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Worlds Collide (Barry Allen)  by MissMajestic
Worlds Collide (Barry Allen) by MissMajestic
Worlds Collide as Barry Allen the fastest man alive meets Juno Kestrel a level 10 S. H. E. I. L. D agent with some interesting training. |Completed| ____________...
What If... Sonic the Hedgehog was in My Hero Academia? - Volume 1 by SuperScourge161
What If... Sonic the Hedgehog SuperScourge161
We all know the story of My Hero Academia from the Entrance Exam to the Sports Festival to All Might's retirement and Izuku Midoriya's journey through UA to become the N...
What If Sonic was in My Hero Academia? - Volume 4 by SuperScourge161
What If Sonic was in My Hero SuperScourge161
The continuation of my Sonic X MHA crossover story. If you haven't read any of the previous volumes, I highly suggest reading the first 3 before hopping into this next a...
What If... Sonic the Hedgehog was in My Hero Academia? - Volume 2 by SuperScourge161
What If... Sonic the Hedgehog SuperScourge161
The awaited second season of my Sonic x My Hero crossover story. After taking victory at the Sports Festival, our speedy blue hero has new villains and new trials ahead...
Adopted by Padmè Amidala by calcuckblock
Adopted by Padmè Amidalaby calcuckblock
What happens when Padme adopts a kid from Earth? our Earth. Will he be the savoir to the jedi order and the Republic? or will he let it fall...
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 2 by SuperScourge161
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 2by SuperScourge161
The next season of my Ben 10 x MHA What If series. After having defeated both the League of Villains and the evil Vilgax, it's time for Ben Tennyson to learn the truth...
My Hero: Omniverse by SuperScourge161
My Hero: Omniverseby SuperScourge161
In a world where 80% of the population is born with superpowers and inhuman abilities of some kinda, 14-year-old Ben Tennyson longs to become a pro hero. Unfortunately f...
Life changing adventure by Percabeth771981
Life changing adventureby Percabeth
It has been a week after her death . He doesn't feel anything . He doesn't know whether he could move on or not . She had died even before he could express his feelings...
Chaos In The Flesh by Booknerd__24
Chaos In The Fleshby Booknerd__24
Junior year is beginning, and like the same thing every year, Jonathan and Jordan Kent want nothing more than to play football, party, and make some new friends. The pas...
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 3 by SuperScourge161
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 3by SuperScourge161
Continuing from the previous season, Ben Tennyson and the rest of his classmates have passed their final exams and are ready for their summer break, but when the League...
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 4: Secret of the Omnitrix by SuperScourge161
My Hero: Omniverse - Vol 4: SuperScourge161
After an extremely eventful summer of fighting off evil from Earth and Space, Ben has one last adventure before the school year starts, as the Omnitrix has been set to s...
Broken Boundaries and Tainted Fangs by GladdysStories
Broken Boundaries and Tainted Fangsby Glastine Russell
What happens when a lone werewolf finds herself in an endless loop of a vampire's novel? "I'm a werewolf and he's a vampire. It's forbidden for... that to even happ...
The First Kingdom (The Bolaji Kingdoms Prequel) by TSValmond
The First Kingdom (The Bolaji T.S. Valmond
A Romeo and Juliet story with a fantasy twist. Sanee and Adera became friends long before they understood what it meant to hate those who were different. Falling in love...
WHAT'S THE PRICE? by lorejnr
WHAT'S THE PRICE?by lorejnr
Tomorrow I may not be there to celebrate my youth, so let's hit the gas. I sit on a stool outside our house. I still don't own shit. I want to have lived my life fully...
(DISCONTINUED) From Separate Dimensions | Book 2 by Auiak_BW
(DISCONTINUED) From Separate Auiak
Sequel to Demigod SMP! If you haven't read that one I strongly recommend reading it first, or else some parts of this story will not make sense to you. This is a Harry P...
FD: A Whole New World by CrystalFerrer6
FD: A Whole New Worldby CryssyCrys
A Whole New World is the second book in The Forgotten Dream Trilogy. Gree is slowly becoming accustomed to her new life and trying to learn to adjust to the new world sh...
Hiro's new love  by animelovegirl2
Hiro's new love by Hailey
Hiro is a college nerd after graduating highschool at 13, he's 18 now in his last few years of nerd school with his older brother tadashi and his friend group gogo, frea...
My Eve Is My Hero (Boku no hero academia/My Hero academia x Sevamp) (HIATUS) by Victoria1676
My Eve Is My Hero (Boku no hero Victoria Violet
(HIATUS AND WILL BE REWRITEEN SOON) (Boku no hero academia/My hero academia x oc x Servamp crossover) (This Story is also in Quotev as well) The Midoriya twins; Izuku an...
Behind the Beanie  by ABookHugger
Behind the Beanie by @BookHugger💋
Land of Stories fan fiction-the Land of Stories from Bree's POV. Bree's biggest dream is to find an adventure. She wishes that she can get whisked to someplace without h...
Time and Space: A new kind of story by Clato3
Time and Space: A new kind of storyby Kristina.C
Based on the fanfiction my Little Dashie, the paranormal series written by Paranormalnovelist and myself, and of course the TV Show supernatural. Think of this as my lov...