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Case Stories | Fantastic Beasts Oneshots by ninjahood
Case Stories | Fantastic Beasts On...by NH
Fantastic Beasts Oneshots! May still be updated even though marked as complete, based on author's inspirations.
Rectify↦Newt Scamander by kmbell92
Rectify↦Newt Scamanderby Kitty Bell
(Book Two) Tegwen Gittins has dodged Death on more occasions that she can count on both hands. Her time in New York City only added to the count but it allowed the woman...
The Girl Who Lived in a Suitcase {Newt Scamander} by artzymandi17
The Girl Who Lived in a Suitcase {...by artzymandi17
[Completed] Gwendolyn Presley, better known as Gwen was anything but the average witch, but residing within a suitcase filled with magical beasts, and calling it home; w...
Adventures of Kat Scamander by Hufflepuff_4ever
Adventures of Kat Scamanderby [INACTIVE]
Hmm...remember Newt's older brother? Theseus? The great war hero? What if he had a child, but for some reason couldn't, or didn't want to keep her? So Theseus left the g...
Lost in a Dream ||Newt Scamander|| by rinaloubaton
Lost in a Dream ||Newt Scamander||by Oh Schnapp
Clover Ackerley. Hufflepuff. Kind. Shy. Timid. Of half-blood descent. Has a knack for quill drawing, but nobody's taken the time to know. Newt Scamander. Hufflepuff. Qu...
Those Days [Newtina] by Cateye992
Those Days [Newtina]by intergalactic_iguana
Completed| #3 in Newtina| A few short Fantastic Beasts stories looped together in a nice little fanfiction. Tina and Queenie invite Newt and Jacob to live with them for...
Infinite Stars | Peter Quill Daughter [1] by HannahDottier
Infinite Stars | Peter Quill Daugh...by HannahDottier
"Sorry I'm late, I didn't feel like coming." "We have a job to do!" "I know, but...
fiara ─── NEWT SCAMANDER by -targaryenism
fiara ─── NEWT SCAMANDERby adora
❝ my fate is what? what's the right answer. . . ❞ ─── where trouble collides. fantastic beast...
A Dragon's Quest {Newt Scamander} by artzymandi17
A Dragon's Quest {Newt Scamander}by artzymandi17
Sequel to The Girl Who Lived in a Suitcase Refusing to travel back to the Ukraine, Gwendolyn Presley lives above the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Ally. Everything seemed to...
Perilous ↦ Newt Scamander by kmbell92
Perilous ↦ Newt Scamanderby Kitty Bell
(Book Three) "There are no winners of war, only survivors." Tegwen Gittins would have never imagined that in just a short period of time, her life would turn f...
The Shapeshifter (Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them) by HaLoFo
The Shapeshifter (Fantastic Beasts...by H
****** On hold. ****** Over the years Newt Scamander had encountered many a beast, but none quiet like the one he met during his short time at Hogwarts. To many, she was...
Magizoologist. by bookwurmpi
Magizoologist.by boekwurmpi
"Animals just love me, Mr Scamander." (A Newt Scamander x oc love story) A more detailed description on the first chapter.
Obscurial {Newt Scamander} by marsmcgregor
Obscurial {Newt Scamander}by ♪♬♪
Suppression isn't good. It takes a young mind, and it twists it into thinking that you need to hide. It twists it into thinking that hiding is okay, natural, and what y...
Newt's Daughter  by StoriesxTeenWolf
Newt's Daughter by Rose Wolf
Newt's daughter is about 12-13 no older no younger. Theseus is a very protective uncle. Your a Hufflepuff like your dad and attend hogwarts as far as he is aware. Newt a...
Mist-shi-mus by JLOakley
Mist-shi-musby JL Oakley
In MIST-SHI-MUS: A NOVEL OF CAPTIVITY, everyone is bound to something. Captive heart. Captive slave. Captive secrets of the past. In 1860, Englishwoman Jeannie Naughton...
I'll Catch You (A Newt Scamander Love Story) by GhostbusterMARVEL
I'll Catch You (A Newt Scamander L...by Ringo_Rules_the_Beatles
After the loss of Credence and the reveal of Grindlewald, Newt was planning to publish his "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them" book. He thought about re...
Kendra by MorganDeen
Kendraby Morgan Harris
This is the third book in the series, after “Paige” and “Lilli.” Now that the kids are older, Derek is old enough to start a family. He makes the decision to propose to...
Our Favorite Magizoologist | Newt Scamander √ by edgymetalkid
Our Favorite Magizoologist | Newt...by 🇺🇸ℒʏɴ🏳️‍🌈
You want Newt Scamander? I got Newt Scamander. Picture, gifs, videos, facts, short stories, fanfic recommendations...you name it, I've got it. It's like Newt's case up i...
The youngest Scamander by daisylydia1
The youngest Scamanderby daisy
Maude Scamander is the younger sister of Theseus and Newt Scamander. Just like her brothers she was a hufflepuff and graduated hogwarts when Newt was writing his book ab...