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Fuck Buddies (Ryden) by NeverEndingWr1ter
Fuck Buddies (Ryden)by clay
In which Brendon and Ryan are fuck buddies. Brendon wants more and Ryan is definitely not gay... right? High School AU There will be a lot of smut. Third Person, but mai...
Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan Ross Fanfiction) by KittyKatjaGirl
Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan Ros...by KittyKatjaGirl
What if you had the chance to change someone's past...would you change it for the better or let it be? What if you woke up in the year 2003 and met an under appreciate...
Emo Trinity x Reader by NightSkysSprinkles
Emo Trinity x Readerby NightSkysSprinkles
The title says it all ;) Requests are closed. I don't do smut. Just fluff, lots of fluff. Tyler and Josh might also pop up every now and then ^^ I'm not native English s...
Ryden Oneshots by t1axdd
Ryden Oneshotsby :-)
There's quite a bit of smut so if you are uncomfortable, don't read this :) *!THERE IS A SECOND ONESHOT BOOK! *
P!ATD/Ryden Conspiracy Theories  by RydeninCapeTown
P!ATD/Ryden Conspiracy Theories by lil peep ☾
EDIT: yes, i am aware of all the errors in this book, but i've decided to republish it anyways, btw, i don't believe in any of these things 😳💀 This story is about Pani...
All Things Panic! At The Disco by ImNotObsessedISwear
All Things Panic! At The Discoby YourTypicalFangirl
This book is all things Panic! At The Disco members, songs and albums. Here, you can freely gush and obsess over Panic! At The Disco memes, pictures, videos and gifs (if...
Hallelujah by writersblock237
Hallelujahby writersblock237
Alexandria White : a proper church girl who has never lived a day in her life. Brendon Urie : the pastor's son who demands to live a life full of nothing but thrill. wha...
Screw Off, Ross |A Ryan Ross Fanfic| by ClsThGryffndr
Screw Off, Ross |A Ryan Ross Fanfi...by Morgan
Highest Ranking: #4 in Pray For The Wicked You were living your life like a normal teenager, you went to school, made good grades, but there was only one problem. Ryan R...
Pretty boy; ryden by billiondollaeilish
Pretty boy; rydenby Dejah
❝I just love being pretty❞ in which brendon is a sucker for the boy who just loves looking pretty.
impossible year; adopted by brendon urie by kaleidoscope-memes
impossible year; adopted by brendo...by grace
"is that it? you're just here for the money, for the press, for the attention?" - - - - - - completed: oct 17 '16 [© kaleidoscope-memes 2016] drug and al...
Your Hearts A Mess. (Ryden Fanfic) by Melody_is_Forever
Your Hearts A Mess. (Ryden Fanfic)by Melody Urie
It's been 1 year since the split. Brendon isn't taking things to well, even with the help of Spencer, he still feels like a big piece of himself was taken out. So he tak...
ENCHANTED | brendon urie/enchanted by romanismysoul
ENCHANTED | brendon urie/enchantedby Alice Roman
"In which a naive soon-to-be princess falls from a mythical world into ours and stumbles into the lap of one sinful young man." INSPIRED BY THE FILM 'ENCHANTED...
My Heart Speaks. {Ryden Shortstory.} by Melody_is_Forever
My Heart Speaks. {Ryden Shortstory...by Melody Urie
Ryan Works at Build-A-Bear-Workshop, and he isn't really big fan of his job. A customer then walks in one time, and then after that, way too often. It kind of intrigues...
ryden smut oneshots by ryroholic
ryden smut oneshotsby dangerous blues
just some ryden smut I've had in my notes, it goes back more than two years. some kinks possibly strong language mostly bottom ryan but they switch
Overloaded Love (Pete Wentz fanfiction) ~COMPLETED~ by peepstara
Overloaded Love (Pete Wentz fanfic...by 《~Destiel~》
Sammy Felts a 23 year old she lives in a world where she is just getting by but still manages to stay on the bright side (kinda) she has an attitude and her boyfriend of...
Suicide : Ryan Ross by livingbratzdoll
Suicide : Ryan Rossby seph 💓
In third person, it revolves around two teenagers. Ryan and Grace. Ryan who is a barley known boy and Grace who is a girl struggling with depression. The two meet random...
hand sanitizer ;; ryden *completed* by heathen-s
hand sanitizer ;; ryden *completed*by data
"you know this stuff is for girls, right?" "fuck off dude." - lol ryan buys scented hand sanitizer and brendon makes irrelevant remarks because he's...
Cruel Summer | ryden by loveyswift
Cruel Summer | rydenby ♡
"𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘴 𝘶𝘱, 𝘨𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘢 𝘥𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘭." ryden social media au (because why not?)
wattpad➹[r.r] by acediac
wattpad➹[r.r]by nimrah ☕
(@ryanross has followed you) ryanross: hi! aestheticdallon: woah, hi ryanross: i like your poems. aestheticdallon: what a high honor. In which a girl talks to her idol...