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Dead Silence {Salvis} by Snopera
Dead Silence {Salvis}by Snopera
"Your silence will always speak louder than those insults Travis." -Sal "A-And your mask co-overs up your ob-obvious lies Sal" ...
❝Ante Mortem❞ 【Sally Face】 by RoClarEon
❝Ante Mortem❞ 【Sally Face】by Clary [ on hiatus ]
❝aut simul stabunt aut simul cadent❞ You remember crying out as you reach towards the door. When the lever had been pulled, your whole world crashes right before your e...
Strange Blue Feelings  by bunnyteef
Strange Blue Feelings by bunnyteef
[ This is a Sallyface x Reader fanfic, in this timeline the cult does not exist, leaving only the paranormal events as the strange happenings in the story. Characters ar...
just like me | sally face x fem!reader by ghostyfangz
just like me | sally face x fem! ghosty !!
Escaping from her troubled past, (Y/N) moves to the Addison Apartments with her mum, where she meets some friends she'll never forget. But what will happen when it comes...
◤Sally Face Oneshots◥ ◣Sally Face x Reader◢ by RoClarEon
◤Sally Face Oneshots◥ ◣Sally Clary [ on hiatus ]
[ ON HOLD ; indefinitely ] Feel free to request your very own one shot! I may do some of mine if I ever get bored, but do request! Please note that this will be a Modern...
I'll Always Forgive You(Salvis)  by iixkait
I'll Always Forgive You(Salvis) by Dakota<3
Travis and Sal were always neck to neck against each other. Sal never really understood why, because he never did anything wrong at Nockfell. Travis always hated Sal and...
Superman [Sal Fisher x Reader] by -YOIIBUSU
Superman [Sal Fisher x Reader]by camie
[discontinued/cringe] STOP READING THISHDHDHD • y/n is an outgoing and overall kind girl to the people she meets. she's never been one to judge by looks, style, or wealt...
"Fuck you." Love you, too by iixkait
"Fuck you." Love you, tooby Dakota<3
Travis has always hated Sal. He hates Sal more than he hates anyone else in the school. Sal always thinks it's because he's not normal like everyone else. Which annoys S...
The Angel Under the Mask (salvis) by iixkait
The Angel Under the Mask (salvis)by Dakota<3
"I hate him. I hate everything about him. And yet I like him.. he's so short. so weak. so stupid." Sal doesn't know what to do. He was born different. He was b...
Us In the Dark || S. Fisher by Black-YN
Us In the Dark || S. Fisherby 𝐺𝑟𝑒𝑦
Sal x fem reader Losing someone or something can really take a toll on people. For Y/N, it was her ability to sleep at night first. For as long as she could remember, co...
• 𝙺𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚜 • Sal Fisher X reader (discontinued) by XoXo__Angel_
• 𝙺𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚜 • hera <3
this story is discontinued, sorry guys <3
New beginnings. (sally face x reader) by Annabellebutton
New beginnings. (sally face x Annemarie?
Don't listen to her. the death was instant, they said. but you can still smell the rot and shit, the smell of the car. Stop listening to her. the mans pulpy remains, the...
{Editing} Sally Face Characters x reader : Oneshots / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
{Editing} Sally Face Characters Miss_Dead_Inside
I was inspired by other books to make my own. The way our fandom is going we neeeeed more stories to help with the pain. I do oneshots and scenarios. I take requests, I...
My Shining Armor. (Salvis)  by iixkait
My Shining Armor. (Salvis) by Dakota<3
He stared into my eyes with disbelief. I could tell he was thinking, "you crazy fucking kid." I kept my head high as my neck continued to bleed. Warnings: Abu...
The Secretive Friendship(Salvis)  by iixkait
The Secretive Friendship(Salvis) by Dakota<3
Sal, a teenage boy who can be misunderstood. He makes a connection with the one who hates him most. But will it forever last? Travis, a lonely teenage boy. Confused ove...
Blue Boy! [Sally Face x Reader] by kishibessimp
Blue Boy! [Sally Face x Reader]by Hailey
(Y/n) (L/n) has lived in the Addison Apartments for most of her life. She has to admit it gets pretty boring there, but when a strange boy with blue pigtails and a prost...
Sal Fisher x Male Reader by jennaortegashusband
Sal Fisher x Male Readerby jennaortegashusband
Your a 16 years old who moves into a new apartment alone. Addison apartment, You land next to a young boy, Sal Fisher. He was a few months younger than you. he came here...
Blank Stare (Sally Face x Reader) by nikayla_cake
Blank Stare (Sally Face x Reader)by nik
Living with only your mother and cat, your life is as normal as normal can get, and it's quite bland. Fortunately, that all changes when your small family moves into a n...
Broken Tears  by sallys-gearboi-
Broken Tears by ☀️
Sal Fisher has constant nightmares and flashbacks from 'the incident' but ever since he moved to nockfell, he's had his best friend, Larry Johnson, to help him through t...