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Damon And Klaus Smut TW  by LexieLo9
Damon And Klaus Smut TW by Lexie Lo
Basically just a bunch of smutt guys. A huge TW (my friends said to try to add as many kinks as possible and I did that whiles trying to keep somewhat of a story line) i...
Slither in by hp_fanfic_cult
Slither inby Hp fanfic cult
Some good old Tom x basilisk smut
Haze of desperation  by wlfstrbbs
Haze of desperation by wlfstrbbs
Bucky barnes x reader bucky gives y/n what she needs. literally pure smut.
Tomioka giyuu Smut stories  by My_little_Blossoms
Tomioka giyuu Smut stories by 🦋Butterfly girls🦋
The best giyuu Smut stories I've read ⚠️NON OF THESE STORIES ARE MINE ⚠️
B and B smut💙💛 by Miso_Gona
B and B smut💙💛by Miso_Gona
3 chapters of Bob and Bosip smut, enjoy.
Impractical Jokers story collection by braussasha
Impractical Jokers story collectionby star
Just a little collection of little stories. Some fluff, some smut. I hope you enjoy (:
Idle Hands by ForsakenPoptart
Idle Handsby Me I Guess
All Rhys could do was bite his tongue and grind his teeth, keeping himself from swinging on thin air. Even without Athena eyeing him suspiciously there wasn't anything h...
espresseleine oneshots by Espeeesu
espresseleine oneshotsby split
can't write smut like at all requests are open
Zhongven by Ventilover911
Zhongvenby Scxrletyumi
I still hate my ex best friend. Because she ruined my birthday on April 20
TachiAku Smut by astr1dee
TachiAku Smutby rin / castiel / mage
Tachihara and Akutagawa are canon and fuck well I don't make the rules
Pretty Little Thing by weatherlarry
Pretty Little Thingby Rainha do Inferno
Bucky gets home from work. Shameless smut.
goofy x reader by jeffxthexxkillerx
goofy x readerby jeffxthexkiller
happy birthday to my boyfriend ig 😐
kaleb cross x FEM reader smut  by RevenantsWifey28
kaleb cross x FEM reader smut by Charlene Marie Cross
this is a year before he becomes revenant the murder bot you guys are in a established relationship hope you guys enjoy
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabbles by Allykatx3
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabblesby ally kat
Just a bunch of one-shot smutty dribbles that needed to be written. If you're not into that kink then please feel free to skip to the next chapter. Currently ongoing. I'...
You Know What I Need by abanoniloni
You Know What I Needby abanoniloni
So I friend of mine really likes Billy Hargrove so she tasked me to write this short Smut story for her i hope she enjoys it.
Mr Ennis X Mr Casey RATED M  by mia_mjr_
Mr Ennis X Mr Casey RATED M by mia_mjr_
Mr Ennis and Mr Casey are fucking (fanfic about my history teachers) I'm really not proud of myself for doing this so I apologize in advance.RATED M for sexual content
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge Story by im_a_p0tat0
Squidward-Senpai~! A SquidSponge im_a_p0tat0
The way Spongebob's hips shook made Mr. Squirdward's tentacle's shiver with ecstasy. Those luscious hips would be the death of him. Maid AU All smut. Porn without plot...