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Three stories involving the Gallagher brothers, and you. Each brother will have their own set of chapters. Finishing Ian's story first, then going down the list. FEMALE...
Beauty || Descendants by a_lynwrites
Beauty || Descendantsby 𝒜
"Beauty is found within, not on the surface" Started: 03-16-21 Completed: TBA Fem Oc X Male Oc Achievements: #1 sleepingbeauty [4-5-21] #1 princessaurora [4...
TOH ONESHOTS (Closed for now) by DarkWing0309
TOH ONESHOTS (Closed for now)by 🦭UrAvFanEnjoyer🦭
This story will have characters from The Owl House mainly be: -Emperor Belos/Phillip -Hunter(?) -Steve(?) -Collector -Caleb And more characters which some being added o...
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ever after? by Z18M9Malrae
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ᶻ¹⁸ᵐ⁹
Heyy there! It's me, Z again! I've wanted to write a Maleficent × Diaval fanfiction for quite some time already, and when I watched Maleficent 2 and stumbled upon this b...
𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙬💕                       (THE GREATEST SHOWMAN) by -wildflxwrr
𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙬💕 maya !!
We all know the amazing story of The Greatest Showman. P.T Barnum ( Hugh Jackman ) created one of the best circuses in history, even making the typical thing of red and...
ONE NIGHT ONLY by nenaboricua2010
ONE NIGHT ONLYby nenaboricua2010
Rosa Matthews is ready to start living again. Since the death of her husband two years ago, Rosa has devoted herself to raising her young son Brennan, and to pursuing he...
!!Hamilton One-Shots!! by exulansis_writes
!!Hamilton One-Shots!!by Exulansis :]
Hey! I'm gonna make a one-shot book cuz why not :) All my rules will be in the first 'chapter' but I'll give you the most important things here. I will not do ships suc...
A Place to Land by lbt_fan
A Place to Landby lbt_fan
Karen and Mark have been together for 10 years and married for 5. She thought they were going to grow old together. Spend the rest of their lives together. When she find...
Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Sirius!Reader {Sirius the Jaeger}  by Anime_4_Artist
Last Ones Standing - Yuliy x Ew... School
When (y/n) first joined the Jaegers, she never expected so see another Sirius, let alone Yuliy. After years of being a Jaeger, (y/n) became a lot closer to her childhoo...
Do You Remember Me? (Damien x Phillip) (Completed) by Trash_fire06
Do You Remember Me? (Damien x Trashfire
Pip had a tough few years without Damien. Constantly bullied and teased for no reason but every day he would still smile to everyone, fake or not. But what happens after...
Tiger Eyes (Phillip Carlyle) by Blakes100vamp
Tiger Eyes (Phillip Carlyle)by El
Iris Danson is a strange girl in her family. When she was born she had weird eyes and red hair with blonde streaks. The moment iris' mum gave birth to her, she didn't wa...
Walk Me Home  by Yellow_nelo
Walk Me Home by Lotti 💕
The word is sorry."I said sitting on the bed. "What do you mean.?"She asked obliviously. "When you apologize to someone you simply say sorry than giv...
Hiding behind my Wings (The Greatest Showman fan fiction) by FlowerFiction1994
Hiding behind my Wings (The FlowerFiction1994
Rosemary lived on the streets as a homeless child. Without a family because of a world that still discriminated against humans born with wings. She stayed in the shadows...
Call Me Zero [Completed] by laurenskii-
Call Me Zero [Completed]by laurens
"What are you doing?" -Seventh "Eating a bowl of soul."-Zero ".........Well then." -Seventh "I meant SOUP. A BOWL OF SOUP." -Zero...
prince phillip x reader  by RatFleasXx
prince phillip x reader by Rat Fleas
what happens when prince phillip walks into your church one day, stinky and agressive and begins threatening all of the women.... you know you shouldn't be around him y...
Finding Emma by lbt_fan
Finding Emmaby lbt_fan
It is 2007, Boondocks has made it big. Daisy and Penelopi are cute and adorable babies. Karen and Jimi have been married for about a year and they are pretty happy with...
As Long As You're Mine by sophieanna
As Long As You're Mineby c h e r
Nick and Elle. They were the perfect couple. Young, cute, smart, rich, spoiled, and different--they were a match made in heaven. Nick let his perfect relationship go whe...
How It's Supposed to Be by lbt_fan
How It's Supposed to Beby lbt_fan
Karen Fairchild has just been through a painful divorce. She appears to be fine on the outside, but on the inside she is drowning. She thought she knew what happiness an...
The Greatest showman by chelseaXxXo
The Greatest showmanby Zayclen
Phillip Carlyle x Reader ♥️
Say No To This||Lin-Manuel Miranda by Heyyeyee
Say No To This||Lin-Manuel Mirandaby Hamiltrash
-in which Jade Martin is cast in the musical Hamilton and meets the potential love of her life. Idea from Sophie's Plot Shop :)