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Idol Time Pripara by Verity_E
Idol Time Priparaby Vee
Thank you @Kuroshi_Chino for letting me adopt this story What if Lala quit being a Divine Idol? What if she broke her old Priticket and was given a new one by Jewlie? Wh...
PriPara x DanPri by diesaz
PriPara x DanPriby Random_CG
~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~ Hi! My name's Manaka Lala! I started PriPara looonnnggg time ago with my best friends! Mireille and Sophie! Together we formed SOLAMI SMILE! So...
Unexpected Love by SleepyMusic
Unexpected Loveby YumikoYumio?
Laala Manaka and Shion Todo are childhood friends who get along very well, but ever since they made their Idol debuts they began to fall apart because of their teammates...
Lala x shougo love story by midnightluna90
Lala x shougo love storyby midnightluna90
manaka lala just moved to Paparajuku to help open PriPara, she bump into someone on her way to Avocado Academy and meet a girl name yui and her priticket got bend so lal...
Love in time by Starmoonbear
Love in timeby Starmoonbear
Lala Manaka comes from a poor family, her family runs a small little cafe outside from the city. She loves to sing and dance, her dream is to show the world. However her...
Idol Time Pripara "Idol Love" [ ON HIATUS ] by Saionji_Hime
Idol Time Pripara "Idol Love" [ Hime
Manaka Laala from SoLaMi SMILE and a Kami idol went to Paparajuku. As a Kami idol it is her duty to shine the pripara at another places also and becomes a student at Avo...
PriPara Idol Academy by GoldenConstellation
PriPara Idol Academyby Maddie
Manaka Laala, a soon to be Idol, is a regular sixth grader with her best friend Yumekawa Yui. There are two ways to get in PriPara Idol Academy : 1.) You apply, but the...
PriPara: Breakthrough by Amai_Fukushu
PriPara: Breakthroughby Amai_Fukushu
Iris Hitomi is really a girl that makes fulfilling expectations a requirement, never really wanting anything more than her books. Immersed in knowledge all throughout, u...
Pripara [ShougoxLala] by KeishaAdrienneDiez
Pripara [ShougoxLala]by Laala Manaka
The story has some details that are not like the movie, the more unlikely it is. It's about laala being pripara's goddess, but for some reason you can go out in Pripara...
[ Fanfic Pripara ] Pripara Love by Chiiko_Riika
[ Fanfic Pripara ] Pripara Loveby chiiko
Tác giả : Chiiko ( Chii ) ~ Bộ truyện này là sự kết hợp của Pripara và Pripara Idol Time , nói về cuộc tình của SoLaMi SMILE x WITH , mong các bạn độc giả đừng mang truy...
Idol Time Pripara - Precious Memories by Renn_Chron
Idol Time Pripara - Precious Renn
There're three kids playing around as the accident occurred... Lala was a Divine Idol from Paparajuku and Shougo was a popular idol group name from Parajuku, as the tim...
(Drop) Idol Time Pripara: Our Love Story by KeishaAdrienneDiez
(Drop) Idol Time Pripara: Our Laala Manaka
This is the first time I've written a story, I hope you like it. Genres: Funny, Romantic. Special: No villains (I don't like it) Here's solami Smile x WITH's love story:...
Pripara:The Clash Of The Heirs (Idk when im gonna update again...) by Unicatcakes
Pripara:The Clash Of The Heirs ( Unicatcakes
Laala, the heir of the Manaka family is getting engaged. No matter what she says, the engagement is set. Besides getting engaged to a random guy, to do her idol activiti...
Who is Yume Nijino? by mikkookjin
Who is Yume Nijino?by mikkookjin
Yume leaves S4? What? She joins Venus Ark? Yume gets betrayed by her S4 friends, and joins Elza to be the best idol ever. 2 years later, Yume comes back to Japan, and s...
Anime roleplay book (individual) by japgal94
Anime roleplay book (individual)by japgal94
In this you can role play anime's that not on wattpad or theres not many of old anime's like say dnangel, angelic layer, sailor moon are a few examples you can suggest a...
WITH in Parajuku by Cure_volcano
WITH in Parajukuby Cure_volcano
WITH was transferred over to parajuku to promote danpri. (All characters are a bit OOC.)
Ask Laala & Shougo by cherriicream
Ask Laala & Shougoby ♡
"Manaka Laala here, kashikoma!" "Yumekawa Shougo here!" "We're gonna be answering all your questions,kashikoma!" "So ask anything!&qu...
What If by Am_Cham_123
What Ifby Am~Cham
What if Lala never woke up. What if she fades out of everyone memories? What if she never existed? What if she wakes up and has no memory? Change all these what ifs to i...
I Want You by Shinichi2504
I Want Youby Shinichi2504
Laala was kidnapped! When she's back, she changed into a different person!. What happen to her?!
Pripara Forever (ONGOING!) by SweetSwirlTunes
Pripara Forever (ONGOING!)by SweetSwirlTunes .
(This is based off of a roleplay!) Nina Haruna is new in town and she finally gets her PriTicket! She enters Pripara for the first time and meets Lucien, Fumika, and Yun...