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Hey, Pretty Stranger. by SavannahCochrane
Hey, Pretty Sp!derm@n‼️
"Stay. Away. From. Them." Travis states in the most serious tone he could muster up. Pointing to a brown haired male and another taller boy standing next to hi...
sal fisher X reader by greerg89
sal fisher X readerby I love money🤭💞
Y/n is in collage studying criminal justice and she shares a dorm with her bsf, ash. btw:y/n is a big people pleaser, she does what she is asked, she smile but one day t...
Larry X Reader Smut by ceci_0815
Larry X Reader Smutby ceci <3
I was bored so I decide to write some smut about larry<3
• 𝙺𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚜 • Sal Fisher X reader (discontinued) by XoXo__Angel_
• 𝙺𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚜 • hera <3
this story is discontinued, sorry guys <3
••With me•• (Larry X Fem!Reader) by TRENCHUAL
••With me•• (Larry X Fem!Reader)by Mino
(Y\N) moves to Nockfell, expecting it to be peaceful and not so full of drama and crime. Though, Its the opposite. Opening up hasn't been too easy until you met Larry an...
Sally Face Oneshots by Fallen_Alice
Sally Face Oneshotsby Fallen_Alice
I do take requests, so please feel free to request something! I quite enjoy the challenge of writing for prompts and it helps give me ideas so I can stay more active! ...
letting you go ( larry x reader ) by vibelord2324
letting you go ( larry x reader )by nym
(This story is loosely based on the game! nothing is exact of course, but the characters are the same and obviously anything that goes on in this story doesn't have to c...
just like me | sally face x fem!reader by ghostyfangz
just like me | sally face x fem! ghosty !!
Escaping from her troubled past, (Y/N) moves to the Addison Apartments with her mum, where she meets some friends she'll never forget. But what will happen when it comes...
Larry Johnson x Reader by maidalert
Larry Johnson x Readerby rosemary
Hi I'm somewhat new to the sally face fandom (late 2019) but it's hard not to fall in love with Larry tbh :) So I'm making this!! Not sure why this is picking back up in...
Sallyface oneshots ( x reader) by trashsallyface
Sallyface oneshots ( x reader)by Sally face🩵💙🤍
Sally x reader Larry x reader Travis x reader And many more!! ⚠️lemons and smut ⚠️ Mostly x fem reader but if you want a male reader just request it :p
Operation Sal | Sally Face x Travis Phelps by maxxfoxx
Operation Sal | Sally Face x maxfox
The last person Sal thought he'd end up falling for was Travis Phelps, but as he'd learned time and time again, the unexpected was to be expected. WORD COUNT: 160,833 ST...
{SallyFace} Fired Up - Larry X Reader by sophiev03
{SallyFace} Fired Up - Larry X sophiev03
⚠️Warning⚠️ -use of strong language. Moving into Nockfell won't be that crazy, right? After meeting 'the gang' and a certain someone, your starting to question if this t...
Colors ×sally face x reader× [EDITING] by marksepticeye
Colors ×sally face x reader× [ cat
everything was blue... his pills, his hands, his jeans... ... and he's blue Completed 6-2-19✓ * sequel :" angel under the mask " out now! °this story takes pl...
Dead Silence {Salvis} by Snopera
Dead Silence {Salvis}by Snopera
"Your silence will always speak louder than those insults Travis." -Sal "A-And your mask co-overs up your ob-obvious lies Sal" ...
The blue boy (Sal x Travis) by meowmagica
The blue boy (Sal x Travis)by Mr inconsistent
The same bully at Nockfell high has been tormenting sally for years. He never knew why. Why did he hate him so much? He never understood why the blonde boy hated him so...
Us In the Dark || S. Fisher by shewhowrites0
Us In the Dark || S. Fisherby ✩ 𝑆𝑎𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑛 ✩
Sal x fem reader [completed but under editing] Y/n can't sleep, like at all. No it's not insomnia, sleep paralysis, or some other shit. No, it's something else, somethin...
Messy《 sal fisher x reader 》 by masoninurwalls
Messy《 sal fisher x reader 》by mason🫶🫶
▪︎sal fisher x female reader ▪︎I've never written anything before so the first couple of chapters kinda suck!! ▪︎updates every 3-6 days <3 ▪︎I have no clue how to w...
You're Supposed to Hate Me by iixkait
You're Supposed to Hate Meby Dakota
Somehow, one thing leads to another, and even though Travis tried his hardest to get Sal to hate his guts, and he tried to avoid Sal, three different words leave his mou...
◤Sally Face Oneshots◥ ◣Sally Face x Reader◢ by RoClarEon
◤Sally Face Oneshots◥ ◣Sally Clary [ on hiatus ]
[ ON HOLD ; indefinitely ] Feel free to request your very own one shot! I may do some of mine if I ever get bored, but do request! Please note that this will be a Modern...
Salvis Oneshots :) by Wormbreath
Salvis Oneshots :)by Wormbreath
Oneshots for my otp, my lil gay fellas. Probs won't update that much, but this is my first fanfic and stuff, so plz be nice! * NO ART IS MINE UNLESS I SPECIFICALLY SAY S...