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Opposites Attract by jezzabelle50
Opposites Attractby Jezzabelle ♡
John Johnson, the youngest of the Johnson siblings in the castle. His sister being THE Luna of all Luna's, being married to the Alpha king and all, he was well known at...
She's Mine So Back Off! by SilentxOtaku
She's Mine So Back Off!by SilentxOtaku
Isang kwento tungkol sa isang babae na maganda,mayaman at malakas na nagpapanggap bilang isang nerd na panget, mahirap at mahina. Isang araw, pinagtulungan sya ng mga fa...
The Chase by Colorfully_Unique
The Chaseby Kenzie
Arden and Ryder have been best friends for as long as she could remember. The one thing she couldn't remeber though, was when her feelings started to develop. Arden is c...
Upside Down (h.s) (au) by growupkiwii
Upside Down (h.s) (au)by Kiwi
"Let me take you somewhere." He smirked. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. "You, want to take me out somewhere?" I awkwardly pointed at myself. H...
Why me? by acnaiv5390
Why me?by Acnaiv 💕
She was a nerd. He was Mr. Popular. Samantha discovers that everything can change with just a mere incident. As her journey into highschool begins, Sami soon finds out...