stop something that cannot happen. Both Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts have experienced war, and now, they might have to experience it...