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Secrets  by Catlover_Kitty3901
Secrets by Catlover_Kitty3901
Lily Oplen's family always seemed so perfect. Lily knows the sad truth behind it all. Lily hated most her family besides a few. Her dad was a preacher all their family p...
The P.K by ayalinbby
The P.Kby yalin🌸
Could you handle being a preacher's kid with the devil on your shoulder?
My Year with Grandma by brazenalter
My Year with Grandmaby Lyn Eagleton
I have been getting into trouble often over the last year and Mom had hit her breaking point. When faced with the choice between a state-run boarding school for trouble...
MIDNIGHT MASS, johanna mason by whimsywitchess
MIDNIGHT MASS, johanna masonby joe
Bless me, father, for I am going to sin... JOHANNA ♱ MASON 68th hunger games - mockingjay © whimsywitchess
You Really Got Me by MissusWrite
You Really Got Meby L. Pilcher
Jett Sanders had wanted Cora Clarkson for years. She just didn't know it. Preacher's kid, A+ student, active volunteer and all-around good girl...Cora was more likely to...
the things we are not  by penelope967
the things we are not by penelope967
In which Marcia prays with a cigarette between her lips and cries while she kisses girls. Sugar performs extended charades for her sister who shakes like a leaf. Luxx is...
Keeping Her A Secret Sacred Heart Series: Book 1 by LesbianJuliet
Keeping Her A Secret Sacred LesbianJuliet
Kassidy is a sweet preacher's daughter that has to keep who she is a complete secret. See in the Bible it is a bad idea to be attracted to the same-sex. When you go to a...
Then There Was Maverick by taaayyyg
Then There Was Maverickby Taylor Garrett
Growing up, Katie and Mason had two things in common: Tommy and their harbored crushes on each other. After tragedy strikes, the world as they know it changes drastical...
Preacher's Daughter ♱ Adrian Chase by shewantsrev3nge
Preacher's Daughter ♱ Adrian Chaseby 🕷
I will cast abominable filth upon you, make you vile, and make you a spectacle. PEACEMAKER © shewantsrev3nge
Preacher's Daughter  by Weezyana12
Preacher's Daughter by Weezyana12
She grew up in a church. But now that she's back from college will she be able to still be the Christian Daughter that her father raised or has college life changed her...
Preacher's Daughter by Queen_Bree_2020
Preacher's Daughterby Bree
Pastor King never knew that he had a daughter. He has three older sons named Jeremiah, Jaylen, and Brandon. His daughter's name is Bree'Anna and she had been told her wh...
Preacher's Daughter by iamuniqxe
Preacher's Daughterby #4EVAUNIQXE
When Timani Morris, who's lived a sheltered life for the past 18 years is set off into the world and on her own. Yet, is still bound by the old ways of her Christian Par...
Other Heart  by blood_of_diamond
Other Heart by black rose
Not good at these but I won't disappoint Short story
Self-Destruct  by keneal96
Self-Destruct by Kenya
When a young girl gets overwhelmed with the title of a preachers kid she decides she wants to take life into her own hands which ends up doing her more harm then good. W...
Revelations  by urbandollhouse
Revelations by BA$IC
Being a high-end drug dealer has never stopped 26-year old Jacobi "cobe" sanders from being a father to his four year daughter Amoni; Doing it on his own for a...
preach 💋 nba youngboy  by FENDIGLOCC
preach 💋 nba youngboy by F E N D I I✨
i turn the preacher daughter bad i think i'm the devil
Forbidden Love by ashlyn69
Forbidden Loveby ashlyn69
Reese is the epitome of a good girl. Raised a steady preachers daughter with a seemingly perfect life, she was intelligent, beautiful, and smart. But when high school be...
Little White Bows {Watty's 2017} by Castyn_Shupe
Little White Bows {Watty's 2017}by Castyn Shupe
Layla Wilkers had always been your typical preachers daughter that belonged to a perfect preachers family. That is until one mistake changed the rest of her life but is...