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This Dark Disposition by dannyoak
This Dark Dispositionby dannyoak
Based in 1919, 25 year old Danielle Virtue has just moved to Birmingham. A wartime nurse, Danielle has just returned to England from France in the aftermath of World War...
No Heroes, No Home (Thomas Shelby x Reader) by motherofrescues
No Heroes, No Home (Thomas motherofrescues
With no memory of her past and prejudice running rampant against mutants, Y/N finds herself trying to start anew in Small Heath, Birmingham working at The Garrison along...
Blue Skies (Tommy Shelby)  by witchoria27
Blue Skies (Tommy Shelby) by 🖤River🖤
Sparks fly when a self-sufficient, newly single mother meets the cold-hearted bachelor gangster of Birmingham. On their first outing, it was like everything in the world...
Birmingham | Tommy Shelby x Reader by running-outof-time
Birmingham | Tommy Shelby x Readerby running-outof-time
(Y/N) ends up in Small Heath, Birmingham after she manages to escape her family. She didn't expect that running away from one gang would send her into the arms of anothe...
Something So Strong (Thomas Shelby x Reader) Completed Mini-Series by TeaAndSympathy
Something So Strong (Thomas Lou
Summary: Thomas has come back from the war a different man and is moving up in the underworld as the head of the Peaky Blinders, but what happens when someone from his p...
The Ghost Requiem (Tommy Shelby x Reader) OneShot by Gray_Sanders
The Ghost Requiem (Tommy Shelby Gray Sanders
Every night he'd hear the violin playing, chasing his nightmares away even tho he didn't know who the mystery musician was. And then, on the day the baker's daughter mov...
Tommy Shelby Requests by prettyboyswow
Tommy Shelby Requestsby i love pretty boys
Hello! These are some of the Tommy Shelby requests I have posted on my Tumblr ( I hope you all enjoy!
Peaky Blinders x Reader (REQUESTS OPEN) by gracefulsunflower
Peaky Blinders x Reader ( sunflower
Peaky Blinders characters x reader, both oneshots and preferences
Tommy Shelby Imagines by ValdezsMedJack
Tommy Shelby Imaginesby Just a Random Fandomaniac
A book full of Tommy Shelby imagines. Requests are opened until I say otherwise! Can do ocs and reader inserts can't say they'll be great though. I will also have a go t...
Thomas Shelby Imagine - No Whore by Aquamarine-08
Thomas Shelby Imagine - No Whoreby Aquamarine-08
A Thomas Shelby and Reader story. They have been seeing each other for a while. He has become distant.
VIRAGO by GroupieLoveX
VIRAGOby GroupieLoveX
Zoey Richardson A treasured social elite or a criminal Cleopatra? A cunning young woman or simply a lucky naive girl? Widower or murderess? Traitor or victim? Duality...
Tommy Shelby One Shots by lorienstale
Tommy Shelby One Shotsby Cléa
This fic will contain some Tommy x Reader one-shots, but not only ! I hope you'll enjoy ! Disclaimer : Ofc I don't own Peaky Blinders or anything *insert crying sounds*...
Thomas Shelby Imagines by zodiyack
Thomas Shelby Imaginesby Bowie
Cover by .jacobite (quotev) / @vintagecaesars Imagines from my tumblr! Please do not steal! Warnings are included on each page.
Moth to a Flame {Thomas Shelby x Reader} by Yuorll
Moth to a Flame {Thomas Shelby x Trashycvntt
In which you get transported into the year 1919; you strive to survive the harsh and cruel environment of the town all the while trying to get back to your own timeline...
Peaky blinders (Thomas Shelby Fics) by HotFictionalGuys
Peaky blinders (Thomas Shelby Fics)by Sex.Demon
Just a bunch of Fics off of my Tumblr (Thomas-shelbys-gurl). These are all my original Fics. I own none of the characters except the ones I create.