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Slither in by hp_fanfic_cult
Slither inby Hp fanfic cult
Some good old Tom x basilisk smut
My dear lord Diavolo (18+) by Cutelilplum
My dear lord Diavolo (18+)by Keaide Mui
Diavolo x female reader Request open//
Please... (NaruSasu Smushot) by Waffles_455
Please... (NaruSasu Smushot)by Waffles
NaruSasu Smut, what else can I say.
B and B smut💙💛 by Miso_Gona
B and B smut💙💛by Miso_Gona
3 chapters of Bob and Bosip smut, enjoy.
Cover art is mine will include -self harm -suicide attempts -lgbt au(i won't be putting a TW/CW on this one but I'll be listing it in both the chapter name and in the s...
Riddlebat (2022) smutshots by riidleerzdelusion
Riddlebat (2022) smutshotsby Noel
so I caved,, I probably should update my other story but bro,, I'm so fucking obsessed with riddlebat and I'm a gay teenager so yeah😞 I'll probably take requests and sh...
Henry X william one shot ig by BunnyBoiWh0re
Henry X william one shot igby discord kitten
this will just be a one shot book i have gave up on the story will have smut and fluff
totally not chref smut by Kirbsstar
totally not chref smutby Kirbyy ☆
it's chref smut. I love these 2 so much
How about a challenge? / Ittorou smut. by gorouplush
How about a challenge? / Ittorou albedo.
Itto gets bored, but Gorou's not up for a fight. Instead, Itto suggests a challenge. art credits to catusute.
Bath peeping - MDZS Fanfic by mirai_sama_
Bath peeping - MDZS Fanficby mirai_sama_
Wei wuxian was bored alone so he decided to go look for his hubby to get some love season , but...
Licentious Lovers by OblivateMyMind
Licentious Loversby OblivateMyMind
He felt her grind her hips closer to his as her legs tightened around his waist. He groaned a bit at the lack of contact, so his hands began to explore the rest of her b...
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabbles by Allykatx3
Tom Hiddleston Smutty Drabblesby ally kat
Just a bunch of one-shot smutty dribbles that needed to be written. If you're not into that kink then please feel free to skip to the next chapter. Currently ongoing. I'...
D!cks and Death by flochspisskink
D!cks and Deathby flochspisskink
this is after the time skip so they are all 19/20
Entice by _eunaaa
Enticeby Euna
"Renjun, my Renjun" Jaemin chants like a crazy man while watching his flustered lover underneath him.
dont read this, pew pew ( re-make of " cat got your tongue? ")
Zhongven by Ventilover911
Zhongvenby Venti Barbatos
I still hate my ex best friend. Because she ruined my birthday on April 20
BakuDeku Oneshots (NSFW AHEAD!!!!) by baku_bitch
BakuDeku Oneshots (NSFW AHEAD!!!!)by just a sad cactus
Just a bunch of BakuDeku oneshots I'll be writing when I'm bored or just want content that isn't already out. Idk, this'll probably suck. Also, I'm an absolute slut for...
Red Feathers  Hawks x Fem Reader  by axrtemia
Red Feathers Hawks x Fem Reader by Artemixia
Just a smutty hawks X fem reader short one shot. No underage pls. Spicy? wHy Is iT sPiCy?
Smut Written By An A.I. by AliceRose350
Smut Written By An Alice Rose
I'm using an app to write smut. That's it. Um. Mom, dad, I'm so sorry. It's like, a oneshot thing. Each part will be different, kind of.