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Principal by lolhereforfanfic
Principalby lolhereforfanfic
Mason Dancun is one of the most popular kids in school, and is presumably your normal high school junior. Many good friends, a beautiful girlfriend, chill parents, all o...
Principal by L-J-C-E
Principalby Lukas Jacob Christian Eros
In this short story, Jessica Clarkson is a senior high schooler who puts a pin on a teacher's chair. While it may be fun for Jessica, the teacher may not find it as funn...
Loveliest Regrets  by sugarfairy1976
Loveliest Regrets by Lush
"She's a woman that my heart goes to naturally, without even me knowing it" - Gareth James Wilson © sugarfairy1976 Best ranking! #1 briarbeauty #1 gareth #1 a...
Arguments and Attitude by lovelylines16
Arguments and Attitudeby lovelylines16
Kalie Marie Goode is a 13 year old, who's mouth gets her into trouble, always talking back, or getting an attitude. with her mom as her teacher, and her dad as a cop..di...
Brain and Heart | Y/n female x Melanie by eilish_groupie
Brain and Heart | Y/n female x eilish_groupie
You and Melanie | gxg THIS BOOK IS BASED OFF K-12 WARNING - smut, abuse, sexual assault Y/n is sent to a boarding school and meets Melanie, along with some other friend...
one small mistake  | Wednesday x OC  by RockstarVan
one small mistake | Wednesday x Van
what happens when a dull Wednesday Addams meets an Outgoing Girl named Emaline Weems. A girl who is known as the principals daughter, another shape shifter just like her...
Saiki in MHA by aburningtrashcan
Saiki in MHAby aburningtrashcan
So let me just make this clear I have a short memory and I will make many mistakes. So basically Saiki was just vibin on his bed when he has an accident. He teleported...
Baldi's Basics Oneshots by MimiChan1110
Baldi's Basics Oneshotsby 📚Mimi🍎
A bunch of Baldi's Basics x Reader☆
WTF?! He's My School Principal?! [ Justin Timberlake AU ] by shanesboogara
WTF?! He's My School Principal?! [ [CLOSED]
"Sir?" "Yes-Chelsea?!" "Justin?!" "What the fuck?!"
Helping Hands (Princibaldi) by Ichigo_Universe
Helping Hands (Princibaldi)by oui
Baldi has always had a crush on the Principal, but he can never tell him his true feelings because he thinks he will ruin their friendship. One day, Playtime comes to sc...
Whistle While You Work [Principal x Reader] by promptos
Whistle While You Work [ bee💫
When you work with two of the most disciplinary males in school, you come to question one of their habits in particular. The Principal had habits that were the least que...
Is this really love? [a Principal x Baldi story] (COMPLETE ) by LostBoy200
Is this really love? [a •-Benjamin-•
This ones for you my friend. Hah... what am I doing with my life. Sigh. Oh well I'm already doing it , so it really doesn't matter at this point. -Benjamin [Aka: writer...
Courage||Baldi x Principal Of The Thing by depressiontimecx
Courage||Baldi x Principal Of depressiontimecx
•The art is not mine, credit to the original owner• Please don't hate, I know I'm walking cringe...woooo! Also, it's my first book will be really bad ;-;
Un destino diferente by vergil_18
Un destino diferenteby Vergil_18
¿Qué pasaría si Gilgamesh y Saber estuvieran empapados en la oscuridad del Grial al final de Fate / Zero? Despertándose con un cuerpo humano real, Arturia lucha por acep...
Bad girl stay blond (BGSB 1) by NeneJamaica
Bad girl stay blond (BGSB 1)by NeneJamaica
Two sisters from the eastern part of Nigeria wanted a life in a City of opportunities encircled with the bursting hustle of Lagos, luxurious "IT" girl lifesty...
The Delinquent Farm by madeyalook
The Delinquent Farmby madeyalook
What happens to the delinquents at summer ? This school has thought of a new idea . These delinquents are being sent to a farm for the three months of summer.These delin...
baldi x principal alfa & omega verse by uryuizu
baldi x principal alfa & omega uryuizu
baldi is an alfa and principal is an omega but at school the principal goes into heat what will happen and what will baldi do if he finds out read to learn more warning...
The Principal's Daughter (On Hold) by fashion4passion
The Principal's Daughter (On Hold)by fashion4passion
What happens when your dad decides that your too much to handle and decides to move in with your mom so they can give you more structure and discipline? Will you fix you...
Under The Chandelier, Inspired By Livin' La Vida Loca  by KousuriLovesMilfs
Under The Chandelier, Inspired Kousuri Hafirou
"She's into superstitions" Nevermore students usually had interesting clique's and interests, although it seemed Sai Shiori was attracted to a certain platinum...