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Tips (writing and plotting a story) by frostywaters
Tips (writing and plotting a story)by ◇《° Racha °》◇
Here are some tips, that I collected in my time as a writer. Hope they help you. Some tips , might work for some people and other tips might not, experiment and see wha...
The Black Rose |Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction| by ManaeSiya
The Black Rose |Diabolik Lovers Manae
In which we discover the long concealed tale of Aviana Moreau, the aunt of Subaru Sakamaki. "I refuse to call a murderer my daughter. "- Maynard Moreau "...
Miss Perfectionist by Anushkaa_mee
Miss Perfectionistby grace
Kim hye-jin is cursed. or close to being. With her sister's recent demise and coming of age, she is hit with yet another abnormality in her not-so-normal life. She never...
Crystal Crippled. by not_finite_08
Crystal ∞
"THEN TELL ME! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU. HOW IS ONE SUPPOSED TO HANDLE THIS?!" She let a tear escape. "I was told that I was adopted Adrian. As bluntly as was...
Philline's Writer Room by writing00introvert
Philline's Writer Roomby philline
A book where I share writing tips (including templates you can use to craft your own stories), give sneak peeks and post background info about my novels! It's a fun time!
Somethings are better left unsaid by swagbabe123
Somethings are better left unsaidby SHhhh
Peep in to know why !!!!!!!!!!
the espresseleine club. by xx_oya
the espresseleine tommie 💫
a club originating from my espresseleine fic. don't ask.
Once Upon a Plot shop by Breanna-Dixon
Once Upon a Plot shopby Breanna Dixon
It's a plot shop for you to find plots to write about!
Writing Your Best Story. Tips & Tricks by kndlntsva
Writing Your Best Story. Tips & Daria
Everything you need to know to make your reader crave the next chapter. Are your villains villainous enough? Are your heroes heroic? How to make dialogues sound believab...
ABHIRA  by BingBingBoo04
ABHIRA by Isha
A short story on current track where Abhimanyu tells the media that Neil is Harshwardhan Birla's son
The Contract Marriage by ssn_stories
The Contract Marriageby SSN Stories
Anabelle Hill and Adam Lewis have been married for two years now. Two years of a contract marriage that has been purely for business benefits though Anabelle harbored fe...
In this together *Waterloo road* by Carolineeexx
In this together *Waterloo road*by Caroline
Aimee Mulgrew is the girlfriend of Simon lowsley and the exchanged daughter of Christine Mulgrew. Aimee hated her mother for being a drunk and for the difficult childhoo...
𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬 | 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞 by nicpali
𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐬 | 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞by nini
Story Ideas/Plots/Prompts that would make a good story but i don't have time to work on. helping you with writer's block. (plot dump) - started : 09/12/20 finishe...
Chaotic by Iiiiiiiijjj
Chaoticby IJ
The world of Pokemon is an interesting one. A place of many different creatures. A place of many different personalities. And a place, full of possibilities. A group...
Finntaine by FairyDog123
Finntaineby Fred Polister
Fontaine left her family, the Aronex, and the ocean, to experience the ups and downs of school and make new friends. She now lives with her aunt Amy, and goes to 'Darlin...
[a monsters Adventure!]Oz Yellow x mha/bnha by Ilikemoth
[a monsters Adventure!]Oz Yellow I likeuh de moth
prom night is here!, prior to the night deciding he would rather make friends then have romantic relations, Oz strives to have fun, just as the night was coming to an en...
And I love you so..... by agust_d_ick
And I love you Namjinsopevminkook
Sometimes not knowing something is a virtue, because when you start digging there's no going back. Either you solve it or you turn into the same twisted monster you once...
How to Survive Not Being Read on Wattpad by martykate1
How to Survive Not Being Read on marty kate
Have you ever wondered why some stories while others don't? Is it because they are better or is are they merely trendy subjects and are popular because of it? I want to...
Marriage of the Di Daughter by BloomingTranslation
Marriage of the Di Daughterby BloomingTranslation
The young lady from the Xue family was talented and beautiful, and married the dream husband at the age of 16. They had a loving and harmonious relationship and were tog...
Manan My Queen by kyushu11
Manan My Queenby kyushu11
Another version of My story My Wife but it will have Historical and Royal background. Here you will find Manik as Prince And Nandini as princess. Both Married due to so...