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Humans Of Coffee World by ShutUpAndCoffee
Humans Of Coffee Worldby عیشہ.
The people I meet. The stories I'm surrounded by. They inspire everything from Love and Awe, to Hilarity and Disgust. This might just be a glorified diary at some point...
Gyrating Ink by SylveryMercury
Gyrating Inkby ‎PeachesLavender dancing on paper...
The Light Has A Name by MerJamir
The Light Has A Nameby Merasen-na Jamir
Life has a way of making complicated things uncomplicated in it's own way. People always stare, make it worth their while they say. Well, not for Tyler. A profound boy w...
You Saved My Life by EstyRosenstien
You Saved My Lifeby Esty Rosenstien
He once again plunges the syringe into my stomach, and I recommence screaming at the top of my lungs. My body contorts and convulses in every which way. The sadistic sup...
What Is Freedom  by GrayAreaCompany
What Is Freedom by GrayAreaWritingUnit
Being free does not mean you have freedom, two different words two different meanings.......
The Dog World by Popsicle_minded
The Dog Worldby Popsicle_minded
In the midst of nowhere on a journey unknown with feelings unspoken ; a voice screams kindness. A lesson learnt. All characters are fictitious and imagine ry . The stor...
What is Life? by everytuesday
What is Life?by Woodland Berke
A nice self-reminder that I have a lot to live for and a lot to love.
Reverie  by TwinklySpark_99
Reverie by Wajee
I can define this writing as A connection between reality and imagery, the hopes and resolutions, the sadness and pain, or a journey collapsed with a train of thought...
ERASE by lreubutler
ERASEby lreubutler
Inside the demon.
The Failing Of Things by E2Medina
The Failing Of Thingsby Edgar Medina
10 more poems. !!!
Wonder & Wanderlust | Poetry of Roems by RobRoems
Wonder & Wanderlust | Poetry of Roems
I didn't know the world I read everyday, had a back page, with links to other mediums, in this metaphorical manifestation of philosophical, poetical mischief. This is a...
The Power of Words by sumsami
The Power of Wordsby Summer Rudd Malavé
A collection of poems about the human condition.
A world unlike your own  by meekayylaa
A world unlike your own by Heck.
Not poetry, just words. My world is different to yours. Here's a slither of it. Come find me Best rankings: #1 in Poembook #1 in Therapeutic #3 in Thoughts #29 in P...
Donna Farmer by wellingtongreg12
Donna Farmerby wellingtongreg12
Who knew rock bottom had a basement. After sliding into half a century of failure Donna Farmer is finally looking forward to the welcome distraction of menopause and a s...
Serendipity  by Stardust_2004
Serendipity by Kaia <3
If poetry was alive, you'd be the embodiment . A collection of poetry, short stories, memories and quotes. Words are the most powerful thing in the world. A simple sente...
The Universal Heart by AlexanderBirnie
The Universal Heartby TheGoldenSage
Can you see it's subtlety? Can you feel it's guiding hand? So dare to be wise, begin to and it shall be. So dare to enter and unveil thy mentality.
Chasing Solace in the Stars | Lyrics 🎵 by mmmofongo
Chasing Solace in the Stars | 𝒯𝒶𝒽𝒾𝓇𝓎 ✨
A simple compilation of original song lyrics; which I write depending on what I see or how I feel. Enjoy this humble piece of my universe ♡ ⊹──⊱✠⊰──⊹