Poisonband Stories

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Paper Airplanes & Letters by AsherandRookie
Paper Airplanes & Lettersby RikkiCC
It all started with two high schools that wanted to set up a pen pal program. But when Piper and Kendra keep talking to their pen pals long after high school. When Kendr...
The Twins From Brooklyn {Completed} by AshyShy
The Twins From Brooklyn {Completed}by A.C.
A total Spin-off of BrookieLynn1304's Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Ashley Walker moved to Los Angeles California in 1978 from Alabama, there she met Jillian Powe...
Poison Or The Tailz by AsherandRookie
Poison Or The Tailzby RikkiCC
Oliver Monroe lives in England, but over school vacation goes to America and meets Olivia Emerson and her friends the American Glam Band Poison, they become instant frie...
Holy Terror by BrookieLynn1304
Holy Terrorby Brooke
Thirteen is a big number, especially when it comes to number of children. Reyna is the youngest of thirteen with ten older brothers and two older sisters but her family...
Diaries Of The Strippers Of Sunset Blvd by AsherandRookie
Diaries Of The Strippers Of Sunset...by RikkiCC
Your cousins are your first friends. These two cousins are more than friends and more than just cousins, Jolly and Winnie are like sisters. Well Jolly is an only child a...
Nine Years Rain (C.C. DeVille) by GunsNLeather
Nine Years Rain (C.C. DeVille)by _Constrictor_
Jett Rain Creed came to L.A at 16 in hopes of living her dream as a guitarist but, instead got a job as waitress in The Whisky serving asses beer all night, asking if sh...
Four Rockstars, The Rugby Play & The Kiddo by AsherandRookie
Four Rockstars, The Rugby Play & T...by RikkiCC
Stormy Snow Wilson -Aka Snowy- ran away from her parents home after being beat and with only the clothes on her back accidentally walks into a backstage area where a ban...
City Lights and Country Nights by AsherandRookie
City Lights and Country Nightsby RikkiCC
Lily is a small town red head (even though it's dyed) that's tough as nails, she's a lockbox and nobody knows why. Her family is the most important thing on God's green...
Tearin' Down The Walls by livdonna
Tearin' Down The Wallsby livdonna
Up and coming glam rock band Poison won't let anything stand in their way of making it big. Sacrificing everything to reach their goals, they're willing to push through...
Play Dirty by livdonna
Play Dirtyby livdonna
1991 was the year that Poison infamously unraveled on live TV during the MTV Video Music Awards. Their performance that night has gone down in history as one of the mos...
Wild & Free by AsherandRookie
Wild & Freeby RikkiCC
Delsey Kingston want out. She's tired of living the rich life with her mom bugging her every second of the day, the only good things in her life is her veteran-lost his...
It's (Not) All Good In The Hood by livdonna
It's (Not) All Good In The Hoodby livdonna
CC's plans of spending a day off from touring to visit a friend are dumped down the drain after he's thrown off the train early for being too loud. Left stranded right...
Almost Paradise by AsherandRookie
Almost Paradiseby RikkiCC
Riley Joplin Johannesson -named after Janis Joplin- is C.C. DeVille's adopted baby sister, she lives with the band and moved out with C.C. when he left because she coul...
Grandma's Rules by AsherandRookie
Grandma's Rulesby RikkiCC
Sarah and Carrie St.Louis live in a house with their Mothers friend ,Betty Iris Fuller, they help Betty put with cleaning the house and grocery shopping and stuff, and l...
Blaze Of Glory  by AsherandRookie
Blaze Of Glory by RikkiCC
Clover is a bit of a workaholic but she won't admit to it, it scares the hell out of her sister. She works as a cop for 12 hours and day and when she's not doing that sh...
Secret Lives by AsherandRookie
Secret Livesby RikkiCC
Anya Jetta Morgan, tattoo artist, blue Jean/leather lover, brunette, oldest twin and Vampire Slayer and listens to metal music, she is in love with the new band called P...
The Poison Book  by Rock_N_Roll_Addicted
The Poison Book by Evie Carty<3
I Love Them With My Whole Heart And I They Deserve A Book Just For Them Because They're Fucking Amazing
Caught Between Heaven and Hell by livdonna
Caught Between Heaven and Hellby livdonna
While on the road during their 1999 Reunion Tour, Poison's "Behind The Music" episode airs. When the four gather together to watch it, CC is taken aback by so...
Mama's Fallen Angel by 80sJunkie
Mama's Fallen Angelby 80sJunkie
(A Poison Fan fiction) Childhood friends with Poison's bassist, Bobby Dall, what happens when Valerie runs into him in L.A.?