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finally (ash x gary) (boyxboy) by abrabram369
finally (ash x gary) (boyxboy)by Professor banana's
Ash and Gary has been in love for a long while but either of them know will they figure out that they like each other find out
Reassurance by GingerAndy
Reassuranceby poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
After nine years of not seeing each other in person, Ash Ketchum is visiting his childhood friend Misty Waterflower to spend the day with her in Cerulean city. Or maybe...
Celibataire by GingerAndy
Celibataireby poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
Ash Ketchum was tired of being single
The Ship in Friendship by GingerAndy
The Ship in Friendshipby poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
Ash Ketchum, Brock Harrison and Misty Waterflower are very close friends and have been living together since college days. Leading separate careers, they enjoy Friday n...
I Can Change Your Life by Trainer_Red17
I Can Change Your Lifeby Fennekin
"Memories can remind you of wonderful things..." Dawn remembers some of her wonderful memories and I AM TERRIBLE AT SUMMARIES. The story is much better than th...
S.S. Luvdisc!!! by Em_LoveIslandCap
S.S. Luvdisc!!!by Emerald: Captain to Love Isla...
Hey Shippers! Come one, come all, to the S.S. Ludvisc, a boat famous for it's one way trip to Love Island. We have had some times where we go back to the mainland, but w...
Silent Whispers || Gladion  by potteralbus
Silent Whispers || Gladion by Unidentified purity
Luna, a girl that appeared from another world. Luna, a girl that was given her name at age seven. Luna, a girl who remembers little from her past. Luna, a girl who ran...
Pokemon of Legend by Espie234
Pokemon of Legendby Espie234
Legendary Pokemon are often talked of as if they are a thing of, well, legend. Here are a few stories about Legendaries meeting other Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. I am...
Into The Mist by N3RDY_Otaku
Into The Mistby N3RDY_Otaku
This is a pokémon one shot story I guess... If you guys like it I'll make a Ash's P.O.V. This is also my FIRST story. Enjoy! The story takes place with Ash and Misty ar...
Sriju's Pokemon oneshots by Mistyaaml4ever
Sriju's Pokemon oneshotsby Sri
Just some pokemon shipping oneshot when I'm bored. Updates may not be frequent
Keldeo X Edward Elric by gladdychan
Keldeo X Edward Elricby gladdychan
this is a CRACKFIC i only made it because they have the same english voice actor lmao viccest yes if you want your will to live dont read this