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Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan Ross Fanfiction) by KittyKatjaGirl
Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan KittyKatjaGirl
What if you had the chance to change someone's past...would you change it for the better or let it be? What if you woke up in the year 2003 and met an under appreciate...
DIE TONIGHT 》 Ryden by TheFangirlArtemis
DIE TONIGHT 》 Rydenby leira & naomi
"Please, Ryan, I'll do anything if you stay.." • • • • • Enjoy! ~A
Screw Off, Ross |A Ryan Ross Fanfic| by ClsThGryffndr
Screw Off, Ross |A Ryan Ross Morgan
Highest Ranking: #4 in Pray For The Wicked You were living your life like a normal teenager, you went to school, made good grades, but there was only one problem. Ryan R...
Panic! At The Disco Song Lyrics by MadnessAtTheDisco
Panic! At The Disco Song Lyricsby Skylar Urie
Basically what the title says. But if you want me to put in maybe a cover that they did, feel free to let me know. I will be more than happy to. :) Enjoy
everything not forbidden is compulsory by livejournalryden
everything not forbidden is livejournalryden
Summary: Ryan is seven when he meets Brendon. fizzickz on livejournal
Shadows//Brendon Urie by NixellaNight27
Shadows//Brendon Urieby multifandommmmm
23 year old Trinity Jackson is blind, and has been for ten years. She can only see shadows. Twenty five year old Brendon Urie is a superstar and the main singer for Pani...
Far Too Young To Die {Book One} by MadnessAtTheDisco
Far Too Young To Die {Book One}by Skylar Urie
~BOOK 1 OF THE BRENDON URIE/ PANIC! AT THE DISCO TRILOGY~ As the sister of Ryan Ross, the guitarist of the famous pop punk band Panic! At The Disco from Las Vagas Nevada...
Time To Dance by beeboshmeebo
Time To Danceby Beeboshmeebo
Ella Aldaine is an average teenage girl who attends Palo Verde High-school. One day her crush Ryan ross came into her life and they've been in love.
♡LITTLE THINGS I LOVE♡ by StrawberryCyanide_
i had an idea to do these collections of the little things i absolutely adore in albums that i also adore yes i know other people have had this idea before me but who ca...
The Other Girl [A Ryden Fic] (Discontinued) by Peesantt
The Other Girl [A Ryden Fic] ( Piss
Mystery shrouds the breakup of popular pop-punk band, Panic! At The Disco. Fans and media don't know what happen. No one knows except for the members. Needless to say, R...
Bury A Friend - Ryden by isthereasaddersight
Bury A Friend - Rydenby Chaos is what killed the dino...
Ryan was 5 and he could see ghosts. He always saw this one little boy ghost that would always look at him when he slept as he put it. His mom said it was just his imagi...
A PRETTY. ODD. ADVENTURE or how Panic! At the Disco really splet up by bluecommelacouleur
2008. Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon are in a band called Panic! At The Disco. They just released an album called "Pretty. Odd.". After a few concert to promot...
One Regret To Live Through by somewherexxneverland
One Regret To Live Throughby somewherexxneverland
A two-part story about after the Panic! split, loosely based off the songs "Camisado" and "Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)" by Panic! At The Disco
Pics of Brendon  by the_selfhating_emo
Pics of Brendon by the_selfhating_emo
Literally just pictures of Brendon Urie
Hopes die last by caxualafair
Hopes die lastby ImConnor
The story about how the sun loved the moon so much that she died every night to let him breath...
Diary of a Closeted Fangirl by Katnissdauntless17
Diary of a Closeted Fangirlby Katnissdauntless17
Mia Trickett is an average 17-year-old closeted fangirl. Covering up her non-male crushes as a simple "girl crush," Mia just can't seem to find a way to come o...
all was golden when the day met the night  by Danger_dayzz
all was golden when the day met Mrs. Ryan ross </3
Brendon urie is assigned a partner at random for a music class, but this random partner may be someone more than random