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The Alpha's Little by Blk_brat20
The Alpha's Littleby ❤Deedee❤
Everyone from my mafia new wife,Mine books this book isn't like them. Cover made by @GoldenPaper_Planes "Soooooooo I have 3 mates?" I asked tilting my head to...
Underneath It All- Tommy Shelby Fan Fic by Littleredhood93
Underneath It All- Tommy Shelby Fa...by Littleredhood93
Amelia Crostwell is usually a woman that knows what she wants until her path is crossed by Thomas Shelby. A man that holds all his cards close to his chest, is she prepa...
The Girl in the Cap by Incredibletosay
The Girl in the Capby LB
Small Heath, Birmingham, was an unsafe place to be. Men stumbling drunk out of pubs, whores there waiting for them on the side of the street, with gang fights happening...
The Sun Will Rise | T Shelby by manhattansunset
The Sun Will Rise | T Shelbyby eva
"I know it's hard, dear, but the sun will always rise again in the morning."
In The Bleak Midwinter | T Shelby by manhattansunset
In The Bleak Midwinter | T Shelbyby eva
"You might as well shoot me, you've already ripped out my soul." [mature themes throughout]
Bugs, Boys and Boxes (Amphibia x Male reader) by VoltzyVoltz
Bugs, Boys and Boxes (Amphibia x M...by VoltzyVoltz
The Calamity Box: a great relic from Amphibia used to travel through dimensions falls into the human realm. And who else finds it first than an infant child: Y/N who cci...
the princess and the pauper ♕ tommy shelby by wishtherebestars
the princess and the pauper ♕ tomm...by mara
a peaky blinders x downton abbey crossover "Trust me, Dowager. You will not see me again until I've made myself worthy to your granddaughter" [peaky blinders s...
Amphibia Reader Insert  by GeekFreakofNature
Amphibia Reader Insert by Total Amphibian
You are Marcy's identical twin sister. The end. TOP RANK♡ #1 in 🐸AMPHIBIA🐸
This Dark Disposition by dannyoak
This Dark Dispositionby dannyoak
Based in 1919, 25 year old Danielle Virtue has just moved to Birmingham. A wartime nurse, Danielle has just returned to England from France in the aftermath of World War...
Another Friend in Amphibia by ShadowGear112
Another Friend in Amphibiaby ShadowGear112
"So... what do you think is in the box?" Drake asked. "Probably nothing, they're usually empty when the store sells them." Marcy answered. ...
Amphibia: Marcy Wu X Male Reader by Walter-H-White
Amphibia: Marcy Wu X Male Readerby Walter white
Four friends Y/n, Marcy, Anne, and Sasha find themselves in a strange new world separated, and have to find each other and get back home. *All characters besides Y/n are...
What Could Go Wrong?? (Twilightxhp crossover) by AlishaEnglish9
What Could Go Wrong?? (Twilightxhp...by LittleBitofEverythin
Crossover between Twilight and Harry Potter Henrietta "Harri" Lilith Potter-Black has finally finished the war and vanquished Voldemort. Now she wants to go to...
Odd Squad One Shots by AutumnCardigan
Odd Squad One Shotsby AutumnCardigan
These are a few ideas that I thought of for Odd Squad ships. I hope you like them. (:
Friday Night Hoppin' Season 1 (Amphibia Male Reader Insert) by Mr_Man1ac
Friday Night Hoppin' Season 1 (Amp...by Mr_Man1ac
Y/N was your average teen... Well kinda. Y/N was fearless, he wasn't afraid of anything ; if he saw a potential opponent then by golly he would fight and win. Well his t...
Decade of amphibia  by Dratinibro
Decade of amphibia by Dratinibro
Alex was a boy who had a bad life his family always neglected him but one day he finds a belt that changes his life forever
Enhypen bxb one-shots by sungho_Ons_ykenhy4L
Enhypen bxb one-shotsby sungho_Ons_ykenhy4L
enhypen bxb one-shots (contains Poly) [UNDER EDITING!] [REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED!] Ships done: Ni-ki x Jungwon ✅ Jake x Sunghoo...
Save yourself //  Thomas Shelby  by skyefalldream
Save yourself // Thomas Shelby by skyefalldream
Centre stage when mentioning the Shelby Company, but hidden within the hearts of those surrounding; India couldn't escape the life she was destined for. India had grown...
Amphibia x male reader by TDOG4903
Amphibia x male readerby TDOG
When four teens get sucked into a world of frogs they will go on crazy adventures and find feelings as well
Peaky Blinder Preferences- Completed  by 1008Shelby
Peaky Blinder Preferences- Complet...by OK then
Romantic relationship preferences related to the peaky blinders I will be doing: Arthur Tommy John Finn Michael
Reflections- Tommy Shelby  by Littleredhood93
Reflections- Tommy Shelby by Littleredhood93
Tommy Shelby has been haunted for years by a woman he has never met. At first he think it's a sign of his impending mental destruction but instead it's much much more. ...