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[ON HOLD] Perfect Photo // Tom Hiddleston X Reader AU by llhlugo
[ON HOLD] Perfect Photo // Tom Pan Tostado
Your are student an architectural student in Harvard when you bump into a handsome stranger on campus. Later, you realize that handsome stranger is you new literature pr...
Professor Romanova∼Natasha Romanoff by simpfornatromanoff
Professor Romanova∼Natasha Romanoffby Natasha Romanoff's Wife
When you are forced to take a language course during your first semester of college, you sign up for beginners Russian, thinking it would be easy. It wasn't... but not f...
in which; two professors can't keep their hands off of each other.
Just Friends ; Chaelisa by yujamseulgi
Just Friends ; Chaelisaby yujamseulgi
When two professors who are madly in love with each other are too scared to confess their true feelings.
wind flower | jeonghyo by tuffhufflepuff
wind flower | jeonghyoby •Angelica•
(jeongyeon x jihyo) It's been a year. Everyone is worried about Jihyo. Jihyo can tell from the stares she's received ever since she entered the office today. She can tel...
Drarry - professor au by sleepdeprivedwh0r3
Drarry - professor auby ..
Harry potter, the DADA teacher at Hogwarts, was one of the most liked teachers. Nothing disrupted his amazing way of learning, not even if he was ill. So when a familiar...
Professor Hiddleston is my Prom Date // Male Reader by Tom1Sebastian1
Professor Hiddleston is my Prom 🍞Breb🦆
Tom Hiddleston x Male Reader Information about the story: Tom: Switch Y/N: Switch Setting: Oxford University Y/N age: 23 Tom's Age: 29 Started: 12th of February 2023 End...
alumni. ||  Huna - Harry/Luna. by frappe666
alumni. || Huna - Harry/ anna
When Harry returns to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, he is just happy to be at the place he calls home. He's even happier to find that Luna will also b...
A New Adventure by Vixen_Beauty
A New Adventureby Fanfictionaddict68
Draco and Harry have joined the staff at Hogwarts, and seem to be enjoying it well enough. But they have never had a calm life before, why would now be any different? T...
The Thing With Feathers by Ballroomgirl
The Thing With Feathersby Ballroomgirl
When Hermione Granger is chosen to succeed Minerva McGonagall as Professor of Transfiguration at Hogwarts, she is delighted. That is, until she meets her newest coworker...
Les Professeurs Sont Français by -CallMeGrey-
Les Professeurs Sont Françaisby CondensedPomegranate
Virgil's ears popped as they grew closer to the ground. Logan had been asleep beside him for a few hours, so he decided then was the best time to wake him up. &quo...
Two Men Stuck in an Elevator... Wait, That Sounds Gay by -CallMeGrey-
Two Men Stuck in an Elevator... CondensedPomegranate
A student couldn't hate anything more than getting stuck in an elevator with someone you didn't know while you're just trying to go home. Virgil learned that it was just...